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Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapter 6.

by Noëlle Lague
(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)
VI - The bullying goes on 
Maddie spent her last day before vacation at the Unit. A dreadful day, full of cleaning exercises, but also a day of counting, supervised by Sandra. Both subjects proved to be monotonous and exhausting.  
All the calculation examples seemed familiar to her, but Sandra´s presence for some reason made it difficult to concentrate and Maddie ended up unable to give correct answers to any of them. Sandra kept going backwards in difficulty as Maddie gradually failed to solve the problems. Shortly before recess, a blushing Maddie was made to read aloud; `Mrs. King donated 7 teddy bears to the nursery school. Now the nursery school has a total of 31 teddy bears. How many teddy bears did the nursery school have before the donation?` 
Staring at her squirming pupil, unable to sort out the teddy bear mystery, Sandra finally sent Maddie out for recess, in her rainwear although the sun was shining and no other student at the Unit had to put it on. She was given a plastic bucket and a spade and sent out to discover a surprising novelty for recess activities at the Unit. At Heather´s initiative a sandbox had been installed, right in front of the schoolyard, facing the main building and it was going to be inaugurated by Maddie.  Aurelia directed her, she was to build a sand castle, a task that turned out to be difficult although not impossible; the sandbox had been filled with quite a lot of water, transforming it into a mud puddle. 
As Maddie obediently struggled to dig in the sand, she noticed a group of students in the schoolyard, not too far from her. She couldn´t see who it was until a couple of them slowly made their way toward the Unit. A shiver ran down her spine as she identified them, it was Skye and Graham. Aurelia was standing close to the sandbox as Maddie´s object of love and his new girlfriend approached it.

