Sunday, December 25, 2016

Story: My Fair Maid. Chapter 1.

by B.L Sharp
Chapter One

Brandy Williams is sobbing uncontrollably in the parking lot of OnPoint retail store. The 29 year old African American college student has been terminated from the store for no reason. She did not understand the logic behind her firing. She had been a retail clerk for the big box store in Detroit for the past 8 years. She basically worked in every operation of the store from a cashier to the receiving associate. She always comes in on time and never late. Not once have she skipped work or called in sick. She came to her shift with a positive attitude and a big smile.

Now she just has been giving her pink slip two hours ago by that evil bitch Valerie who definitely had it in for her. She always was on Brandy case all day and every day. If she is not down her throat about her production, she is nitpicking every single thing that she does.

Brandy had this gut feeling that this firing was racially motivated (due to her ethnicity) and was designed to force her out of receiving. She also had this gut instinct that this was also designed to get Valerie pet employee Rachel the position. Brandy did not do anything that would warrant her termination. She had been a faithful employee to the company for almost a decade. This is how she is repaid? By being tossed out the company like trash? She is not going to let that whore get away with this.

An insidious and diabolical plan or retribution have now taken shape and formed into Brandy’s head. Starting the car she looked at her former job one last time and drove off in the pouring rain.  As she is driving towards the expressway, Brandy is thinking of 1001 ways of making that insufferable bitch Valerie pay for what she done. Brandy was grabbing a bottle of water in the passenger seat when she saw the magazine Hotel Digest magazine that she purchased yesterday that have a woman smiling wearing a traditional chambermaid dress with an apron and headpiece. Brandy smile became big and dark as she found the perfect way to get revenge against her high and mighty department manager.


OnPoint Store was very busy with customers everywhere going shopping for the Christmas holiday. Valerie Smart is the department manager of logistics. The logistics department is responsible for unloading trailer of product to be moved to the sales floor and receiving which use to be handled by Brandy Williams who was let go. Valerie and her new receiver and BFF Rachel Gomez was sitting by their station giggling and talking about the reality tv shows they watched when Valerie walkie that is hooked on her right pocket buzzed and a male voice called her. “Fuck, leave me alone. This is the third time today” Valerie growled and answered.

“Come to my office right away” the voice on the walkie talkie said and the tone had a commanding presence. Valerie had a concerned look on her face, she never been called to the office before. “Is everything okay ma’am?”

“It should be, but this is weird. I never have been called to the office before. Deny all liquor orders today until the vendors see me” said the 38 year old brunette manger. Rachel nodded submissively and went to lifting pallets onto the steels to clear her area.

Valerie walked with a sense of urgency to the leader's office and walked two doors down when she knocked on the door. The door has the name “Natalie Green” store director. “Come in” the female voice said from behind. Entering the door was a light brown hair woman staring at the computer screen typing. Behind her glasses her eyes was blue just like Valerie but the only difference is that hers is lighter. Natalie Green taken her glasses off and looked up at Valerie and motioned for her to sit down.

Valerie have taken a seat and crossed her legs waiting for the reason why she was dragged off the sales floor into the office. What could be so important that she was pulled from her work? “I called you in here because I want to discuss the firing of Brandy Williams” Natalie said getting straight to the point. Valerie closed her eyes, she knew at some point that this issue would be brought up. “I want to hear from you Valerie yourself as to why you thought it was necessary to terminate Brandy” Natalie asked her with a very serious look on her face.

This was the third manager that asked her to give her reason as to why Brandy was fired. What the fuck was going on here? It is well known that she was very well liked here but she had no idea that it was this serious to the point where she was forced to explain her actions. “Ma’am, as I explained in my report Brandy was constantly coached and was finally warn that the next coaching regarding her performance would result in termination”

“I heard accounts from three different department managers that these coaching’s were very petty. I personally loved Brandy, she was the best damn worker this store ever have” Natalie said and the irritation in her voice starting to show. “I want to know is these coaching that led to her being let go was professional or have an agenda attached.” Natalie said. Valerie uncrossed her legs and sat up straight. She was now pissed. Natalie is not questioning her leadership. Is she? “Ma’am, her termination was based on her performance. I don’t like where you statement is headed”

“Im going to ask you again Val, was this termination professional or personal?”

“Professional, I don’t like the accusations being levied against me” Valerie said now emotional. She acts like this every time another manager or Natalie herself challenges or questions her decision making. She starts acting like an adult baby and plays the victim. “I come here every day and bust my ass. This is what I get in return? An accusation of firing Brandy as a personal motive? I committed myself to this store and if you going to be questioning every decision I make then I should reevaluate my position here and maybe look for something else. Good day ma’am” Valerie said sulking out of the office closing the door behind her.

A very upset Valerie went to her office and closed the door, removing her black flats to massage her feet she booted her computer and went into her email. There was an email that instantly got her attention. It was from with the subject line “READ NOW” in capital letters. To be safe Valerie run the email through a antivirus program call spearfish which the company uses to protect their software from computer intrusion. The email actually came from a mail account server. Now intrigued Valerie read the email.

