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Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapters 11-12.

by Noƫlle Lague

(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

XI - A suitable haircut

Drowning in humiliation Maddie was dragged by Heather toward the big entrance of the house. Jenny, Skye and Graham stood waiting, waving with beaming smiles at the door. Maddie curtsied in front of them.

”Oh Pudgy, is that Chanel or Armani? Can´t wait to see your new hairstyle,” Skye taunted.

A shamefaced Maddie followed Heather out the door, the clacking of Heather´s heels accompanying the strong rustling noise produced by Maddie´s rainwear.

Heather parked right outside the beauty parlor. Looking at the sign she snickered: ”Beauty parlor”. Probably not an appropriate name in relation to what was going to take place in there today, she thought, smiling to herself. 

Linda, the hairdresser, who had been prepared for Maddie´s visit, greeted Heather with a hug before turning towards Maddie.

”And what do we have here?….I didn´t know we had a thunderstorm,” Linda teased with a feigned confused expression, adjusting the shoulder straps.

”It´s not even raining, Heather.”

”It´s her, Linda, Maddie Akers, yes, you wouldn´t think, but she´s actually one of my classmates,” Heather said caressing Maddie on the cheek.

Linda, fidgeting on the sou´wester, intensively studied her newfound inferior. Maddie, her mouth half open, tried to hold her head in an upright position, as instructed by Heather, but avoiding eye contact with Linda.

”And now she has signed up for a summer of service, right?”

”That´s right, Linda. Maddie wanted so badly to come with me to China. Huh, Maddie?”

”Yes, Miss Heather,” Maddie answered curtsying.

”But, after having asked her parents if they had the money to pay for her trip, she realized they couldn´t afford it. Right, Maddie?”

”Yes, Miss Heather.”

”And then I came up with the idea of proposing Maddie to work as a maid for my family in China for the whole summer. Maddie said yes without hesitation, she wanted to be our maid. She shortly thereafter signed a contract, and ever since my birthday party she has been working as our family´s maid, and she will be for at least the whole summer. Isn´t that so Maddie?”

”Yes, Miss Heather.”

”She has just started her adventure. As I said, Maddie willingly accepted to become my family´s maid, but obviously didn´t understand much of the significance of such a social station. Struck by the strictness of the rules imposed on her, from dress code and manners to tasks, she immediately started complaining and behaving badly. As Maddie´s having great difficulties with the simplest tasks she´s being disciplined and held in tight reins by me and Jenny, my mother and our maid Rosario, a woman of my mother´s age. Isn´t that so little one?”

”Yes, Miss Heather,” Maddie answered, still curtsying.

”That sounds good,” Linda said.

”Maddie, I want you to tell Linda why you´re wearing such convenient rainwear.”

Maddie sighed, biting her lip and blushing.

”Yes, Maddie, that´s what you´re going to do,” Heather continued with a motherly smile.

”I was talking back to Rosario…. and I shouldn´t ….and because of that I´m being punished, Miss Linda,” Maddie said, curtsying again.

Linda stared at Maddie with a stern look.

”That´s right, Maddie. How do you feel in your rainwear?” Heather continued.

”It´s uncomfortable, Miss Heather.”

”I understand that, Maddie. How do you think you look…. hot?”

”No, Miss Heather.”

”That´s right, Maddie. You look ridiculous, stupid. But then, that´s what you are, not true?”

”Yes, Miss Heather.”

”What are you?”

”I´m stupid, Miss Heather.”

Good, Maddie. Yes, you are a stupid girl. Well, Linda, I think you get the picture and that we can proceed to correct Maddie´s hairstyle into something in accordance with her station in my family´s household and in line with her personality.”

”Come with me, Maddie,” Linda ordered her.

Maddie was seated in a chair, she was evidently going to get her haircut fully clad in her rainwear, except for the sou´wester that Linda ceremonially took of and let hang, still held in place by the straps under her chin, down on her back. Linda leaned forward a little to get Maddie attention.

”Maddie, the haircut Heather wants you to get is called pudding basin haircut. Have you heard about it?” Linda teased.

Yes, Miss Linda.”