”Hi, Aurelia,” Skye began. 
”Hi, how´re you doing?” 
”Fine thanks, this is Graham, my boyfriend.” 
They greeted each other while Maddie, drowning in humiliation, continued her demeaning activity sitting on her bottom, tears beginning to build up in her eyes. She looked like an oversized toddler in her colorful outfit. 
”How does she manage at the Unit?” Skye asked. 
”Oh, Maddie is having severe learning and attitude issues, actually most of the younger kids here perform way better than she does. Her appearance goes well together with her skills if you see what I mean.” 
All three chuckled, Maddie jerked her head away from them. 
”Oh, Maddie, you can do better than that, where is the castle?” Aurelia taunted. 
”Here, Mrs. Aurelia,” Maddie obediently answered. 
”Where, little one?” 
Maddie pointed with the spade to a vague sandhill she was working on. 
”Oh, no Maddie, that´s no  castle. Do you think it´s a castle, Skye?” 
”No, no castle at all. It´s a lump.” 
”That´s right, Maddie, it´s a lump not a castle. You don´t want to live in a lump do you?” 
”No, Mrs. Aurelia,” Maddie meekly answered. 
”But then, …….you are a lump Maddie, aren´t you?” Aurelia continued. 
”Yes, Mrs. Aurelia.” 
”What are you?” 
”I´m a lump, Mrs. Aurelia.” 
”Say it and look at Graham, Maddie.” 
Maddie complied and did as she was told, tears flowing down her cheeks. 
”We´ll come back for the next recess Maddie, I expect you to show us a big castle then,” Skye teased her. 
Maddie was told to stand up and curtsy in front of the couple. She heard Graham laughing hard as she went back to the Unit. 
Maddie´s lunch was painful, again she had to put on her rainwear before going to the refectory. Heather, who this day was given the task to supervise her, received her and immediately instructed her how she was supposed to put her sou´wester and mitts on the hook. Maddie had to correct the way she did it five times before Heather, stroking Maddie on the cheek, was satisfied. 
Maddie was made to stand at the back of the queue until most students had taken their meal, every time somebody came she had to step back. Maddie finally got to the sideboard where Heather took hold of her plate, filling it with only potatoes. Maddie sighed as she was directed to the table where the kids at the Unit always gathered. She was placed by Heather in front of Mrs. Lockwood who was surveilling a group of kids. 
”Maddie wanted only potatoes today, Mrs. Lockwood,” Heather said smiling.
 ”I see, well I hope you will eat them all up, Maddie?” Catherine said, staring at Maddie. 
Maddie, writhing on her chair, looked up at her. 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
With a pained expression Maddie attacked one of the potatoes and put a bit of it in her mouth, studied by Heather. 
”That´s a good girl,” Heather taunted, now drink up your milk, I will go get another glass for you later.” 
Maddie obeyed and emptied her glass before continuing, with increasing difficulty, her struggle with the potatoes. Mrs. Lockwood and Maddie´s fellow students one by one left the table, leaving Maddie alone with Heather. The refectory was now in fact emptied except for the staff. Four big potatoes were still left on Maddie´s plate as Heather left to get another glass of milk. 
Coming back Heather put the glass to Maddie´s mouth and, checking that nobody was looking, she vigorously forced her to drink, faster and faster until Maddie couldn´t avoid spilling, getting some in her nose and on her chest. Maddie sputtered helplessly. 
”Klutz,” Heather bellowed. 
Heather eventually changed place, taking the seat in front of Maddie. 
”Little one, are you enjoying your meal?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Heather.” 
Heather snatched Maddie´s fork out of her hand and started mashing the potatoes. 
”Look Maddie, here´s a volcano”, she whispered while forming a crater surrounded by mashed potatoes. 
Bringing Maddie´s plate over to her own side of the table, Heather discretely let out several big wads of spittle in the crater.  Maddie winced. 
”Oh, there´s a lake too. Can you see it Maddie?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Heather.” 
Heather picked up a spoon and began mixing the purée with her spittle into a big pile of mush. 
”Oops, the lake is gone, I see only a puddle now….and Maddie says she likes to play in puddles… so little Maddie now opens up big for Heather,” she ordered her. 
Maddie seethed with anger as Heather looked expectantly at her, but instantly felt the intense humiliation invade her whole body, blocking all resistance to Heather´s will. She obediently  opened her mouth, waiting with big eyes for Heather to feed her. Heather relished the moment, letting poor Maddie sit for a moment with her open mouth before approaching the spoon in slow motion, to her lips. As Maddie got the mush in her mouth and started chewing, Heather smeared out what remained on the spoon on her lips and chin. 
”Good girl” Heather said. 
A second spoonful was delivered. Maddie opened her mouth like a toddler and again the mush landed in her mouth, but this time Heather made sure most of it was spread out in and on her nose, down her chin and her cheeks. 
”Maddie, your table manners are bad. I will have to tell Mrs. Lockwood that you eat like a pig at table and that I think you deserve a spanking. You do, don´t you grub?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Heather.” 
Heather continued to smear the mush all over Maddie´s face until it covered her whole face. When Maddie´s plate was finally empty she was ordered to neatly place her plate and glass at the counter near the kitchen. Heather guided her in every movement noting Maddie´s mortification and pushing her obedience to the edge. As they left Maddie again was crying form humiliation, her face still completely smeared with mush. 
”Mrs. Heather, can I please go to the toilet?,” Maddie asked curtsying. 
”No, you´re having reading comprehension with Mrs. Gordon and me, right now, let´s put on your mitts and sou´wester. Come here.” 
Heather fastened the hideous sou´wester tight under Maddie´s squishy chin. 