Dear Valerie
I know about your internet activity on your company’s computer. Unless you want me to forward this to your boss and managers you going to do whatever I tell you to do. Attached to this email is a spreadsheet of every website that is not authorized by the company. Open and take a look, you be shocked at what I found on your computer. Your first task is to call Veta Salon and confirm your appointment for five pm. You are going to get your hair done. You will show me pictures you take from the iPhone I placed on your desk. You got into 8am tomorrow otherwise this email gets forwarded

Mistress B

A very nervous and very frightened Valerie clicked on the attachment and there was a spreadsheet of 18 websites with same IP address at the end of it. Valerie color drained from her face. She made sure she scrubbed the browsing history and cookies from the computer after she done seeing the sites. How the hell this person recovered all of them. Her heart beating in her chest tears is now flowing down Valerie face as she 18 lines of adult websites that she view from her own office computer is staring her in the face.

This alone could get her terminated from her job. She could not afford to lose this job as she got almost a six figure college debt she have to pay off. Also, it could be very hard for her to gain employment if other companies she applying for learns of this. Her tear turns into uncontrollable sobbing as Valerie realizes she is absolutely fucked. Valerie deleted the email and cleared the cookies. She hoped that if she does this one thing and show proof that this blackmailer would go away. Taking a phone she called Veta Salon downtown and asked for confirmation of her hair appointment.


The next day Valerie arrives at work at 6:45am with a very dramatic change to her hair. Her was hair is now platinum blonde with almost no makeup and fire engine red lips. The employees was aghast at her new look, the managers was also stunned with Natalie looking confused. “What did you do to your hair?”
“I changed it blonde”
“You sure looked different”
“Thanks” Valerie said blushing with embarrassment. Rushing to her office, she closed the door and opened the drawer where the new iPhone7  is inside like the email said. She taken a few pics of herself and sent it to the email address. She sat down and removed her shoes rubbing her black nylon clad feet. She heard a chime on the iPhone and reached for it looking at the screen.

It was from MyFairMaid mail account that contacted her yesterday. She read the email and became literally sick at the content.

Very good my maid. Your next task: Go to a specialty uniform store on the west side and order the following: Three black standard housekeeping dresses, three aprons along with a maid headpiece and maid gloves. Then I want you to buy a few pair of black woolen pantyhose tights, a pair of white socks and a couple of pair of open toe spa slippers they wear at the spa.
“Have them altered where the dresses becomes five inches above your knees. I want you fully made up in the uniform and send me a pics of you from different angles with the following poses mentioned below. You have into Friday night at 10pm otherwise you know what happens. Mistress B”

Valerie started uncontrollably sobbing again at this request. The realization is starting to sink in for Valerie that whoever this Mistress B is definitely owns her now. There is nothing she can do but comply. Who would hate her so much to warrant this? Still crying Valerie went to the website and began following the email instructions.

Outside of the window of Valerie office is Brandy Williams looking from inside enjoying and savoring every bit of the humiliation Valerie is suffering. This is the only beginning for the high maintenance bitch manager. Brandy is licking her thick plump lips at Valerie’s blonde hair and slutty red lips. She could definitely put Valerie’s lips to good use. Little by Little Brandy is going to turn Valerie Smart the manager of OnPoint into her personal maid. She could not wait.


  1. great story so far look forward to more. Happy Holidays

  2. Thank you! Happy holidays to you too

  3. Like this story. Prefer the "victim" to be portrayed as beautiful in significant detail before being degraded.

    1. Duly noted. You want the victim physical description described in detail?

    2. I think Karen want something like this:

      First phase: The victim is portrayed as beautiful woman in significant detail (being opposite to maid)

      Second phase: woman is degraded to be a maid

    3. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely use this as a reference point for my next story.

      This is my very first story in this genre. If you see any inconsistencies I apologize

  4. B.L have you read the cleaner by the late great emma finn that should give you some ideas of what i think Karen means. but for a first story very good keep going.

  5. Different people like different things.
    I won't be following this story since I like stories of sacrifice and adventure rather than masochism or vengefulness.
    There are many ways down the ladder!

    1. Appreciate your candor. Thank you for your feedback

  6. I like the story so far, but it has errors of grammar and punctuation which distract the reader. Is there someone who could do some proofreading for you?
    Happy holidays (several remain, including most of the twelve days of Christmas).

    1. I noticed that too...Not at this time. As I continue to write I will find someone that can edit my story. I going to be more alert to grammar errors and start editing better

    2. I'm glad that you didn't take offense. I am fortunate in having had a rigorous education in spelling and grammar, and two highly literate parents, so I don't think programs like Grammarly would be a big help to me, but I know there are a lot of intelligent people whose work can benefit from them. Your use of NaturalReader sounds quite ingenious -- was it your own idea?

    3. I found out about both programs on the erotic writing subreddit as a cheap alternative to paying for proofreading.

      Listening does require a large investment of time, (hours and hours, depending on the length), but it could be done while you're doing chores. I stay glued to the computer and track the words on screen as they are spoken to be extra vigilant.

  7. Hey B.L you could try this free app it might help you it will speel check and offer corrections to grammar but its not perfect.

    1. In addition to Grammarly, I have found the free version of NaturalReader to be very helpful. It is a text-to-speech program and I use it to catch errors like duplicate words or simple mistakes like writing breath instead of breathe. The difference between the two is way more obvious when you're listening to them spoken aloud.