”I´ve never given anyone a pudding basin yet, it seems to be quite unpopular, but I don´t think it´s going to be surprising to anyone that you´re the one getting first dibs on it, it will suit you perfectly well Maddie.” 

Linda started energetically humidifying Maddie´s quite long  hair before combing it from a spot on top of her head, downwards. A bowl-like subject was now placed on Maddie´s head, barely covering the top of her forehead and clearly respecting a considerable distance to the ears. What followed was a vigorous chopping along the edges of it. Linda, however, was careful to do it right, she knew that the most important aspect of the cut was its potential to make Maddie´s thick brown hair look almost like a wig, deprived from the small irregularities that gives life to it. Linda was a true virtuoso, the sharpness of the cutting was precise and the first preview of the result as she removed the bowl, was stunning already, it gave a promising hint of what would be the final effect.   

Heather beamed a broad smile and met Maddie´s eyes in the mirror. Maddie´s face screamed mortification. The maneuver had taken only a couple of minutes but the transformation was already overwhelming. Linda wasn´t at all finished though. The next step was to shave Maddie´s nape all the way up to the chopped off limit, before proceeding to the final time-consuming touch, her hair was to be dyed brown to blonde. Maddie had more than an hour to contemplate her humiliating haircut, the degrading treatment she was victim to at school and her new station at the Kim´s. 

Looking at herself now and then in the mirror sent her down to a self-esteem at rock bottom, Maddie was beyond tears. As Linda finally uncovered her hair, Maddie couldn´t resist studying her appearance. Instead of revolting, Maddie´s eyes began to wet. She choke a scream and started helplessly crying, she knew she was going to be the perfect laughing-stock, Linda had given her a hilarious look.    

”Stand up straight Maddie and thank Linda for your haircut,” Heather ordered her.

”Thank you, Miss Linda for my haircut,” Maddie obediently repeated, curtsying before Linda.

She did it with an expression of suppressed anger. Heather noticed it and quickly approached her.

”I like it very much, Miss Linda,” Heather ordered her to say, clearly aware of Maddie´s mixed feelings.

Maddie fumed from indignation, still close to letting out an exploding revolt, but she repeated the humiliating phrase.

Linda, also noticing Maddie´s trouble accepting her predicament, felt an urge to put poor Maddie in place.

”Oh, Maddie, you´re welcome. Now, I understand that can´t be easy being treated like a little child when you think you´re a big girl,” Linda said, caressing Maddie on the cheek. 

”You want to be grown up, and you want to act like one too, but no no no, you´re not, you fail to do so, don´t you little one? Well, of course, in a strict physical meaning yes, you´re a biiig girl, Maddie.”

Linda gave her a swat on the butt. 

”Yes, Maddie is definitely a big  girl, but she needs to be treated like a toddler, and now she finally looks like one.”

Maddie finally reached the state of mind where Heather wanted her to be, reduced to tears.

”But now it´s bye-bye,” Linda said, waving to Maddie.

Heather dragged her out of the salon. A thoroughly humiliated and teary-eyed Maddie was forced to smile and wave back at Linda.

”And please let me know if she´s not the obedient pudding she needs to be, Heather,” Linda chuckled.



Maddie was met by Skye, Graham, Rosario and Jenny as she entered the Kim´s house. A short and powerful laughter filled the entrance, but Jenny interrupted it.

”God, Heather, are you sure you´re not … harsh on her?”

”Of course not, Jenny, and she knows it.”

XII - In love

Dave took a step back.

”Is that ok with you, Frank?”

With a despondent expression Frank looked up at Dave.

”Listen, we just can´t make another take of it, at least she spit out her line this time.”

”You´re right, it´s not going to be any better, we´ve got some incredible shots though, she´s at her best when she simply acts herself.”

Dave sighed and, trying to muster courage, turned to the whole crew.

”Ok, everybody, thanks for now, that truly was a great shot.”

Audrey, detecting without trouble the discrete irony in his voice, shared an amused grin with Dave before glancing at her co-star. 

