Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Story: My Fair Maid. Chapter 2.

By B.L Sharp

Valerie Smart is still in shock as to the events that are unfolding in front of her. 2 days ago she received an email telling her they know about the inappropriate websites that she was browsing on the company computers. They blackmailed her and threaten to release that information unless she did what the blackmailer wanted. First she had to alter her hair from brunette to bimbo blonde. Next she was forced to go to a specialty uniform shop a mile east of her job and purchased three maid dresses and accessories which included aprons, maid headpiece and gloves. She had to get the dress alter according to the blackmailer specifications immediately after receives them. Then she had to go amazon and purchased a few pair of black and grey woolen pantyhose tights, plenty of white crew socks and a few spa slippers. She really did not understand why she had to have socks and slippers. What was the purpose of that? Then she have to pose in the uniform in positions that are described in very chilling and disturbing detail.

Getting out the shower Valerie dried herself off and looked at the black maid dress with the accessories next to it on the bed. Tears flowing down her cheeks as she have to be humiliated and reduced to a lowly servant forced upon her by someone who seems to really have it out for her. Wearing no bra and no panties according to the instructions she received via text hours after the email. She grabbed the black woolen tights and slipped them rolling them up her thighs. They were very uncomfortable which was deliberate.

Next she slipped on her socks and cuffed them scrunching down following the text instructions she received. Then she put on the maid's uniform which was one size too small causing her 35D cup cleavage jutting out stretching the material making them almost visible. The altered dressed almost made it impossible for her to bend over without her ass being exposed. She then tied the frilly apron with the ruffles at the bottom around her waist and lastly slipped on the slippers and the headpiece.
Setting up the camera with the tripod and program it to remotely take pictures. She began her pics by sitting on the bed smiling crossing her legs letting her slippers dangle off her sock covered feet licking her lips seductively. More pics followed with her posing in the bed lying down, on her hands and knees and eventually with her sensually gliding her wet tongue up and down a huge lollipop. Then the next set of pics was really racy and sexual following by the last twenty pics of her doing domestic chores. A few pics is her on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush, the next few pics is her cleaning the dishes and scrubbing the cabinet tops, the following pics is her on her hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor, toilets and bathtub.

The last pics are of her cleaning the bedroom, making the bed, ironing the clothes along with two pics of her hand scrubbing her panties. It came out to a total of fifty pics and she downloaded them on her computer. It was 9:45 and she attached all of them in a zip file and sent to them to the MyFairMaidValerie email address. She got a very fast response ten minutes later. She was stunned at the speed of this blackmailer response. She read the email and gasped at first, then she moaned whimpering with tears running down her faces ruining her makeup.

Maid Valerie,

Got your email and they were good. They were so good it made me hot and bothered with dripping anticipation. You doing good so far, keep it up and your internet activity at work will between us. Do I need to tell you what will happen if you disobey me? Of course you don’t ☺. So just keep following instructions. Your next task: I know you off for the next two days so this is a perfect opportunity for you to take a bus to O’Shea park in your new uniform. Sit at the north end of the park crossing your legs with your slippers dangling. I want you to bring that sweet lollipop and start licking and sucking on it.

You and me will meet for the first time. I'm going to explain to you in detail why I did what I did and what I will expect out of you going forward. You will be my personal maid. You will do whatever I tell you to do with no questions and with a smile. I will explain more to you in details tomorrow. See you tomorrow at 11am

Mistress B

Valerie read the email three more times to make sure she is reading it right. This is getting worse and worse by the minute. The only positive thing out of this is that she will finally meet the blackmailer and learn why is she doing this to her. She also learned something useful from this email, the blackmailer commented that she is off for two days. How do they know she was off tomorrow and the next day? The blackmailer is somebody she knows. But who? Who would have it in her for her this bad that they would resort to this. She will definitely find out tomorrow when she meet the blackmailer. She hope she will negotiate and work something out so that the damning evidence that is against will go away and it will be a win-win for both parties. She going to find out the hard and brutal way that its not how it works


In an apartment building fifteen minutes from where Valerie is living at the same time Brandy Williams and an attractive female Latina is ogling at the pictures of Valerie in her maid’s uniform in numerous compromising positions. Both of them are sitting in front of the computers playing with themselves licking their lips at the older blonde woman getting off on her pics. “Everything is going to plan. I love it”

“You have no idea how appreciative I am that you help me with this. I don’t know how to thank you”

“You can thank me by making this insufferable whore suffer something horrible. The way she treated you and tossed you out was not right. I really miss having you at work” The Latina said with tears down her cheeks. Brandy looked at her warmly and hugged her tightly and they embraced each other.