”You stop whimpering immediately,” Heather barked while putting on her mitts. 
Maddie was having severe cramps in her bladder, which forced her to keep her legs tight together as she followed Heather over the schoolyard to the Unit. It also made her move in a ridiculous way, giving Maddie no chance to escape the taunting by a group of kids who espied her. As she laboriously was trying to keep up the pace with Heather, waddling in her rustling rainwear over the schoolyard trying desperately not to pee her pants, one girl theatrically held up a hand toward the sky with a feigned puzzled expression, as if checking if it was raining. The kids burst out in a choir of raucous laughter. 
”On your way to Kindergarten, Maddie?”
Heather let them keep on while Maddie futilely struggled to ignore them. Once at the Unit Maddie immediately was dragged to the toilet, which suddenly made Maddie´s face almost suggest a smile. Was Heather going to let her use the toilet, Maddie wondered. Her thoughts were interrupted by her tormentor who swiftly picked up a used floor-cloth to wipe off Maddie´s face. 
The last lesson of the day kept Maddie down at the bottom of self-esteem. Unable to understand anything she was trying to read, Maddie all the time suffered merciless scolding by her teacher, who, at the end of the lesson, completely lost her temper and insulted Maddie cruelly for her failures. 
”Well that´s a perfect F, Maddie. Failure. Zero points. How do you feel about that Maddie?” 
”I´m sorry, Mrs. Gordon.” 
Mrs. Gordon carefully put the dunce cap on Maddie´s head and fastened it under her chin. 
”That´s suits you so good Maddie, the dunce cap is like made for you. A dunce, that´s what you are. I will take care of you when I´m back from vacation.” 
Maddie curtsied as Mrs. Gordon left her alone with Heather. As soon as they were alone Heather seized Maddie by the ear and pulled her toward Catherine´s office. Heather gave her version of Maddie´s table manners while Maddie, groaning and grimacing, remained firmly held in position by Heather. 
”Is this true Maddie?” Catherine sternly asked her.
”Yes…oww… Mrs. Lockwood,”
Maddie answered, panting from the pain in her ear. 
At the same time she lost the battle with her bladder, letting her pee fill her panties and sprinkle down her legs all the way down into her Mary Jane´s. 
”Good God, Mrs. Lockwood burst out. Standing up she pushed the button on the phone. 
”Aurelia, will you please immediately come to my office.” 
”Yes of course, Catherine.” 
”Keep her standing the way she is, Heather.” 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood,” Heather replied, tightening her grip on Maddie´s ear. 
”To humiliate you thoroughly I will let Heather spank you today, you silly girl.” 
Aurelia came in and at once spotted what had happened. 
”Yes, as you can see Aurelia, Maddie needs to be put in diapers.” 
”Yes, I understand, she definitely needs that, let me get her cleaned up and diapered Catherine, Heather can help me.” 
”Yes, please do Aurelia, and get her back here as soon as you´ve gotten her protected from soiling herself more. I want Heather to give Maddie a spanking here at my office in front of you. Maddie was made to curtsy in front of Aurelia before being dragged out of the office, tears flowing down her cheeks. 
Maddie was soon back at Catherine´s office, diapered and ready for her spanking, dressed in a clean uniform, with a large hairband uncovering her face. Heather sat down on a chair and calmly ordered Maddie to lay down on her knees, slowly pulling up her pinafore dress, pulling down her plastic panties and finally taking off her diaper, leaving Maddie´s chunky bottom on full display. 
”Here Heather, you can use this on her if you want, it will certainly give Maddie the pain she needs, and make it more comfortable for you to punish her,” Catherine said handing Heather a leather paddle. 
”Oh, thank you Mrs. Lockwood, that looks like an excellent tool for making big, stupid, silly girls show respect and behave, to stop peeing in their pants and learn how to eat properly.” 
Heather took a firm grip of Maddie´s hair and secured her head in an upright position, facing Aurelia and Mrs. Lockwood. Heather then started somewhat slowly but little by little speeding up the pace. Maddie was panting, wiggling her buttocks, biting her lip, sniveling and, after a while, wailing. 
”Keep quiet, you stupid girl,” Catherine barked. 
Heather kept on paddling her sister´s classmate for at least ten minutes. At the end Maddie was squirming, crying and howling. When Maddie begged her to stop, Heather paused for a short moment. 
”Have I asked you anything, Maddie?” 
”Nooo….Mrs. Heather….I´m sorry…Mrs.…. Heather.” 
Heather asked Aurelia if she could handle her Maddie´s soiled panties. With a nonchalant gesture Heather stuffed Maddie´s mouth with her panties. The taste of her own pee invaded Maddie´s mouth as the paddling continued mercilessly for another five minutes. Finally a bawling and red-faced Maddie was ordered to stand up and thank Heather for the punishment. 
”She was wiggling quite a lot Mrs. Lockwood,” Heather stated. 
”Yes indeed Heather, I see what you mean, this is precisely the reason why we most of the time use the punishment bench downstairs when she is caned or paddled. Maybe you would appreciate to look on sometime when Maddie is disciplined?” 
”Oh yes, please Mrs. Lockwood, I would love to.” 
”Good Heather, the opportunity will arise, believe me,” Catherine chuckled. 
”Now Heather, would you mind put her soiled panties on her peg, dress her in her rainwear and get her out for a short recess in the sandbox before we send her home?” 
”Right away, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”Leave her there and come back into my office will you.” 
”Yes Mrs. Lockwood.” 
Maddie blubbered as Heather put in place her diaper and plastic pants before dragging her out of the office toward her peg in the corridor. Maddie was soon dressed in her rainwear, the full attire with mitts and sou´wester but, this time, with the dunce cap on top of it, and finally sent out to the sandbox with her bucket and spade, while Heather went back to the office for a talk with Mrs. Lockwood. 