”See you all in a couple of hours, the dinner is as usual at The Naughty Piglet and,” Dave lowered his voice to catch attention,” Amanda promises the cocktail party will be something out of the ordinary, so please stay for that. Oh, and don´t forget…….. come dressed up.”

Laughter accompanied the clapping of hands as the crew began to slowly leave their positions, Frank approaching Dave.

”I heard that there will be no music in the film, Dave, is that true?”

”That´s right, Frank, the sound track is loaded with music in fact, voices, sounds of breathing, moaning, and so forth, why cover it? People will be shocked anyway, way not emphasize it?”

”Hm, ok. But hey, how about a fragment of `La forza del destino´?”

They both burst out in laughter.

”And what about China?” Frank continued, smiling broadly.

”Mom says it´s too expensive,” Dave theatrically answered, imitating `Maddie´ with accuracy.

Leah waddled over to Dave.

”Was I ok, Dave?”

”Oh sure, Leah, don´t worry, this will be a touching movie.”

”Guess if I want to get out of this darn rubber prison,” Leah muttered.

”Well, I´ve never been in there,” Dave answered matter-of-factly, ”but that you can get rid of, your cute haircut is another story,” he continued, snickering.

”Well….. Dave, I….” Leah stuttered, blushing.

Unable to find any accurate way to counter Dave´s subtle teasing, Leah changed subject.

”Anyway, who is this crazy guy who wrote the script? Have you met him?”

”To begin with, it´s a woman, Leah, but I´ve never met her. Frank says she was very enthusiastic about your performance and she´s apparently up to some new project. You can count on her wanting to see you in one of the lead roles, er…as I understood it, not as a successful business woman, more as some kind of a high school dropout.”

”I´m not at all interested, you should know that, I regretted more than one time my participation in `Maddie´. If I hadn’t signed that stupid contract, I would have quit ……months ago.”

”Well, it´s done now, Leah. Anyway, what are your career opportunities for the moment? Dave asked, successfully hiding his mockery.

”I ….I don´t know right now, but I will find something, I have a friend who knows a guy who….. well, he works with documentaries….er..ok it´s more like commercials maybe…..and …..ah…´s not like I fancy that, I´m an actress, Dave, I´ll  act in real films.”

”I´m sure you will,” Dave replied with a discrete sigh, whispering to Frank, ”Hollywood, right?”

Frank had to stand up and cough to hide his laughter while, at the same time, Leah´s co-star approached them.

”Leah, please, could you come a moment?”

It was a cheerful Audrey taking Leah under the arm, dragging her toward the dressing rooms.

”Listen, I thought we would get some champagne right here, but no, apparently not. You know….I´m thinking that…… having been Heather for such a long time, putting you through all these imaginable ordeals, I really owe it to you to offer you a drink, please, Leah, give me the pleasure to clink with you. Would you mind?”

”No, of course…..”

”Great! Let´s just do it right now, we can change later, huh?”

”Ok, Hea…..Audrey”.

They both laughed, their respective roles had, to a certain extent and for quite some time, slowly engrained their attitudes. Once in Audrey´s room Leah motioned to take off her mitts but was interrupted by a smiling Audrey who put a glass in her hand. Leah took it and gave Audrey a stiff smile.

”What is it?”

”It´s whisky, Leah. Cheers, and thank you for your performance.”

”Oh, thanks to you too, cheers.”

Leah didn´t even notice, but Audrey savored the small but distinct curtsy Leah had produced as she thanked her. Holding the glass awkwardly with her mitt-covered hand, she took a small sip. A short silence followed. Audrey knew it was the right moment and slowly motioned to stand behind Leah.

”You know…….Leah…´re not fooling me.”

Leah jerked her head, looking over her shoulder, agape.

”No, you´re not, and not the spectators either. Yes. I know it all. I´ve seen it, in every scene we´ve done together.”

Leah squirmed, panting.

”Yes, Leah….. the arousal.

Leah began to writhe.

”Your arousal.”

Audrey slowly motioned to yet again stand in front of her. Leah was petrified, unable to speak.

”I´ll take that glass,” Audrey calmly said, placing both glasses on the table.

