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Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapter 3.

by Noƫlle Lague

(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

III - Welcome to the Unit

Outside the Unit Sarah told Maddie and Melanie to wait while she would get hold of a staff member. They were to stand along the wall, facing the sun. It was boiling hot. Sarah met the headmistress in her office, Mrs. Catherine Lockwood, a staggering beauty around 30, with all her upper-class manners intact. Her weakness for designer clothing was well known, even the more casual apparel she used working at the Unit, beamed class. Strictness and accuracy, decisive properties in her function, characterized her leadership at the Unit. She exercised her profession with an ease that made her entourage envious and, infant, among the teachers only Sarah could compete with her in verbal brilliance. 

After an utterly painful quarter of an hour, Sarah came back.

Get up here, chop-chop.”

Melanie and Maddie promptly waddled up the few steps to the main entrance and followed Sarah into the building. They were directed into the headmistress office, a large room in the middle of the building. The headmistress was sitting behind her desk.

”Please Sarah, have a seat”, she invited her colleague to make herself comfortable in a couch, the two unfortunate women remained standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. Mrs. Lockwood didn´t seem to take any notice of them, although she inwardly relished their hilarious appearance, Catherine was the brain behind the hideous dress code in use at the Unit. In the silence Melanie suddenly curtsied. Maddie imitated her, thinking it polite to do so even if they didn´t know the name of the headmistress. Catherine pushed a button on her inter phone.

”Aurelia, could you please come to my office, and ask Sandra to join you?”

”We will be there in a minute.”

”How´s your family, Jessica? I heard Robert had a great evening at the Opera? I really love Verdi but you know I just couldn´t make it.”

”They’re all fine Cathy, thanks, yeah, Rob loved it, he gets all ecstatic over Valentina, he never misses an opportunity to hear her sing. I´m wondering if he´s having a crush on her….”, Sarah chuckled, ”just joking.”

The door opened and the two women entered. They moved toward Maddie and Melanie and started correcting their mutual position by turning them to stand almost in front of each other though still facing Mrs. Lockwood from a wry angle. Both girls then forced Melanie´s and Maddie´s heads upwards.

”Have a seat, girls,” Catherine offered. 

The two girls and Sarah greeted each other cordially while Aurelia and Sandra settled down in the couch. 

Ok, let´s get started,” Catherine cheerfully announced.

She stood up and approached Maddie and Melanie, then slowly circling around them.

”My name is Catherine Lockwood. As you both a moment ago were enjoying the beautiful weather in the sun, Mrs. Bronstein informed me about how things have been going today.”

Catherine finally stopped behind them. Melanie and Maddie were looking straight forward, both trying to keep a good posture.

”Particularly interesting to me was her information about how both of you have behaved. I was surprised to hear that not only Maddie has been misbehaving throughout the day but, that ….”

Catherine went to stand behind Melanie, fidgeting with the shoulder straps of her bib pants, pulling them upwards causing Melanie to gasp. Catherine took a couple of steps to position herself almost in front of her, forcing Melanie´s head up with her fingers. Melanie tried to escape Catherine´s stern look by jerking her head to one side. Catherine vigorously pulled her head back to face her.

”… too, Melanie, have been acting disrespectfully, like a child, expressing displeasure and indignation over the dress code that the leadership of the Special Unit at our school - that is, me - has judged necessary and therefore put in place. Is this correct, Melanie?”

Yes, Mrs. Lockwood, I´m so sorry.”

”What are you telling me you´re sorry for Melanie?”

”I´m sorry that I put in question the uniform ……and the rainwear, Mrs. Lockwood.”

”That´s what I call simple but understandable language. Good Melanie.”

”How do you feel in your attire, Melanie?”

”I…….it´s humiliating, Mrs. Lockwood.”

”But then, that´s what you need isn´t it Melanie, to be humiliated?”

”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”

Good. You also understand that your daughter will be submitted to a strict discipline here at the Unit?”

”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”

”And you´re welcoming it, aren´t you?”

”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”

”Before you will both follow me and Sarah for an instructive visit to the Unit, you will be disciplined by Aurelia and Sandra. Get down on your knees.”

Both obeyed blindly.

”Walk on your knees and stop in front of the ladies in the couch.”