They could both observe Maddie in full view, sitting in the sandbox digging, her dunce cap adding to her already ridiculous outfit. A group of kids was approaching her, and as Heather and Catherine were discussing next year’s program for Maddie, it became clear to them that Maddie was being taunted by them. It was Carol´s gang. Heather, knowing Carol shared her opinion about Maddie, smiled as the bullying was getting on. Carol eventually left the group and went toward the Unit building. A knock on the office door was heard. 
”Come in”. 
”Mrs. Lockwood?” 
”Yes, what can I help you with?” 
”Hello, Mrs. Lockwood, I´m Carol ….er….a friend of Maddie´s and….we were just wondering if we could play a little together with her, she said she wanted that.” 
”By all means, I´m glad to hear that she wants to play also with younger girls. Good, bring her in will you, we have a few things to settle before leaving.” 
Carol came back holding Maddie in her hand. 
”Maddie, this is the last day of the school year and we must make sure you bring home all the things you will be needing for the summer. Your mother has fetched most of your things already but she forgot your alternative rain set. Carol told us that you wanted to play a little with them before going home and therefore, instead of having you carry it, you will wear it on top the one you´re wearing now, understood?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”By the way Maddie, Heather told me you signed a contract to work as a live-in maid for the whole summer at the Kim´s mansion in China, is that correct?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”I´m very pleased to hear that, Maddie. This way you will spend your entire summer vacation practicing all the things we´ve been trying to learn you, won´t you?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”Heather, I sincerely hope Maddie won´t make too much of a fool out of herself, but I´m so glad Maddie´s getting a working vacation instead of the usual holidays most kids are entitled to. Please tell your mother that I´m at her disposition for any advice on how to discipline Maddie thoroughly.” 
”Thank you Mrs. Lockwood, mother will certainly appreciate that, in view of Maddie´s behavior I also believe every help we can get in this respect, is welcome.” 
”I suppose the whole family is going,…er… maybe some friends are invited too?” 
”Yes, as a matter of fact,” Heather leaned forward to look at Maddie, ”I know this is particularly berating for Maddie, my …….boyfriend Graham is coming over. Maddie had a crush on him but wasn´t, of course, even close to attract his attention. Jenny´s best friend Skyler, who you by now know fairly well, Mrs. Lockwood,  is also joining us. We will have a great time, I´m so much looking forward to seeing all the historical sights and to get to meet all the friends I´ve made there over the years. But, maybe even more of course, just hanging around the pool sipping on a drink.” 
”I know your family is well-off, I suppose you won´t have to get your drink yourself, huh?” Catherine asked, smiling and looking at Maddie, holding back a snicker. 
”Oh no, I think …….there will be someone else……… to serve me and my friends, all the time…..” Heather continued with a wicked smile, approaching Maddie, ”who can that be, Maddie?” Heather teased her, tilting Maddie´s head with her hand, forcing Maddie to face her. 
”It´s me, Mrs. Heather,” Maddie meekly answered, causing the three women to laugh heartily. 
”Yes Maddie, you will be serving me, my boyfriend Graham and my friends, the whole summer.” 
”This is priceless Heather, congratulations,” Mrs. Lockwood stated. 
”Now, as you´re here Carol, would you mind helping Maddie to get dressed?” 
”No problem Mrs. Lockwood, I´ll gladly help her,” Carol answered leaning forward to meet Maddie´s subdued gaze. 
”Don´t forget to put on her the sou´westers and the mitts. Aurelia, will you show Carol to the pegs and make sure the colors are correctly chosen?” 
”Yes, Catherine,” Aurelia answered, hiding a snicker, she knew well how maniac Catherine was about the dress code. 
”Now you have a nice last afternoon with your friends Maddie, you will leave your dunce cap on your peg for the summer. It will come to use when you´re back, don´t you think, little one?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”Thank you for letting me take care of Maddie for a while, Mrs. Lockwood,” Carol said with a beaming smile. 
”You´re welcome Carol, say goodbye, little one,” Catherine ordered. 
”Goodbye, Mrs. Lockwood,” Maddie answered curtsying. 
”And Carol, make sure she keeps her rainwear on, all the way home.” 
”I sure will, ma´am. There, come here Maddie,” Carol cheerfully said holding out her hand for Maddie to reach. 
”This way, Carol,” Aurelia said holding the door for the two girls. 
Maddie obediently took Carol´s hand and followed her tormentor out of the office, on her way to new excruciating humiliations. 
”That´s it, Maddie,” Carol ushered Maddie to move. 
Carol helped Maddie get dressed in the second layer of rainwear while Aurelia made sure Maddie changed to the blue rain boots as her now exposed bib pants were pink. After a deep curtsy to Aurelia, Maddie awkwardly waddled out through the entrance door, her hand in Carol´s. It was extremely difficult for her to move at all in her uncomfortable outfit, her movements made her look like a toddler more than ever. 
Maddie´s appearance caused an instant and intense jeering by the girls. Catherine witnessed the scene from the window, rejoicing in Maddie´s debasement. Carol made Maddie curtsy to them before leading her away toward the coppice behind the Unit. This time Maddie was dragged into the abandoned building. She dreaded what was going to happen, as Carol lead her up to a big room on the first floor. Her eyes widened as she discovered a contraption in wood resembling a pillory.  
”Nooo….please…;” Maddie pleaded as she was firmly secured to it. 
”Keep your mouth shut stupid pig,” Carol barked. 