“Its okay, as I sat here thinking about it. Firing me was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am now an inventory clerk for a chicken manufacturing plant and they paying me way more than OnPoint. Trust me I will. You can use her too if you want”

“Yay! If I can only have her a weekend a month. I will be happy. I got a 1001 ways to make that bitch suffer for what she done to you” Latina said wiping her face. Brandy nodded and told her deal. They continue watching the pics of Valerie as they is going to enjoying making her pay for everything she done to Brandy. Valerie have no idea what kind of hell awaits her. She will find out tomorrow, especially when the blackmailer reveals herself. The look on Valerie Smart face will be priceless.


The next morning was beautiful with the temperature at 75 degrees. Valerie has gotten off at a bus stop across the street from the park where she was instructed to go. She made it to the park thirty minutes early ahead of the required time. That gave her time to walk to the north side of the park which taken twenty minutes to get to from the bus stop. Once there sat down at one of the park benches and followed the instructions on the email. She crossed her legs and dangling the slipper of her sock covered feet licking and sucking the same lollipop that she have in the pics. Thankfully the people in the park paid no attention to her.

Sitting for ten minutes when at 11:05am a attractive Latina with blonde streaks in her black hair approached her smiling at a shocked Valerie. The woman features was a dark olive color and she was wearing a black t shirt, matching spandex shorts, bare legged with sneakers. “Rachel what are you doing here?” Valerie asked Rachel Gomez, her receiver at the store. “I’m here to see you my fair maid” Rachel said and her look was evil and malicious. Still smiling and seductively licking her lips at the now horrified and stunned Valerie. Valerie heart almost caught in her throat as she now knows that Rachel is the blackmailer Mistress B. She cannot believe this, she don’t want to believe this. “You Mistress B”

“Well no not really, Brandy is Mistress B. I just wrote the email”

“You, why? You supposed to be my friend. Why would you do this?” Valerie said beyond horrified that her best friend, the woman who she put as receiver would betray her like this. Rachel who is still licking her chops at her boss who is now reduced to a domestic servant gladly explained her reason.

“Did you know that it was Brandy who got me on at OnPoint? I was in debt and needed a job really bad. She reached out and got me on. Me and her was really close” Rachel began explaining. Her look took on dark persona, the rage in her face is very clear. “Since I have been hired, I witnessed how you treated Rachel, you treated her like shit. You were always on her case for petty shit which should have been squashed. You showed no respect or deference towards her”

“Rachel that is not true” Valerie was slapped as soon as the last word escaped her lips. She was not slapped hard but enough to stun her. “Did I tell you speak? You say another word and it will be harder next time. Do you understand me?” Rachel snarled at the now sobbing Valerie. She nodded her head yes


“It’s yes Ms. Rachel”

“Yes Ms. Rachel”

“It is true, you treated her like crap. You seem to target her everyday writing her up under false pretenses. Then two days ago you fired her. FIRED HER” Rachel snapped and her anger is showing. For the first time she sobbed as hot tears stream down her very angry face. “I should be asking you why. I did not ask to be a receiver. You put me back there to manipulate me. If you could be this heartless and cold towards one of the hardest workers in that ass backwards store---9 times out of 10 I would be the next one you would go after if it benefits you. That’s why I did what I did. Now you are going to pay. You have something to say now?” Rachel said in a disgusted tone towards her boss.

