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Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapter 5.

by Noƫlle Lague

(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

V - Suffering at school
The school year continued as usual for Jenny while Maddie experienced a perpetual hell at the Unit. Friday was always a relief for Maddie, she would finally be able to take off her hideous clothes and get some peace. But this Friday brought outstandingly painful humiliations for poor Maddie before she could find any relief. Sarah had prepared Catherine for the moment when Maddie, in front of her classmates, was to confess her guilt about hiding a sleazy porn magazine in her desk, fully clothed in her recess attire.
Mrs. Lockwood had made Maddie repeat exactly what to say. At the end of the afternoon Maddie waddled over the schoolyard with Heather, who had gotten permission by Catherine to take care of Maddie. The prospect of having to confess something she wasn´t guilty of, was excruciating for Maddie. Heather on the contrary, knowing about Skye´s cruel setup, was delighted.
In her pink bib pants and mitts, blue raincoat, rain boots and sou´wester, Maddie entered an expectantly quiet classroom, greeted by a smiling Sarah.
Maddie glanced at Graham. It was awful, he looked disgusted. Maddie then, fuming with restrained anger, and before presenting her homework, spotted Skye who destroyed her with a triumphant smile.

”I want to apologize to you all……… I have behaved badly. It was me, and no one else……. I hided that dirty magazine in my desk and, instead of admitting my fault I falsely accused you all of having put it there. I´m sorry. I also want to thank Skyler for unveiling my misconduct. I have been lying and my attempt to blame you was unforgettable and stupid. I deserve to be punished and I will receive a spanking at the Unit.”
”That´s a good girl Maddie,” Sarah concluded approaching the blushing girl. Sarah stroke her on the cheek and continued.
”Now you go back to the Unit for your well-deserved spanking.”
Maddie curtsied and noticed Jenny looking sternly at her, before being dragged by Heather by the arm, out of the classroom, back to the Unit for her spanking. It was going to be administered by Heather.
Half an hour later Jenny exited school together with Skye, telling her that she wanted to invite her to come with her to China. Skye immediately said yes. Jenny gave her a hug and added that there was a surprise she might appreciate; Maddie had willingly accepted to be a maid during the Kim family´s stay in China. Skye laughed hard.
”Maddie´s so naive. It was my sisters idea, you know how she´s been treating Maddie.”
”Like the toilet paper she wipes her ass off with, yeah, she´s not missing a chance to taunt her. Oh, my God Jenny, this is priceless, please don´t make me miss the chance to see her in action.”
”You won´t Skye, Heather has prepared quite a humiliation for her. Don´t say this to anyone, I promised Heather to keep it a secret. ”
”Ok, go on.”
”Maddie will be serving the whole class at my birthday party, and she just hasn´t understood it yet.”
”Geez, your sis is a genius, how humiliating. In uniform and everything?”
”You bet.”
Passing by, not too far from the low Special Unit building, Jenny and Skye by chance noticed a group of younger kids, possibly 9th and 10th graders, standing in a ring, shouting and laughing. Curiosity drove the two girls to close in on the crowd. The spot was seldom visited as it often was a complete puddle.
”You chubby blockhead, you´d better be correctly dressed for your mud-puddle next time. Take some more.”
Jenny and Skye discovered poor Maddie sitting on the ground, surrounded by the group of kids. The girl who was insulting her now gave her a kick on her butt before kicking up dirty mud in her face with her other leather boot.
”Say thanks when you´re given a treat.”
”Thank you, ma´am.”
Maddie looked up at the girl, showing her soiled face. Maddie´s face screamed shameful obedience. She was from top to toe covered with mud.
”And tell everyone what a worthless piece of shit you are.”
Maddie obeyed tears flowing down her cheeks.
”I´m a worthless piece of shit”
”Shit, my boot is soiled,” the girl said with a wicked smile.
She slowly let out a big wad of spittle on her boot, and without having to be ordered to do so, Maddie approached it. But her tormentor moved her foot away from Maddie making her crawl in the mud. Maddie finally reached it and immediately started to lick the warm spit and dirt off her shoe, trying to look up at her bully. This wasn´t, obviously, the first time Maddie suffered this ignominy.
”Ok, that´s enough girls,” Jenny said, to Skye´s disappointment of course, ”let her go”.
Maddie stopped licking and looked up at Jenny, her mouth open, wet and brown from dirt.
”What a shame,” the bully chuckled,” Maddie was just about to behave.”
The gang slowly motioned to leave.
”And Dumbo, don´t you dare to show up without your toddler pants tomorrow.”
”Come here, Maddie”, Jenny said helping her up.
Maddie was soiled on her legs, her rain boots and most of her raincoat.