An intense swishy sound filled the room as the two women hobbled toward the couch.

”Arms neatly by your side,” Catherine barked, ”and look at Sarah when you do it.”

”Now apologize to Mrs. Bronstein for your childish protests against the corrections Maddie has been submitted to. Melanie first, then Maddie.

They complied, on their knees, drowning in shame.

”Stand up. Take each other’s hands and follow Aurelia.”

All five left the office and headed toward a stairwell. The two women were directed to follow Aurelia down to the basement. A metal door lead to a big room, generously equipped with all kinds of strange apparatus. Melanie and Maddie made big eyes as they discovered what looked like various metal and leather tools hanging on one of the walls. Aurelia stopped in front of two identical sturdy-looking benches, one positioned in front of the other. They had leather straps fastened at the front and at the bottom, and a larger leather strap was attached to the middle of the bench. Catherine made a gesture to the two assistants.

Aurelia grabbed Melanie by the arm and dragged her toward one of the benches, Sandra took care of Maddie. Without a word, their legs were securely fastened to the foot cuffs. Aurelia then started to unbutton Melanie´s bib pants, pulling them down to her ankles. Melanie, agape, panting heavily, meekly let the young assistant continue to undress her until her butt was in full view. Maddie and Melanie were now simultaneously pushed down on the benches, their wrists firmly fastened to the straps at the front and finally to the large leather strap securing their back to the bench. Maddie, still dressed in her bib pants, moaned and looked pleadingly at Sarah. Her teacher gave her a stern look.

”Aurelia, do you want to help Maddie with the gag or do you prefer to use the cane on Melanie?”

”Oh, Cathy, I can´t resist the temptation of caning the mother.”

She said it smiling at Melanie who jerked her head away from the girl.

”You´re welcome Aurelia. So Sandra, that means you´re with the little professor here, right?”

”It´ll be my pleasure, Cathy,” Sandra answered.

Sandra wasn´t much older than Maddie, which of course added to the humiliation. She produced a pink ball gag and ceremonially approached a shamefaced Maddie. The ball gag was quite big and had a short inscription on one side. ”Dunce” it read.

”Open your mouth wide, Maddie”, she ordered with an exaggerated sweetness in her voice. Maddie complied.

”Here comes the airplane,” Sandra mocked and made a series of theatrical movements with the device in the air, feigning a landing close to her mouth but suddenly retaking the flight. Laughter filled the room. Sandra kept on in amusement for a while.

”Maddie, I can´t land, you must open up wider!”

Maddie tried to obey causing the four women to burst out in raucous laughter. Sandra finally pressed the gag in between Maddie´s thick lips and elegantly fastened it around her neck. Maddie made big eyes and groaned, turning her head to the side. Melanie in front of her, was beyond tears. She too was trying to look aside. Aurelia and Sandra immediately corrected the position of their heads by bringing up an inclinable two-part plate, attached to the front of the bench.

The ingenious construction had, in the middle of the surface, a hole, very much looking like a pillory, perfectly adapted for a human neck. It permitted the assistants to, easily fix their heads in the hole, and to join the two parts of the device, and, pushing its upper part toward the back of the bench, thus forcing their heads in an upright position. The two assistants finally locked the padlocks. Melanie and Maddie were now restricted to keep their heads upward without any chance to turn sideways. Melanie glanced at Maddie, now drooling helplessly in her pillory. Melanie closed her eyes.

”Thank you, girls, it´s always a pleasure to see what an extraordinary technical talent you possess,” Catherine said happily.

”Thanks Cathy for the compliment, but, Melanie is trying to close her eyes”, Aurelia said.

”Melanie, and that goes for you too Maddie, you will look steadily at each other during this introductory ceremony, until further notice. Understood?”

”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood,” Melanie obediently answered.

Maddie groaned, trying to articulate an answer. Sarah laughed heartily.

”Now, Melanie, we will go through your impertinence from earlier today, step by step. Sarah said that you didn´t do as you were told when you were supposed to explain to Maddie what was expected from her at her arrival here. Tell me about it.”

”I´m sorry, Mrs. Lockwood. I was…

”Smack, ouch…”

Aurelia had given her a first stroke with the cane.

