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Story: A Servant's Revenge. Chapter 3.

by Mally01
Chapter Three
Several days had passed and Charlotte continued to recover but to reinforce her condition Rosa had placed her in the scullery maids room. Rosa had received a large box from her friends in FIS. Inside were four compact discs and four different maids uniforms and some paperwork.
The first disc was labelled scullery maid and there was also a disc player with a large set of earphones and a blindfold. The idea was to reinforce Charlotte's dreams with subliminal messages hence the discs. While Charlotte was sedated Rosa placed the earphones on her head then the blindfold over her eyes and inserted the disc. She looked at the uniform and smiled as she held up the black long skirt and black blouse. Along with these items, there was a white bib and a white apron and a white headpiece. While  Charlotte had slept a hairdresser had been summoned and now she sported a classic maid's bob. The last item was a pair of one-inch casual shoes in black. Rosa went to a draw and removed a pair of fifteen denier black seamed pantyhose and left them with the uniform which she hung up. Rosa left the room and headed to the study and started making phones calls and soon all of the female staff who had been let go had their jobs back with a pay rise. Chantelle who was the scullery maid before being fired was over the moon as she thanked Rosa. She would resume her duties the next day but Rosa informed her she would have new duties which she would find out the next day.

Under the blindfold, Charlotte's eyes moved as the message played telling her what a good scullery maid's duties were.
1 Clean and scour the pots and pans, as well as the cooking utensils
2 She cleans the scullery, servants hall, larders, and kitchen passages.
3 She will dine in the kitchen with the kitchen maid.
The playback also described the uniform she was to wear and how she was to address the Lady of the house. Charlotte's eyes left moving under the blindfold as she struggled to remember something deep in her troubled mind but she could bring it to the front. After making all her calls Rosa returned to the scullery maids room and looked down at her former mistress. Charlotte was beginning to rouse from her sedated stupor and Rosa sat on her bed removing the earphones and turning off the disc. She slipped the blindfold from Charlotte's eyes and smirked as Charlotte blinked several times until her eyes adjusted to the sudden intake of daylight. "Welcome back to the land of the living Rosa how do you feel." Charlotte looked at the latin woman sitting on the bed confused with her words. "What happened to me how did I get here"?
Rose looked at Charlotte the told her that she was her maid Rosa and that she had been exercising the Athena and had had an accident. She had been taken to the local hospital and then collected. Charlotte looked at Rosa "I am sorry I do not know who you are." Again Rosa smirked and told Charlotte who she was. "My name is Charlotte Samuels and you are Rosa Fernandes. Now you rest for the rest of the day but tomorrow you will need to resume your duties. Can you at least remember your duties.?" Charlotte nodded an affirmative as the words she had been forced to listen to came back to her. Rosa handed her a glass which she had prepared with a sleeping draft and watched as Charlotte drank it down. Soon Charlotte was sleeping with the earphones and blindfold back on her. Rosa relaxed in the large house enjoying the pool and then going for a ride.
Rosa called her friend Judy a beautician and asked to come to the mansion and bring some of that fake tan spray. Rosa looked at pictures of Charlotte and had realised that she did not look like she came from a latin country. So, for the time being, she would have to wear a fake tan to darken her skin. Judy arrived and was shown to the maid's room where she went to work on Charlotte from head to toe. She noted that the once brunette had a cute black bob cut. When she had finished with the tanning she turned up the heat in the room to help speed the tanning spray dry quicker. Judy returned downstairs and she and Rosa shared a drink of fine white chardonnay discussing nothing in particular. Rosa could see that Judy was itching to ask so she put her out of her misery and told her that Ms, Samuels wanted to try and be a maid showing her the signed paperwork. Judy just smiled and wishing Rosa luck left the mansion. Rosa retired to bed waiting for the arrival of Chantelle Isaacs in the morning.
Charlotte had returned to the land of the living from her sedative-induced slumber. As she stirred she heard the doorbell chime in the distance and then muffled voices. She lay in the bed listening to the disc giving its instructions. Her world was in darkness but she did nothing to remove the blindfold either as she waited for Ms, Charlotte to come and see her. Down in the study, Rosa smiled at the five foot four inch frame of Chantelle the African American former scullery maid. "It is good to see you Chantelle I have a new position for you riding mistress." Chantelle at twenty-four years of age smiled and thanked Rosa but asked how it was that she was in charge. Rosa explained events and she listened Chantelle smiled. Rosa went on to explain that before she took up her new duties she needed Chantelle to train the new Rosa. Chantelle jumped at the opportunity and followed Rosa up to her old room. Rosa left Chantelle and went back downstairs to finish up changing the pictures around the house of Charlotte. These she would photoshopped so that Charlotte would only see images of Rosa as charlotte.
Chantelle removed the blindfold and earphones from  Charlotte and watched as she blinked with the inrush of bright light. "Get up Rosa you will be late for work, not a very good start. I am Chantelle I will be educating you in the duties of scullery maid the lowest position in the household." She watched as Rosa/Charlotte looked around the room and saw the small wash basin and a bar of aroma free soap. The water in the jug was cold and Chantelle informed her that she would have to make do. Chantelle left the room smiling as she glanced back the now bronzed skin Rosa/Charlotte. Rosa/Charlotte washed with the cold water and shivered as the cold rivulets cascaded down her body. She dried herself as Chantelle returned and took the uniform down and handed it to Rosa/Charlotte. She watched as She put on the nylon black brassiere followed by the black nylon panties. Rosa/Charlotte pulled on the black blouse followed by stepping into the long black skirt. She felt a little better now she was dressed but was lost as what to do with the white bib and white apron. Chantelle walked over and placed the bib over the blouse and tied it around the Rosa/Charlotte back. Next came the apron which was tied around Rosa/Charlotte's back. Chantelle handed her the pantyhose and laughed as Rosa/Charlotte realised that she should have put these on before the skirt. She lifted the skirt and sat on the bed and pulled up the pantyhose until the waistband snapped around her waist. She then stepped into the low heeled shoes and for the final part of the uniform the white maid's headband.
Matilda the cook was in the kitchen humming away having just finished the breakfast for the household which included the servants. Chantelle came in with Rosa/Charlotte and told her to get a quick breakfast then she would have to start her duties. Matilda spoke with Chantelle before leaving the kitchen to go to her room and relax until lunch. On the way she bumped into Charlotte/Rosa and thanked her for giving her her job back. Charlotte/Rosa said it was no problem and continued out to the swimming pool. Rosa/Charlotte sat at the kitchen table eating some dried toast with some butter and drank coffee from a chipped mug. She looked at the sink which was piled with pots and pans all dirty from the breakfast serving. After she had finished Chantelle took Rosa/Charlotte to the sink and showed her how a pot should be cleaned. It took Rosa/Charlotte one hour to clean the pots and pans using various clothes for different textures then she had to dry them. Chantelle inspected one pot and found a little piece of trapped food in the joint where the handle met the pot. "Tsk Tsk Tsk Rosa/charlotte this will not do you will have to wash them all again until I am satisfied." Rosa/Charlotte looked down "Yes Chantelle." Chantelle looked at her and then smirked" You will address me as Ms Isaacs from now one understood. Rosa/Charlotte looked up and then replied" Yes Chan... Yes Ms Isaacs"