One of the girls was filming the scene. The next ten minutes were spent with all the girls taking part in a wicked game in which poor Maddie was pelted with dirty mud. Once completely covered with the stinking muck, her torment continued as she was made to crawl from girl to girl on all four, her head upright, begging each of the girls to pee on her. They of course all did. 
The girls weren’t finished though, Maddie´s elbows were bound together on her back with a strap and also her knees. Carol stuffed her mouth with a pink ball gag and fastened it behind her neck before ordering her to move around in the room accompanied by a choir of humiliating insults. Her small movements were hilarious, her outfit hideous, her degradation complete. 
”Faster, pig.” 
Maddie obeyed. 
”I said faster, Shitface.” 
Maddie obeyed, but the girls weren’t pleased, they continued to make her speed up her small movements until she stumbled and fell to the floor. Before they let her go, and as a goodbye, the girls made her receive their spit in her face, lying on the back, looking at them. 
”Have a nice vacation Dumbo, see you next year, now don´t you move, Fatty,” Carol added letting out a last big wad of spittle on Maddie´s thick lips. 
Carol inspected Maddie as she, immobile, obediently let Carol´s saliva penetrate her mouth. 
Maddie waited until she was sure the girls had left the building before slowly trying to approach the stairs. She didn´t dare standing up but instead carefully slided down the steps on her rubber clad behind. Once on the ground floor she managed to stand up and take a couple of tentative steps toward the door. It was hard, with small steps, wiggling helplessly with her body as she advanced, she was slowly able to get closer to the door. 
She opened the door and felt the summer heat strike her pitilessly. Unsure of where to go Maddie finally opted for the schoolyard, maybe someone was still around and could release her, she thought. Hobbling along the longside of the building she stumbled several times, falling to the ground, her face almost buried in the muck. She got up sputtering and finally reached the schoolyard. No one seemed to be around but, unknown to her, she was studied in her helpless faltering;  was Catherine, Sandra and Aurelia, all stood at the window, laughing heartily. Arriving at the opposite side of the yard, Maddie hobbled out on the street. Her ball gag gave her no chance to call for help, but she was just about to find it, a well-known voice called her. 
”Maddie… my Gawd.” 
It was Jenny who stopped right next to her, getting down from her motorcycle. Jenny looked gorgeous, dressed in a red cropped T-shirt, a thin leather jacket, tight blue jeans and leather boots. 
”Jesus, what are you doing you poor thing?” 
Jenny calmly approached her degraded classmate and released her from her gag and straps. 
”Thanks, Jenny,” Maddie said with a soft voice. 
”You just can´t stay out of trouble, can you Maddie?” Jenny continued, putting the gag and the straps in her pockets before lighting a cigarette. 
”No… I….” 
”I´ll take you home right now. Geez, you´re covered with shit, you must feel so humiliated?” Jenny said pulling her bike up on the pavement. 
”Yes Jenny….I..” 
“Come here, Maddie.” 
Maddie promptly approached her, stopping beside her. 
”Get over to the other side of my bike, Maddie.” 
Maddie thought Jenny sounded almost upset at her and quickly complied. 
”I can´t possibly take you on my bike the way you look Maddie, you understand that don´t you?” 
 ”It´s bad enough for me to be seen with you actually.” 
Maddie glanced at her classmate´s appearance, awash with shame. Walking in her hideous attire next to the stunningly beautiful Jenny was simply excruciating. Waddling in her rain boots and thick bib pants forced Maddie to take small steps and she was having a hard time trying to keep up the pace with Jenny. 
Maddie tried to make as small movements as possible, holding her arms close to her body, but her clothes kept rustling wildly with every step. Jenny gazed at her humiliated classmate and repressed a snicker, the way Maddie looked was in itself laughable but the way she moved added an unbeatable touch to her ludicrous mien. Jenny decided to take a detour to avoid being seen with her. 
”Maddie, you….. stink…….from pee.” 
”I know.” 
”Was it the gang from the other day?” 
”Yes, they…it´s that Carol, she…..” 
”And how come you stink of pee Maddie?” 
”They peed on me.” 
”Let´s forget about it Maddie, we have other things we need to talk about.” 
Maddie looked down and docilely kept silence. Jenny´s feelings were ambiguous, the humiliation Maddie was subjected to was clearly unacceptable, her tormentors were perps, no doubt. But at the same time, how could you find yourself in such a scrape, why didn´t Maddie protest? Her humiliation was horrendous, and still she submitted without resistance to all these outrageous debasements. 
Was Maddie simply by force put through all the ordeals she faced or was she somehow attracted to her own degradation? Jenny walked the rest of the way without a word, enjoying her cig and thinking mostly about the trip to China. Maddie, reluctant to confront Jenny with the amplitude of the pitiful situation she was caught in, was still having no idea of the humiliations in store for her at the Kim´s house. Jenny finally managed to bring Maddie home without embarrassing encounters. 
”Maddie, don’t forget, tomorrow is my annual end of school slash birthday party,” Jenny said, ”you’ll be there of course.” 
Maddie didn’t know if that last part was a question or a statement of fact, but the answer was the same regardless. 
“Tell you what. Come a little early, say nine o’clock. We’ve ……. got a few more plans to make……. before the guests show up.”
”I understand, yes, I´ll be there at nine…er…do you mean nine o´clock….er…. I can come at nine sharp if you want me to.”
”Yes, nine sharp, Maddie.”
”I´ll try to be punctual,” Maddie said meekly, reflexively curtsying to Jenny´s surprise.
”Yes, Maddie, I want you to be punctual,” Jenny replied.
”Maddie! ”
It was Maddie´s aunt again, yelling from the window, her face flushing from rage. Jenny saw Maddie scurry toward the entrance and another spanking at the hands of her hysterical aunt.