Maddie groaned.

”I didn´t do what I was told…I…”

”Smack, owww….”

”I thought it was so humiliating for Ma….”

Smack, ouuuch….”

”…for Maddie, but I should have of cou…”

Smack, ooowww…”

Catherine continued.

”You should have?”

”I should have done as I was …”

”Smack, owwww..”

” I was told…I´m so sorry….”

Melanie was sobbing. Aurelia was calm, concentrated and completely focused on one single thing: making Melanie suffer.

”Tell us that you were stupid,” Catherine ordered.

”I was stupid.”


”You will obey Mrs. Bronstein better in the future, won´t you?”

”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood, I will obey Mrs. Bronstein.”

Smack, oooowww..

Aurelia was used to the situation, she was such a  professional, she gave Melanie a maximum of pain at each moment without losing the possibility of intensifying it. She knew exactly how to slowly increase the power to hold Melanie at attention, expecting a rise and, curiously and as a consequence, somehow craving it. Melanie had slowly begun tossing her ass from side to side. Her whole mind was in disorder, she felt aroused, her crotch was on fire, it was awful and it all added to her already unbearable shame. And the worst was that Aurelia registered easily what was happening.

”Cathy, I think Melanie is on her way.”

”Good, thanks Aurelia, we will continue. With my team here at the Unit, I have worked intensely for years to develop learning methods and rules that empirically have proven to give a good result with the students. You Melanie, having neither qualifications nor records valuable for the educational sector, found it appropriate to give Sarah a lesson in school uniform policy. Do you think that was suitable?”

”No, Mrs. Lockwood…I´m sorry.”

”What´s your profession, Melanie, if you have one?”

”I… work at a school.”

”Smack, ouch…”

”Oh, so you do have a pedagogic vision? What exactly is your responsibility?”

”I work in the refectory, Mrs. Lockwood.”

”Smack, owwww….”

”So, tell me about your tasks, Melanie…”

”I serve meals and…”

Smack, ouwwwhhh…”

”And…ah….let me guess Melanie, you´re taking care of the washing up?”

”Yes Mrs. Lockwood, I….”

Smack-smack, ooowwhhh…”

”Would you expect a dish-washer to decide the rules at an educational institution?”

”No Mrs. Lockwood, I´m sorry, I unders….”

”Smack, ouchhh….”

”You fully understand now Melanie, that you don´t have any say in matters that concern the regulations at our school?”

”No…I mean yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”

”Smack, oooowowwwww….”

Sandra had increased the power considerably, Melanie was howling as the cane stung her ass.

”Sandra, help her, will you?”

Sandra moved over to the bench where Melanie was fastened.

Melanie was panting and her gaze becoming sort of lustrous.

”I´m obedient now, Mrs. Lockwood, I will….”

Smack, ouch..

Aurelia knew how to keep the pace independent of Melanie´s behavior.

”..I will behave, please….I´m sorry….I didn´t mean to……”

Smack, ooowwww…..”

”Smack. owwwwhh…”

Aurelia left Melanie and went to inspect her from the front. Sandra took her place.

Uhhhh….no…pleeeease… I ….no………..ahhhhhh…….please don´t…..”

Melanie went from whimpering and moaning, to wailing as she now was attacked from behind by Sandra, calmly lubricating her anus. With an expert’s experience, she prepared Melanie´s glory hole for an unusual visit, a butt plug imposing it´s presence at the entrance before being skillfully screwed deeper and deeper into the helpless woman. With Melanie´s behind taken care of by Sandra, Aurelia thought she could eventually take care of Melanie´s mouth instead. But Sarah was too eager to take care of Melanie.

”I would prefer to take care of Melanie, Aurelia, do you mind making sure Maddie´s observing her mother´s correction?”

”I actually prefer that, I think Maddie will find it more painful to be humiliated by me.”

”Open up wide, Melanie, it´s your turn now,” Sarah ordered. ”But as you´re the big girl, you will have to suck on this.”

”Here comes your lollipop,” she teased holding up a dildo in front of Melanie´s face.

Melanie obeyed sobbing. Sarah knew how to humiliate her victims, she slowly let out a big wad of spittle on the top of the dildo before playing with it, first on Melanie´s lips, then between her lips and her teeth, penetrating her mouth tentatively. She would then suddenly pull it out and smear Melanie on her face.