Sobbing and whimpering Valerie would never think Rachel would turn out like this, she would expect this from Brandy as a way of getting back at her. But Rachel? She did not see this coming. This 33 year old woman supposed to be her best friend and she thought she did Rachel a favor by promoting her to receiver and raising her pay. She had no idea how wrong she had read Rachel. “Rachel let’s talk about this please? You don’t have to do this. I’m sorry”

“It’s too late for that. It’s nothing to talk about. Its Ms. Rachel, this is my only warning to you Valerie”

“Please Ms. Rachel, let’s talk about this. Let’s be reasonable”

“It isn’t anything to talk about. This is what is going to happen” Rachel said as she went into her duffel bag and taken out chords of white rope and clutched it in her hands. Valerie eyes widen at the rope and she began to sob. Fortunately this area of the park is not saturated with traffic of people.

“You belong to Brandy now. You are going to be her personal maid; you will do everything and anything she ask you to do. You going to cook, clean, take care of her residence. You also are going to sexually please her. You going to do it without hesitation and you will do it with a smile. I got 50 sexually charged pictures of you on my computer.
“If you fail to please Mistress Brandy in anyway these photos will be sent to not only your ultra-religious family but to every porn and fetish website in the world. Do I make myself fucking clear?” Rachel said letting that threat hang in the air. Shaking and trembling in fear, fresh hot tears rolled down Valerie cheeks as her fate is now sealed.

She is more worried about her mother being shown these pictures instead of the porn website. Valerie is more scared of her 68 year old mother then a perverted porn producer. If her ultra-catholic conservative mother see these pictures of her she will tear her ass a new one in which she will never hear the end of it. She will be definitely disowned by the rest of her family. Her family is all she got and loves with all her heart. She definitely will do anything to keep these pics from reaching her family especially her hard edged mother.  She reluctantly and submissively conceded. “Yes Ms. Rachel, very clear”

“Stand up and stand straight and erect for your first inspection” Rachel ordered. Wiping her tears from her eyes Valerie sat up and stood straight as erect as ordered. Rachel studied her hard and through starting from her maid head piece to the tight maids dress with the apron. She unbuttons Valerie buttons on the dress causing her tits to pop out. She began squeezing and pinching Valerie nipples pulling hard pulling them out causing her to squeal in pain.

Rachel bent over and lick around a nipple with her very wet tongue nibbling it into it grew very plump and long. She did the same with the other nipple. Valerie let out a mixture of a yelp and moans. Valerie was shaking in pleasure and a moist spot was formed in the crotch of her pantyhose due to her pussy being very wet from the treatment she is getting. She then gently and slowly licks both cheeks of Valerie before nibbling her lips. Satisfied with her very plump nipples Rachel continues inspecting her with her woolen pantyhose down to her cuffed and scrunched socks and open toe spa slippers.

“Give me your hands” Rachel said untying the cords of rope. Valerie began to sob and cry and nodded her head. She know exactly what Rachel going to do. “Please Ms. Rachel; you don’t have to do this. I do whatever you want. Please don’t…”

“GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING HANDS NOW” Rachel screamed making Valerie yelp and recoil back in fear. Crying uncontrollably Valerie gingerly lifted her gloved hands up and her wrists was tied tightly. Her breasts were covered and the dress was buttoned back up. “When I tell you do something, you better fucking do it bitch” Rachel hissed slapping Valerie pantyhose clad ass hard to the point of causing her to yelp and jump up. Still sobbing she nodded her head “Yes Ms. Rachel”

“You training begin now; you see that hotel 200 yards from this park?” Rachel pointed her fingers east of the park where there is a medium size hotel. Valerie sobbed nodding her head.

“I know the owner of the hotel and she is very happy to take you in and train you in being a very good maid. This is a disclaimer: This woman method of training maids is very harsh so if you don’t want to feel her wrath I suggest you be a good obedient submissive maid and do what you told. Understand?”

“Yes Ms. Rachel”

“Let’s get started. She is waiting for you. One more thing, since you going to be maid, a new name would be fitting for your new role”

“You are no longer Rachel, your new name is Karina” Rachel said grabbing a crying Valerie/Karina bound wrists guiding her towards the hotel where she will be trained to be a domestic maid to serve and pleasure Brandy. Brandy spent eight years serving customers at OnPoint and now Karina is going to learn what it’s like to be serving versus being served. She is going to be humbled in the worse possible way.


  1. Good second chapter B.L keep writing.

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