  1. worst story on otherwise a fabulous site

    1. Agreed. Zero plausibility. Zero character development. Just thinly packaged mysophilia and sadism.

  2. I was really enjoying your story and take of Maid in China. But unfortunately the last few chapters have taken a turn for worse. The pee debasement and sexual aural rape is not what I would expect in a Lady to Maid blog. I believe you may start to loose readers if this line of debasement continues.

  3. Hi Noelle Lague,
    I like very much your MMM.
    True, is strong but exciting!

  4. This story belongs in a site like bdsmlibrary. It's drifted into overly specific fantasies around humiliation, the maid part is just a sub theme. Not a bad story but doesn't belong here.

  5. Dear readers,

    with all due respect to your feedback and opinions, please let me decide what "belongs" here and what does not. You don't have to like certain stories or even all of them and you are more than welcome to leave your comments or write to me directly. Furthermore, unlike a lot of sites, I allow to comment anonymously (admittedly, it makes it kinda hard to understand if I am even talking to the same person at times).

    So please be constructive in your criticism. And no, saying a story doesn't belong here or saying it's the worst ever is not constructive. Please respect the authors that share their work with you even if you find their particular kinks or fetishes "wrong". Honestly, I don't think that's too much to ask from someone frequenting this site. There are a lot of kinks that don't click for me (just like, I am sure, for you), but I am also sure that a lot of my own kinks a lot of the people will find simply disgusting (or just super odd if I am lucky). The whole lady-to-maid transformation will be considered nothing short of completely insane by 99.99 percent of the population, so please remember that next time your try to put somebody down for having "wrong" fantasies.


    1. Honestly, I'm not even here for the original theme of this blog of ladies and maids in their late 18th, early 19th century historical settings. Descriptions of all the intricate parts to a woman's gown and the elaborate dressing/undressing situations don't really tickle my fancy. If one were to strictly adhere to that particular definition of a lady and maid, the posts wouldn't be coming every other day, so it's not as if the variations on this theme are being featured in lieu of something more traditional.