”Lick and suck.”

Melanie complied snorting, beet red from shame, licking the dildo energetically while Sarah joyfully spread saliva, her own and Melanie´s, all over her face, pushing the dildo in and out and around her mouth. Melanie tried to suck and lick, Sarah chuckled as she forced her to stretch for it, at times suddenly pressing it in and deep down her throat. At the same time Sandra achieved her goal getting the butt plug in place, finally stuck in Melanie´s anus. Aurelia, standing right next to Maddie, playing with a finger on her lips and soiling her with her own saliva, made sure she studied her disciplined mother. Sandra now took hold of another dildo and started to penetrate Melanie´s cunt.

”Melanie´s wet, Cathy,” Sandra said with exaggerated concern.

”So, Melanie, it´s good for you to be humiliated, is it?” Cathy asked leaning forward.

”Uhh, I …uh….” Sarah playfully stopped her from talking, pushing the dildo deep down her throat. Melanie groaned. Then suddenly Sarah swiftly pulled it out.

”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”

Sarah violently pushed the dildo back in her mouth and Sandra now took double action against the tortured woman, fucking her with both dildos, in her cunt and in her anus. Sarah was mouthfucking her at the same time. Melanie licked and sucked frenetically on the dildo until she was brought over the edge, shamefully collapsing in a violent orgasm in front of her wide-eyed and abundantly drooling daughter.
”Let´s get the two dunces prepared for the instructive visit to the Unit,” Catherine finally said.

With that Aurelia and Sandra began to release the two straddled women. Aurelia took out Maddie´s ball gag.

”Take off your rainwear, and hurry up,” Aurelia commanded.

Maddie was going to be presented in her uniform. She started unbuttoning her bib pants. Melanie, however, kept in her rainwear prison, was facing extended restraints. Sandra helped her getting neatly dressed in her bib pants again before producing a pair of matching mitts, Melanie´s raincoat being pink, the mitts were light blue. Elastics secured them around the wrists with a snap button. They were extremely long, finishing between armpit and elbow, where a second elastic was holding them firmly in place. Finally, Sandra produced a sou’wester, light blue as well, securing it with a snap button under her chin.

”Now thank Sandra for your mitts and your sou´wester, Melanie.”

”Thank you, Mrs. Sandra, for my mitts and my sou´wester,” Melanie obediently answered.

”It makes you look so much better Melanie, I knew something was missing”, Sarah taunted”.

”Maddie, Aurelia will show you where your peg is in the corridor, you will neatly hang your rainwear there.”

”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”

They all moved, up the stairs and out in the corridor. Maddie placed her rainwear on her peg before being made to change from her rain boots to her Mary Jane´s. The two young assistants quit the group while Sarah and Catherine directed Maddie and her mother to a classroom. Melanie was struck by its furniture and equipment; in the corner on the right-hand side, a high stool was placed, with, on top of it, a dunce cap. A selection of punishment tools hung on the walls behind it. Only three lecterns were placed facing the teacher´s desk.

”Hi Theresa, I´ll just install the mother in the corner,” Catherine said, dragging Melanie by the ear to the stool.

”Oww…”, Melanie walled stumbling ahead.

”Hi Cathy, yes make her comfortable on her throne,” Theresa chuckled as she approached Maddie.

”This is Mrs. Portman, Maddie”, Sarah instructed.

”Good morning Mrs. Portman”, Maddie answered with a curtsy.”

Melanie was now standing at attention in the corner behind the the stool with a dunce cap on her head, facing the classroom. But Maddie noticed that she wasn´t just standing but rather half kneeling against a wooden device. It had the form of a T fixed to a flooring tile on which Melanie had to pose her feet, or in fact, her toes, kneeling awkwardly against the edge of the contraption.

Melanie was immobilized as Catherine fastened her knees with leather straps, secured to the device. Melanie kept her feet sprawling in an attempt to reduce the inevitable pain in her knees. Catherine used a leather strap to tie Melanie´s elbows together on her back, thus making her arms sprawl as well. The final touch was a ball gag.