For another thirty minutes Rosa/Charlotte scrubbed the pots and pans again then she dried them. Chantelle again inspected them and nodded her head."You will get better but these will do now put them in their proper places". Rosa/Charlotte looked at Chantelle then started to place the pots and pans on the hooks and the plates in the welsh dresser. She the then put the silverware away until the kitchen was presentable. Chantelle then showed Rosa/Charlotte the cleaning cupboard and told her to mop the tiled kitchen floor then she could start one the servants quarters and hallways. Chantelle decided to leave Rosa/Charlotte so she headed to the stables to have a look round. Rosa/Charlotte filled the bucket with hot soapy water and started to clean the kitchen. Unfortunately for her she started at the wrong end and when she was finished she was stuck at the wrong end of the kitchen. Chantelle had returned and seeing Rosa/Charlotte at the opposite end of the kitchen laughed."Another lesson you have learned girl always work back to the door. Now you will have to cross the floor and mop again as you go." "Yes, Ms Isaacs" replied Rosa/Charlotte. The floor had been redone to Chantelle's satisfaction so she instructed Rosa/Charlotte to go start on the servants quarters. Rosa/Charlotte started with the housemaid's room picking up dirty clothing and placing it outside the door. Then she swept the floor and then got down on her hands and knees to scrub the skirting board. She made the maids bed with clean linen and looked down at the floor and realised she had made another mistake the floor was dirty again from the bed making.
Rosa/Charlotte put this in her mind and dusted down the shelves and wardrobe before again cleaning the floor. This room finished she headed to the cook's room but it was locked as the cook was there so Rosa/Charlotte started on the servant's hallway mopping the woodwork and straightening pictures that hung on the wall. Whilst doing this the cook came out of her room to head to the kitchen to start lunch. Rosa/Charlotte took the opportunity to clean the cook's room as she had done the housemaids' room. Elsewhere Charlotte/Rosa had finished her swim and had dressed for a lunch appointment in the city. She had dressed in a grey business suit with a skirt and white blouse. She took the Porsche from the garage and headed to the offices of FIS where she picked up some more paperwork pertaining to the affairs of the estate. There were new birth certificates and passports along with driving licenses and insurance documents. All now bore the picture of Charlotte/Rosa but the best passport was the Mexican passport which bore the picture of Rosa/Charlotte. After picking up the documents Charlotte/Rosa headed to the exclusive Tamara restaurant where the door was opened for her. She had an expensive lunch costing five hundred dollars. Back at the mansion, the servants were having their own lunch all accept Rosa/Charlotte who due to her late start was still cleaning the hallways. Again the sink was piled up with pots and pans which Rosa/Charlotte had to clean again before she could eat.
Rosa/Charlotte had cleaned the pots and pans placed them back where they belonged. She then sat down to eat which consisted of leftover sandwiches and lukewarm coffee. After her brief lunch, she washed her plate and chipped mug placing them back in the cupboard. The time was now three thirty in the afternoon and she now had the rest of the servant's rooms to clean. Lucky for her most remained empty but that would not last. She cleaned Chantelle's room and then gathered all the washing from outside the rooms and headed to the laundry room. Chantelle came in and told her that she needed to separate the whites from the coloured and also the washing machine was broken so she would have to hand wash the items. Rosa/Charlotte filled the large wash basin with warm water and soap suds and started to was the whites. She had to use the washboard pushing and pulling the clothing up and down the ridged metal. When they had been washed Chantelle showed her the mangle and how to use it. Rosa/Charlotte screamed in pain as she caught a finger between the rollers but carried on another lesson learnt this time the hard way.
While the new scullery maid was washing Charlotte/Rosa was gunning the Porsche back to the mansion the wind blowing her hair behind her. She loved this feeling of freedom and could not believe the good fortune that shone on her like the rays of the sun. The paperwork was flawless she made a note to give FIS a handsome payment. She wondered how far she could go there was no reason that it could not be permanent. She could get Rosa/Charlotte Spanish lessons to really cement the transformation. She may even get the assistance of her sisters back in Mexico city to really drive home Rosa/Charlotte's new status. She could even send her to Mexico to live out her life the possibilities were endless as she smiled to herself. Charlotte/Rosa arrived back at the mansion and parked the Porsche outside and then headed into the house.  She saw Chantelle and asked her what the new scullery maid was doing."Mistress she has been learning from her mistakes but she should be okay in a couple of days." Charlotte/Rosa smiled "That's good could you have her clean the Porsche when she has finished what she is doing." Chantelle smiled again "Yes Mistress I shall tell her."
Rosa/Charlotte had finished all the laundry and had hung the clothes out in the afternoon sunshine. Chantelle had found her and passed on the Mistress's message so she now found herself cleaning the Porsche. She first washed the car with cold water getting the grime and dirt off. Next, she soaped up the car washing the paintwork with a leather cloth. Once this had been done she rinsed the car again with cold clean water then took a dry cloth and dried the car down. She ensured that the windscreen was smear free inside and out then returned to the house where the cook was again preparing food for the evening meal. Chantelle told Rosa she could have an hours rest so she went back to her room and kicked off her shoes. Charlotte/Rosa visited her and asked how she was doing and Rosa/Charlotte replied that she was finding it hard. Charlotte/Rosa told her it would be hard at first but she would get used to the hard work. Charlotte/Rosa left with a big smile on her face and headed back to get dressed for dinner. Rosa/Charlotte looked at the clock seven o'clock it said. She slipped her shoes back on and headed back to the bathroom.
The cook had prepared a four-course meal for the new Mistress of the house and must have used over twenty pots and pans piling them up in the sink. Rosa/Charlotte arrived in the kitchen looking at the pile of pots and pans and grimaced. While the dinner was being served Rosa/Charlotte started on the pots and pans washing them making sure to get all the food from every crevice. She started at seven thirty and had hung the last pot at nine thirty. She had polished the silverware with the silver polish cloth and placed them in the cutlery draw. At ten thirty she finally sat down and had her dinner which the cook had kept for her in the oven. The food was, of course, a little dried up but she was famished. Finishing her meal she washed her plate and mug then headed for her room. She looked at the clock eleven thirty stared back at her as she undressed. She set her clock for five o'clock the next morning and slipped into bed. Soon she was asleep dreaming but this time the dream was different she was the Mistress of the house.

