Thursday, August 10, 2017

Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapter 9.

by Noƫlle Lague

(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

IX - Exposure
 “Good evening. May I…..,” Maddie started, looking up at a tall unknown man.
”You must be Maddie, the new maid?”
Maddie perceived somebody behind the man, she wasn´t sure, but she thought she could see a pair of pink rubber boots.
”Go fetch Mrs. Kim for me, will you?”
”Yes Mr. Bronstein, right away. Please come in.”
As she held the door for Mr. Bronstein the person wearing rain boots became unveiled.
“Mom….wha…..why are you ….”
”Just go fetch Mrs. Kim for me, and hurry up,” Mr. Bronstein snapped her.”
”Yes Mr. Bronstein, I´m sorry.”

Maddie hurried away toward the lounge, in shock while Melanie with small steps passed through the door of the Kim´s house dressed in the hideous rainwear Maddie had to wear at recess at the Unit. The only item missing, was the sou’wester, which was replaced by a large white headband, uncovering her forehead. With her shaved nape and her face beet red from shame, she looked ridiculous. Melanie nervously stopped in the entrance hall, waiting close to the door. She wanted to vanish but was, unfortunately discovered by Heather, who by curiosity had approached the hallway.
”Hello, Mr. Bronstein,” Heather said greeting him with a smile.
”Hi, Heather, how are you?”
”I´m fine thank you….er….”, turning toward Melanie with a feigned puzzled expression, Heather continued, “and….what do we have here?”
”Oh, that´s little Melanie, Maddie´s mother. She´s here to pick up Maddie´s clothes.”
”Oh, I see, yes, indeed, she won´t be needing them for quite some time, if ever.”
”Go ahead,” Mr. Bronstein instructed, making Melanie turn toward the youngster.
”Good evening Miss Heather,” Melanie said with a deep curtsy.
Heather ignored her.
”Sarah told me that you gave your consent to be personally involved in correcting Maddie´s behavior on a permanent basis, which I find most generous of you.”
”That´s right, Mr. Bronstein, I´m aware of the gravity of my task given Maddie´s ample need for discipline and I would have complied to the responsibility even if I wasn´t paid by the school.”
Heather smiled at a blushing and squirming Melanie.
”Next year shows to be promising. Mr. Akers is apparently considering divorce after the pitiful revelation of pictures of doubtful character, sent to my mail by an unknown sender, well, let´s not go into details here. Anyway, once confronted with her own appearance on them, Melanie made it clear that she wasn´t interested in going public and willingly accepted compulsory attendance when Maddie is being disciplined at the Unit. Sarah unselfishly helped her obtain the approval from Melanie´s employer to modify her job assignments.
She will no longer have anything to do with food preparation but concentrate on serving and washing up at the refectory. The remaining time will be devoted to cleaning. At Mrs. Lockwood’s initiative Melanie will be working as a cleaning woman at your school, Heather. It will optimize the utilization rate of Melanie´s working capacity as she will often be present at the Unit. Sarah has managed to set up a practical schedule for Melanie, facilitating her good-fellowship with her daughter.”
Mr. Bronstein paused to adjust Melanie´s shoulderstraps.
”Melanie was eager  to show the clothes she´s required to wear when visiting her daughter at the Unit.”
”Well that´s an excellent start for Melanie, mother will certainly appreciate that,” Heather stated.
Heather looked with an amused grin at a devastated Melanie. But the intimidation had only just started, clacking sound of heels peu a peu invaded the hallway and soon Mrs. Kim and Robert Bronstein, Sarah´s husband, greeted each other cordially.
”I heard about the opera Robert, I know Valentina is simply gorgeous and….what a voice.”
”Oh, it was a remarkable performance.”
Robert went to stand behind Melanie, putting his hands on her shoulders while Mrs. Kim looked expectantly at her.
”Say hello nicely to Mrs. Kim,” he ordered, with his hand bringing Melanie´s head upward to face her.
”Good evening, Mrs. Kim,” Melanie meekly offered with a slow curtsy.
”As Sarah came to know that Melanie had been told by you to come here, she thought it would be best if I went along with her. You know Amy, what my schedule looks like, it´s about the same as David´s, but, as you can see, I accepted to do so. Well, Sarah noticed something was bothering Melanie and solicited her to try to put in words what it was. Sarah managed to understand -  despite Melanie´s rudimentary vocabulary - that there was something important she promptly had to say to you. Sarah then wondered if little Melanie wouldn´t be glad to seize the occasion and do it today, as she was told to come here to pick up Maddie´s old clothes. Melanie thanked Sarah for proposing it. Isn´t that so Melanie?”