”Open up, Melanie,” Catherine whispered sweetly in her ear.

Melanie complied and glanced, wide-eyed and with her mouth forced wide open by the gag, at her daughter who was now invited by Theresa to stand at attention beneath the middle lectern. Melanie squirmed, she dreaded the moment to come, Maddie was going to go through two tests, the pain in her knees, already being clearly palpable, was of course going to increase in intensity.

”There, that´s a good position for you Melanie”; Sarah teased as she approached her. She corrected her collar a little and stroked her on the cheek. Catherine let Sarah have a moment to herself, she obviously wanted to humiliate Melanie further. Sarah used her index to penetrate the drooling Melanie between her lips and teeth, smearing her saliva around her mouth.

”Maybe Maddie gets a fabulous result on the tests so that we can revoke her inscription at the Unit, what do you think Melanie?”

Sarah laughed hard and continued.

”I´ll go for a coffee, ok Theresa?”

”Yes of course.”

”Good idea, I´ll go with you, the waitress team is on duty as usual.”

Catherine followed Sarah out of the classroom leaving Maddie with her new teacher.

”Now let´s get started, Maddie. You will do a maturity test and an IQ-test this morning. Understood?”

”Yes, Mrs. Portman.”

”You will later meet your new classmates for the eleven o´clock housekeeping lesson. As it´s an ordinary weekday, today´s theme is dusting. You will get used to the routines at our Unit.”

”Yes, Mrs. Portman.”

”Sit down.”

Maddie obeyed blindly.

”You´ve got 15 minutes for this first test. At my signal you will immediately stand up, understood?”

”Yes Mrs. Portman.”

”Get to work.”

Maddie began to read the first question. As her mind was in turmoil, she could hardly concentrate on anything. She tried not to look at her disciplined mother, strapped to the floor, drooling and struggling in her rainwear prison, but the rich variety of unarticulated sounds Melanie produced inevitably caught her attention, at least for short moments. Maddie´s answers were all becoming shots in the dark, she was simply incapable of focusing on the content.

When she eventually managed to correctly read the question she still didn´t understand it. In a daze, she suddenly heard the signal from Mrs. Portman and obediently stood up, only halfway into the test. Theresa went to collect Maddie´s papers and posed the next test on her lectern.

”You´re having 10 minutes for this one. Sit down and go on.”

Maddie complied. The IQ-test was even worse, the triangles, rectangles, squares and circles, after a minute, all appeared the same to her. A completely confused Maddie repeated the same tactic she used for the maturity test, taking chances wildly. The 10 minutes passed in a blur. Melanie, by then helplessly squirming and panting in her corner, wasn´t even close to be released yet.

”Stand up, arms along the sides,” Theresa ordered.

”You´ll wait here for the result, Catherine will go through it. And keep quiet Maddie.”

”Yes Mrs. Portman.”

Maddie felt tears welling up in her eyes, she knew only too well that she had failed again. The only thing that could possibly have saved her from a disaster was luck. Melanie tried to get Maddie´s attention, desperate to get some relief from the pain that by now had reached an intolerable level. Couldn´t Maddie release her? But Maddie wasn´t looking at her, deeply ashamed of her mother, and herself she kept her head hanging, downcast.

It took another five minutes before the three women came back, chitchatting cheerfully. Theresa took position behind her desk while Sarah and Catherine stopped on either side of her. They were all staring at Maddie.

”Look at me, Maddie,” Theresa commanded.

”Did you expect a good result Maddie?”

No, Mrs Portman,” Maddie meekly replied, curtsying.


”The tests were difficult for me”

”We understand that, little one.”

The three women laughed heartily.

”You´ll be staying with us here at the Unit for the foreseeable future Maddie. As a matter of fact, you get the lowest scores we´ve had so far, un unbeatable rock bottom Maddie. Even our youngest student, 11 years old, performs way better than you.”

Maddie winced.

