Friday, August 4, 2017

Glamour Old School: Vogue Brazil May 2013

I must be running out of maid-related fashion editorials by now, but here is another one from Brazil for your enjoyment. It's pretty thin on the maid stuff, but what's there is quite good. Barely hidden racial overtones with a beautiful blonde mistress in glamorous outfits served by plain dark-skinned uniformed maids? Check. Luxury living and exquisite outfits in a hotel environment as poor maids look on? Check. Need I ask for more? 


  1. The difference in height between the fair-skinned model and the swarthy maids suggests that they might almost be different subspecies, a thought which makes me shudder at the obscenity of it....

    1. Very apt observation, can't agree more. Isn't it also the underlying theme in many lady-to-maid stories?

    2. There is an aptly named subreddit for these kind of height discrepancies. (Be advised that the content is from porn clips and is therefore NSFW)

    3. It wouldn’t be that obscene if presented in the right context.

      Maiden Voyage:

      A century after the rich abandoned Earth in droves, the first fashion model born on Luna returns to the pale blue dot on a goodwill envoy. Once there, the differences in their two peoples becomes immediately obvious. Growing up in the low-gravity of the moon, the model’s figure has become tall and lanky. The indigenous people of the planet Earth are almost short-statured by comparison, though their average height has only decreased somewhat over the decades as a result of a diminished food supply. While the UV shielding in the model’s lunar colony has turned her skin a ghostly pale, the dark-skinned complexions of those left on Earth is the most noticeable scar of climate change.

      If you wrote a L2M story starting from that angle, it’s not even a racial thing anymore. I’ll admit that it’s probably more titillating to make it obscene.