  6. Every fetish or kink is ridiculous, and often repellent, to those who don't share it. So it's not a good idea to mix several fetishes in the same story. Each new fetish is going to put off a new group of readers. And with things involving human waste, that's going to be a pretty large and vocal group. This story reads like it was written for the writer's own enjoyment, with little thought being given as to how many readers would care to follow it.

    1. Well, I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with writing for own enjoyment at the expense of what you think hypothetical readers would enjoy. When I write I always try to write something that I would want to read myself. Having said that, I think I agree with you about mixing several fetishes. Sometimes it works, more often it does not.

  7. I enjoyed the first two chapters a lot. The mother and daughter being ridiculed and overwhelmed by a dominating teacher was something new to me and I was hoping it would be further developed. Instead with added chapters it was forsaken and a exchanged for a rather rushed introduction of more and more kinks without the story really progressing anywhere.
    I'm OK with crazy stuff, we all have our kinks. I just think it's coming too soon and from a bit too many characters that were never introduced.

    I do plan to keep on reading the new chapters anyway.

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  10. Some of the comments given by anonymous readers have been, in my judgment, beyond respectful behavior regarding both the authors, me in the case of MMM, and other readers, and I find them particularly disturbing vis-a-vis the owner of the site. First of all, this is a site where the possibility of commenting is open, even to readers preferring to remain anonymous. The possibility of blocking unwanted material goes, as I understand it, with the taking away of the comment section, whereas sites based on membership, easily can block individual fouls.

    I haven´t counted the number of stories put out on the site, but there´s a great deal. What surprises me, given there is no obligation to read them all, is that some readers show the urge to comment on things they are obviously not interested in, even repelled by. This is either an extreme form of masochism or, more likely, an expression of their will to define the content limits of L2M. Now, if there´s any interpretative prerogative on that matter, it´ll reasonably be to the owner´s discretion to express it.

    Very few of us are seen as anything else than complete weirdos, wouldn´t it be a better idea to show tolerance toward the diverseness within our group?

    Writing a novel with the outspoken goal to please an audience, is to me a way to submissive attitude…..… Commissioned works with clearly determined content limits are of course a possibility, personally though, I wouldn´t do it for free unless it´s for a friend.

    Finally, about mixing fetishes I think there´s possibly a misunderstanding. For me the different ways in which our heroine is downgraded, are not separate fetishes, although I realize that at least some of them represent clearly defined kinks. My kink is degradation, dominance and submission, and whatever serves that purpose, within my own limits, is a good thing. Stories that continuously turn around one single fetish, often bore me, I wouldn´t ever get the idea though, of insulting anybody for loving it.

    Chapter 7 - Maid Maddie - will soon be on it´s way.

  11. I'm greatly surprised to see so much concern about negative comments. Compared to most websites that have comments sections, the tone of discussion here seems almost tame, often even high-toned. Sure, there are negative comments, some of them biting, but they are always about specific story elements. I don't remember seeing any generalized rants, any personal attacks, any efforts to push someone's personal political or cultural agenda, etc, though those kind of comments are very common on many sites. I get the impression that many of the commenters are writers or academics, or people coming from some kind of serious literary perspective anyway. Stories involving human wastes typically generate a lot of strong negative commentary, but I don't think that's genuinely a surprise to anybody.
    When someone says that comments ought to be more constructive or positive, I think that's missing the point of having a comments section. Writers, like everyone else who presents the product of their creative labour to the public, have to expect to take the bitter with the sweet. If it's legitimate to say "I love this story. I'd like to see more like this", then it's just as legitimate to say "I hate this story. I don't want to see any more like this." If negative comments are discouraged, then the positive ones are devalued.

    1. I agree with a lot of what you said, but I think the negative (or even neutral) comments can be demoralizing given how scarce they generally are. I could write "not really my thing" on a bunch of stories and if I'm the only person to say anything, the author might get the impression that nobody really liked what they wrote (Which very well may be true). I suppose they should know better with how many hits there are on this site, but the people who visit and never comment don't feel as real.

    2. I do agree than negative comments are absolutely necessary and it was never my intention to equate positive and constructive. Of course one can be both negative and constructive at the same time. What I was trying to say is that comments along the lines of "why are you even posting this" are hardly useful to anyone and are nothing short of trolling.