”As a consequence of your overwhelmingly poor result on both tests you will be put under a regimen that hasn´t been in use at our Unit for a long time. It follows the educational program in force in the Special Schools. We would have placed you there immediately, if it wasn´t for Mrs. Bronstein’s suggestion that you should be given the opportunity to stay in contact with your old classmates, something we all believe can strengthen your perception and deepen your understanding of your new station at our school. Being confronted with their talent will certainly amplify the effect of your correction. Moreover, as a consequence of your repelling behavior and your futile attempt to keep out of sight your perverse” lecture”, though fortunately discovered and exposed by Mrs. Branham´s heedful daughter, you will be kept under a more rigid and, what many would consider old-fashioned, discipline, than any of the other students here at the Unit. Seeing you being held under tight reins will hopefully teach them a lesson too. To reinforce your correction we will engage a couple of students in our school  to become your tutors and counselors here at the Unit. Knowing about the bullying you´ve been a victim of, we have decided to engage two girls who are obviously deeply concerned about your issues, for this purpose. Both of them say that, although you haven´t  been close friends so far, they get the impression you like them a lot and that you would very much like to be friends with them. Both girls clearly have leading roles in their respective classes and their study results are in glaring contrast to yours, and we´ve been told that they fully understand your need for a disciplining hand. We´re therefore convinced that they will be perfectly capable of quickly making you submit to the rules imposed on you.”

Theresa paused for a second and turned to Melanie.

”We asked them if they were interested in taking care of Maddie and they both heartily welcomed our proposal. Both expressed their enthusiasm about Maddie being placed in the Special Unit and insisted on beginning as soon as possible with her training. I´m convinced it will be breeding for Maddie having to take orders from them. As one of the girls actually is younger than Maddie, it will doubtlessly be particularly challenging for her to show perfect obedience. The girl asked if she could come at the end of her own school day and I told her it would be a perfect start if she could be here for one of the household lessons in group no 2, at 14.15, and we agreed on that. Today´s subject will be toilet cleaning.”

Turning back to Maddie with a condescending smile.

”It´s your classmate Skyler and Heather.”

Maddie burst out crying and jerked her head to the side.

Noo.pleeeaseMrs Portman…I…..”

”Smack, smack, smack…ooowwwwwhhhh”

Theresa slapped her hard.

Don´t you talk when not asked to girl.”

”Smack, owhhh…”

”And stop crying. You will show sincere gratitude to Heather for coming this afternoon to surveil your cleaning, is that clear?” Theresa barked.

”Yes, Mrs. Portman,” Maddie answered sniveling.

Maddie stood petrified, mouth half open with her head in profile, her cheeks red from the slapping.

”Now look at your mother and tell her how sorry you are and that you welcome the correctional treatment you, at last, are facing.”

Melanie looked downcast. Theresa tilted her head upwards

Look at your daughter Melanie.”

The two tear-eyed women both complied, and looked at each other. Maddie, defeated, humiliated beyond belief by her classmate´s setup and Melanie, squirming and moaning uncontrollably in her dunce cap.

”I´m sorry mum……I´ve behaved badly….I´m glad that I´m being………… ……..disciplined here at the Unit.”

”That´s better Maddie. Aurelia and Sandra are waiting for you in the basement, you will be caned the way your mother was. Melanie will take your place. Go ahead.”

”Yes, Mrs. Portman.”

Melanie was finally released but promptly dragged down to the basement where she and Maddie again were straddled to the benches. This time, Maddie was exposing her butt to receive her caning.

After a quarter of an hour of floods of tears and moaning, drooling and blows, the two women were again directed to the classroom section of the building, Melanie still wearing her rainwear and her dunce cap. She was exhausted, sweating copiously and curiously aroused by the terrible degradation she and her daughter was subjected to. Maddie was to be put through her first ordinary housekeeping lesson. Aurelia dragged her to a small room where she had to change into a cleaner’s uniform. 


  1. Is this going to be a complete story or post part before putting on Amazon?

  2. Yes, even if the novel won´t go beyond the departure to China (which, without the intervention of BS, will be the case), MMM will be a complete story. It will be put out here, chapter by chapter. Enjoy.

    1. That's good. thank you although it wasn't a complaint about publishing on Amazon, just saves time, MMM looks great so far

  3. Thanks Chris, no problem, Amazon is maybe a good idea once the novel has taken it´s final form. For the moment I´m very glad to see that the story is appreciated, I wasn´t sure about putting it out here.

  4. i have enjoyed all 3 chapters so far. excellent story. I can't wait to read more.