The room froze as Audrey approached Leah, with her fingers carefully bringing her face slightly upwards, slowly and tenderly  imposing her lips on hers, forcing Leah to let Audrey invade her mouth with her tongue. A shocked Leah tried to move her head aside.


With her fingers under Leah´s chin, firmly bringing Leah´s mouth back to hers, Audrey again assailed her with kisses. Leah, about to lose control of the situation, drowning in the eyes of her beautiful colleague and tormentor, helplessly submitted to her. Audrey kept on until she had Leah shivering of pleasure.

”Good Leah. You know, it´s funny, in the movie, Maddie´s made to sign a contract which turns out to be extremely disadvantageous for her, remember?”

”Yes, Audrey.”

”Yes, Mrs Raven.”

”Yes…Mrs Raven.”


Audrey stroke her blushing admirer on the cheek.

”The funny thing is that you signed a likewise miserable contract in real life, with the production company. Not only you´re not paid at all, you also agreed to also play the, well yes, it´s called lead role, but you know what I mean…… the poor target, the suffering, stupid girl, in the coming movie. No pay there either,” Audrey announced.

Audrey motioned toward an easy chair. Making herself comfortable she started to take off her panties. Spreading her legs she made a sign to Leah to approach her.

”No, on your knees Leah, hands on your back.”

With tears in her eyes, Leah complied. Soon her face was buried between Audrey´s legs,  her mouth on duty, obediently licking and kissing Audrey`s intimate parts. Leah was drowning in humiliation, but she also felt, more than anytime during the film shots, owned and curiously comfortable. Audrey´s pleasure went little by little all the way, and once over the edge, she smiled happily as she let Leah stay with her mouth open, pressed against her belly. 

The aftermath was long, Audrey let out some small moans of delight before suddenly pushing a ballgag into Leah´s mouth, securing it behind her neck. Leah was invited to sit on a small wooden chair. A wide-eyed Leah stared at Audrey as she pulled her arms behind her back, binding  them together. Soon her ankles and knees were strapped together and secured to the chair, and finally a strap linking the ballgag to her arms, forcing her head in an upright position. Leah squirmed and wanted to scream, but she was thoroughly silenced and held in place.

”There you go sweetie. I´m thinking of what excuse we should come up with…hm…I mean, obviously you´re not going anywhere right now. You´re not …….going to the party. You had a terrible headache, that´s probably the best, you just had to go home, sending your regards to everyone. And I´ll announce that you loved the script for the next film, and that you´ve signed up for one of the lead roles, everyone will know which one.”

Leah moaned and looked pleadingly at Audrey.

”Oh, is little Leah not content? Wait, honey, I got an idea.”

Audrey left her bound victim. She was back in a second.

”This was what you were missing, right darling?” Audrey teased, holding her dreaded dunce cap in front of her.

”I know, your haircut is cute, …´re such a show-off, Leah, I still think your dunce cap will give you a more natural party-look,” Audrey continued, putting it neatly in place on her head.

Audrey went to move the full-length mirror and placed it right in front of Leah.

”There, now I want you to look at yourself when you´re not looking at the monitor where the party is displayed. Yes, there it is on the wall. I don´t want you to miss out the festivities, you will participate in your way, in a way you deserve. Oh… and, Leah, you´ll be filmed all night dear, so, no, don´t make me disappointed, huh? It´s simple, when you feel bored by your reflection, then look at your friends enjoying themselves at the party.”

Leah obediently stared at her reflection, her humiliation sending waves of convulsions in her crotch.

”I know you´re now facing bankruptcy and, yes, I understand just how difficult and painful that must be for you. And, oh, from what I´m told, you´re career as a movie star is endangered, no big roles there for you, huh? Only small commercials are waiting for you, and that´s definitely not a par with neither your talent nor your pretensions, right? It all boils down to little Leah being very close, in real life, to the character she was acting like, don´t you think? Honestly, I feel a strong urge to be mild with you, to help you. You will therefore become my little Maddie and work for me full time as my live-in maid.”

Audrey adjusted the dunce cap once more.