Charlotte/Rosa sat on the soft leather couch in the study and around her sat Chantelle, Matilda and Olga the housemaid discussing poor Rosa/Charlotte. They all had ideas what should happen to her but even though they hated her they wished no permanent harm to her. They asked the new Mistress what she had planned for the scullery maid and Charlotte/Rosa said she would play it by ear but for now she would just be worked hard. Charlotte/Rosa was toying with the idea of once trained she could send her to Mexico to work cleaning house for her mother and sisters but she would make sure to return Rosa/Charlotte's deep memories to her. So much more fun knowing that Rosa/Charlotte would now she was in fact Charlotte but could not prove it and would only have a basic knowledge of the English language. What a thrill it would be for Charlotte/Rosa's mother to have her own maid. The women all smiled and drifted off to their quarters to relax.


  1. I so hope that isn't the end...

  2. No its not the end but the next chapter will be in the new year. Have a happy holiday.

  3. Why doesn't she know how to put on pantyhose? Surely she has worn them before.

  4. If she got everything right first time she would not need to be trained. Not knowing maybe a side effect of memory loss and sedative draw your own conclusion. Have a happy holiday.

  5. I am definitely enjoying this.
    Happy Holidays to Camille, and to all writers and commenters. On the holy days, do something holy, on the holey days do something holey, and whatever you do, do it wholly.