  12. I shall mention no names, to protect the guilty, but several stories here have left me thinking about Mark Twain's essay "Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses". That essay is probably the best short guide ever written to the problems and pitfalls of fiction-writing.

    In particular, it seems some writers have problems with simple adages such as "a tale shall accomplish something and arrive somewhere," "crass stupidities shall not be played upon the reader", "when the personages of a tale deal in conversation, the talk shall sound like human talk, and be talk such as human beings would be likely to talk in the given circumstances, and have a discoverable meaning, also a discoverable purpose, and a show of relevancy, and remain in the neighborhood of the subject at hand, and be interesting to the reader, and help out the tale, and stop when the people cannot think of anything more to say", "avoid slovenliness of form","use good grammar."

    1. The rules say they are for romantic fiction, which I think is fair. For erotic fiction, the only requirement is that it be provocative. There is a market for stories that eschew any sort of narrative and skip right to the "good parts", which a number of people will do anyway should an author include one. If the particular niche or fetish is not of interest to them then the story is going to seem incredibly dumb, because it is.

      Obviously, not all of the content here is like that as some aspire to be boring in the eyes of readers who only care about seeing a lady be dressed down, literally and figuratively, by her maid.

    2. Mills & Boon gave us a notion of "romantic fiction" that is very different from the original meaning of that term. In the era of Mark Twain and Fenimore Cooper, romantic fiction would have included most of what we would now call "light" or "popular" fiction. (Such as The Deerslayer.)

    3. It is interesting how every generation imagines that each new form of entertainment they don't understand is evidence that society is in decline. At one point in time, Rock and Roll was corrupting the minds of our youth. Today, those same songs are wholesome, family friendly music.

    4. Interesting observations and always a pleasure to read Mark Twain (an honorary downgrade fiction author because of The Prince and the Pauper). However, I do not think they do apply to a lot of fetish stories. Not because they are "bad" literature, but because very different rules apply.

    5. It is ironic that the guy who criticized another for his literary offenses ended up writing one of the most commonly banned books of all-time.

    6. Mark Twain also wrote PUDD'NHEAD WILSON. It's an even more extreme study of social/racial "downgrade" or role reversal.

  13. Wow, lots of comments and debate about comments, but given the story didn't surprised me at all. What i want to add: this is a really fun story to read and really appreciate the author and the site for sharing with us for free! And yes, i would also wishing to read more about Maddie's first day at the Unit, the events when she was first meeting there Heather, and more about the rules there, but i don't complain because this is not a book i bought. In contrary to some, i appreciate that so called mixing fetishes because even if i don't share some of them all serves to degrade and mold Maddie's character, and making the whole story versatile and enjoyable to follow. I can't wait to read more!

  14. i love this site and visit it as often as i can. i cannot see where this story fits in with Ladies in2 Maids. But then again, not my job. Waiting for a new story to appear.

  15. Well, the main reason I am as kinky as I am is because of my PTSD, but when the abuse in a story becomes so severe that all I feel is fear and horror and no arousal at all, it's more of a stimulus than I am good for, and more than is good for me, so I won't be reading any more of this serial.
    I'll check back when it's over.

    1. I expect that a lot of other readers had similar feelings about this story, Arcadia. Most of us probably have some memories of childhood bullying and victimization that we'd just as soon not revisit. I don't have PTSD, but brutal bullying of a child just isn't something I care to read about. At least not when it's presented as light entertainment. And certainly not when it's being sexualized. I know, it's "just a story". No children were harmed in the making of that story, etc. But when we accept a story like that as "entertainment", I think it's inevitably going to affect the way we think about such things in the real world. I think we are crossing a line that we wouldn't choose to cross if we did pause to look at the implications.

  16. I think that for a lot of readers the "lady to maid" theme is alluring because the role reversal happens within a well defined social hierarchy. Such hierarchies have literary allure in themselves, as in Regency romance, military and naval fiction, etc. Social hierarchies are both reassuring and constricting. Writers and readers enjoy exploring the complexities and paradoxes of these hierarchies. "Lady to maid" type reversal simultaneously affirms and subverts that hierarchy. With a story like MMM, that has just a marginal connection to the lady2maid theme, those levels of paradox are lost. The tale becomes a straight bdsm humiliation story. Apparently, some readers are happy with that, but I understand why others just don't want to go there.