”Now, you have a nice evening, Leah, I´ll be back after the party, don´t worry, you will be taken home to me. By the way, the script for the sequel is right here,” Audrey declared, putting the title page of the work on the table next to the mirror.

It read; ”Leah” by Audrey Raven.

Leah glanced wide-eyed, blushing furiously at her now real-life mistress. Audrey, in her elegant dress and her perfectly applied make-up, gave the defeated Leah a beaming smile and a wave before locking the door behind her. Leah tried to scream but stopped as she noticed it made her drool even more. She was angry, confused and ashamed but also unbearably aroused. How could she have signed that contract? Staring at her ridiculous figure in the mirror she tried to squeeze her thighs against each other, she was getting frantic.

Her legs being tightly bound together, Leah could only intensify her arousal without being able to climax. Tears running down her cheeks, still looking at her reflection, Leah realized she was not only facing a life of servitude, disciplined to total obedience at the hands of Audrey, she was also helplessly falling in love with her. Leah was suddenly interrupted in her thoughts, as the monitor on the wall was lit. Some of her colleagues were already at the bar next to the restaurant, all dressed up in fashionable outfits, smoking, chit-chatting and sipping on drinks. A desperate Leah reflexively and violently pulled at her straps, to no avail. She eventually spotted Audrey, sharing a laughter with Dave.

Glancing at her grotesque appearance in the mirror, drooling in her hideous outfit, before again studying the party aperitif, now discovering Audrey, who was, almost as if she was staring into the camera, affectionately kissing Dave, Leah, overpowered by jealousy, was ultimately thrown down to the depths of degradation, where she knew she belonged. Casting another glimpse at her own reflection, then again at Audrey, she felt, in her heart, that her love for Audrey had to be of another kind. It was going to come from the bottom, up to Her.


  1. Twice a day, I come to see for the next episod. I love this story. Many thanks to the author and to Camille. Kisses, mia

  2. I check twice a day for the next episode also !!! Sooo great!

  3. That final scene...Leah being forced to alternate between looking at her laughable reflection (the garishly colored rain wear, the ridiculous haircut, the dunce cap) and video of everyone else at the party...absolutely brilliant! You have a real knack for devising humiliating scenarios.

    It was a nice twist at the end to learn that all the events leading up to the last chapter were
    actually scenes being shot for a movie - but now Leah will have to really lead the life of the character she was portraying.

    My only regret is that the story is now complete...we won't read of Mrs. Kim generously helping Madeline to atone for her sins!

    Great job. Keep writing!


  4. wow,what a twist for the end, i loved it! thank you!

  5. Thank you Maria and others for your encouragement.

  6. Camille Mam is there any chance of Molly saga returns ??

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, definetely on my agenda. It won't be very fast, but I'll definetely get there, do not worry. If you have any ideas or preferences please do not hesitate to write to me directly, there are many ways the story can develop.

  7. "Japan princess to wed commoner, forcing her to quit royal family" is a headline that came out today.

    I think marrying a commoner would be plausible reason for how an actual lady could end up in maid's uniform. Love makes people stupid. Maybe the sheltered girl will think it'll be "fun" to live like a peasant outside of the royal palace where she isn't pampered at all hours of the day, where her every whim isn't catered to or indulged in. Maybe when the magic of her matrimony wears off, her prince won't seem as charming. She really was foolish for going against every one of her advisors, wasn't she? Can she find a way to have the marriage annulled before her younger sister takes the throne in her place, or is it already too late? Perhaps this entire misguided adventure was her scheming sister's doing. She always was too clever by half. How else could one explain why a former princess would elect to become a scrub girl who has to meticulously clean the floors on which she used to walk?

    1. I love it!

      I would make it so that maybe the princess was a bit plain or naive, and her husband is a fit charmer. One they're married, he reverts to philandering and paying her no mind as she is forced to work as a maid to make ends meet.

      Her sister will not permit her to work outside the palace because it would embarrass the family. So she is left kneeling at her wicked sister's side, fetching her coffee, and polishing her stilettos to keep her sharp for all her royal duties. From a princess to a royal house pet who cleans and massages as needed.