”Yes, Mr. Bronstein.”
Melanie curtsied. From one side of the hallway more people were joining the scene, Melanie noticed Maddie in her cleaning uniform followed by Jenny and Skye. Maddie was carrying her suitcase. They stopped all three next to Mrs. Kim. Maddie still holding her suitcase, beet red from shame, the two others staring with beaming smiles at Melanie. Skye corrected Maddie´s way of holding the suitcase by making her keep it away from her body. Maddie pouted, struggling with the suitcase. Skye stroked her on the cheek.
Mrs. Kim remained silent and looked at Melanie sternly. Melanie glanced at Mrs. Kim shortly before jerking her head to one side. She was awkwardly trying to smile, obviously as if told to do so.
”Excuse me, Mrs. Kim, for taking up your time…….I wanted to……tell you how glad I am to see Maddie working as a live-in maid in your family. I know it´s the right place for her. Maddie´s been having trouble at school…..she has lost the few friends she had and …… and her grades have been falling for a long time and….so I am glad that she has been placed in the Special Unit….where she can meet other students …..more of her own sort.”
”Good, Melanie, now go on with the rest,” Robert interjected.”
Melanie cringed, blushing furiously, her face downcast.
”Keep your head erect,” Robert bellowed.
”I´m sorry, Mr. Bronstein.”
Melanie obeyed sighing.
”I ……also wanted to apologize to you Mrs. Kim, and your family on behalf of my husband Max for falsely accusing your daughter, Mrs. Heather, of bullying our Maddie. I now know it wasn’t true of course and….. I ask you, deeply conscious of my guilt, if you can forgive us for it. I´m willing to atone for any damage this may have caused you Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Heather, and your family, in whatever way you would judge suitable. As a first step and as a modest penance for my husband’s insolence and my own stupidity I wanted to present myself to you and your family dressed the way I am, the way I always will be when visiting Maddie at her Unit. I´m sure you will find the right ways of prompting my repentance.”
A short silence filled the hall. Melanie had done her homework well, the degrading announcement came out naturally and was received with euphoria by her audience, also by Mrs. Kim who however remained stone-faced.
”Come her, Melanie,” Mrs. Kim barked.
Melanie complied waddling toward her and stopping in front of her, stretching for a rigid posture, her arms neatly by her side. A sharp clipping sound was heard. Melanie had been slapped by Mrs. Kim.
”I´ll get back to you, for now you will follow Mr. Bronstein and take the suitcase with you.”
”Yes, right away, Mrs. Kim, thank you…..I´m sorry…”
”Hurry up,” Mrs. Kim commanded.
Maddie, eager to prevent her mother from receiving further slaps, clumsily handed over the suitcase to her mother.
”I´ll see you soon, Amy,” Robert said over the shoulder, dragging Melanie out the door.
”Bye, Robert, and thanks for your help.”
Heather smiled inwardly as the poor woman shuffled away carrying the suitcase behind Mr. Bronstein.
Melanie wasn´t going home immediately though, she was to follow Robert to his and Sarah´s home first.
”Melanie´s here darling,” Robert called out as he dragged her into the house.
”Oh, great Rob, I´ll be with you in a sec.”
”Put down the suitcase here and follow me.”
”Yes, Mr. Bronstein.”
Melanie was conducted into Robert´s study where she was ordered to get down on her knees.  Robert opened his pants and resolutely put his hard cock into Melanie´s mouth. She immediately started to suck it, fondling his balls. Sarah passed by, fiddling with her mobile phone.
”Oh, what a good idea, make her clean you properly.”
Melanie sucked and licked him until he came in her face. She continued to clean him, swallowing what was left with tears running down her cheeks.

”I hope Maddie will have to give the same service to all the guests visiting the Kim´s in China.” 


  1. This is the beststory I have ever read :) It's just so intense and suprising :) Which I was Maddie right now :p

    1. It was the best of times.

  2. I didn't think it possible for a story to be over the top and dull as dishwater at the same time. I see now that I was wrong.

    1. It was the blurst of times.

  3. Please may we have the next instalment of Daphne and The White Apron.

  4. I loved Melanie's humiliating speech to Mrs. Kim.

    "As a first step and as a modest penance for my husband’s insolence and my own stupidity I wanted to present myself to you and your family dressed the way I am, the way I always will be when visiting Maddie at her Unit. I´m sure you will find the right ways of prompting my repentance.”

    What delicious humiliation. I can't wait to find out what Mrs. Kim comes up with!