”Poor thing,” Jenny started,” you´re really having a hard time aren´t you?”
Maddie didn´t know what to say, she was just blubbering. She was so ashamed of showing her submission to the younger girls in front of Jenny and Skye.
”You should almost have kept your bib pants on, don´t you think?”
”But ….I don´t like the bib pants and we don´t have to wear them when going home and…”
Maddie was stopped in her childish lament as Jenny wiped the dirt away from her mouth with a handkerchief.
”…I don´t want to wear them, they´re so……”
”They´re not so cool, I know, but they´re protective and easier to wash.”
”Well, I would certainly not even touch them”, Skye interjected, ”but then……. I´m not the one at the Unit.”
Maddie, furiously blushing from indignation, glanced at a scornfully smiling Skye.
”Shush, enough with your whining, Maddie,” Jenny cut her off putting her index over Maddie´s lips.
”Maybe the mean girls won´t do anything next time if you put the bib pants on?” Skye suggested.
Maddie looked with big eyes at Jenny.
”Do…do you think so?”
”Well, even if it wasn´t exactly what the girl said, she was obviously disappointed that you weren’t wearing them, wasn´t she?”
”Well yes… but…….”
”She had told you to wear them after school, hadn´t she, and she´s a strong girl who knows what she wants isn’t she Maddie?”
”But ….she´s so mean Jenny, I…..…”
Jenny again put her index on Maddie´s lips.
”So maybe if you don´t disappoint her again, she will be satisfied and pleased with you, huh?”
Jenny looked with a wry smile at Skye.
”Do you really think so….”
”So you´d maybe better do what she tells you to do, and put them on, huh?”
”Maybe…. Jenny….then….in that case….. it´s best for me……if I put them on…. tomorrow.”
”That´s right, Maddie, good, after all the bib pants are yours. Now…. let´s get you home right away so you can clean up yourself, ok?”
Jenny stroke her on the chin with a motherly look on her face.
”Oh thanks, Jenny.”
”They´re not nice to you, are they?” Skye asked with a condescending smile.
”No, not at all, they…” Maddie meekly answered, cutting herself off, she didn´t want to speak at all with Skye, she hated her.
Skye and Jenny hided their amused faces, Maddie´s answer was so childish. Skye had always been mean to her, now she was humiliating her ruthlessly at the Unit. Skye was also since long Maddie´s rival. Maddie had been trying her best to become coupled with Graham, but he ignored her and so far favored Skye. And since the placement in the Unit Maddie felt she was out of the game. She wasn´t wrong.
“Don´t you think it’s hard to believe there’s only a week left until we leave on vacation,” Jenny started.
”I sincerely hope you will get some vacation out of it, I mean, you´ll probably be working a lot, won´t you Maddie,?” she continued with a concerned expression.
“I don´t know really, maybe……”
Jenny cut her off.
”Yes of course you will, Maddie, but you´ll probably have some time off duty too.”
”I hope so too. Besides, if I weren’t really excited about going, I don´t think I would have signed up to spend my summer as a maid.”
“Signed up?” Skye asked pretending not to know.
”That’s right. She literally did,” Jenny stated.
“Did what?”, Maddie asked, confused.
“Signed up. My mom gave you a contract to sign, right?”
“Yes ….she did.”
Maddie kept on walking between her two classmates, her dirty raincoat rustling. She glanced enviously at Skye´s stylish clothes and suddenly felt her soaked panties sticking to her butt. They soon reached Maddie´s home.
”Maddie, you´re late, get in here at once.”
It was Melanie´s annoyed voice as she from a window on the first floor discovered her soiled daughter on the porch. Skye and Jenny, looked up at her smiling discretely.
”What has she done to her hair?”, Jenny whispered to Skye, ”frankly, she looks ridiculous.”
Turning toward their own homes, they both refrained a laughter. Skye finally burst out laughing hysterically, Jenny joined her. They turned around shortly to get a last glimpse of Maddie, whining, pulled by the ear by her mother. Maddie was scolded, dragged in through the entrance door. A weak ”Sorry Mum” was heard before the door was shut.
”That´s what I´d call a pudding bowl haircut Jenny, in old times it was used as a punishment haircut for inmates. A haircut like that is not something you choose by yourself unless you´re a complete idiot, so, hm, Maddie´s mum certainly is a blockhead but still, she probably hasn´t chosen her hairstyle herself, we´ll find out. I have my suspicions.”
Once out of sight Skye stopped for a moment.
”Jesus, Jenny, Maddie´s such a rewarding target, so easily vexed, she craves pain and she´s definitely going to get it. Did you see how she crawled in the mud for that bully, to lick up her spittle and dirt?”
”Yeah, God, she just can´t stay out of trouble. And you know the way she looks now the bullies are simply more triggered than ever to bring her down, nothing can stop them anymore from making her suffer,” Jenny said.
”That´s right Jenny, so listen, it´s simple, don´t. Don´t try to stop them, just let them help Maddie find her right place, at the bottom of the shit barrel, where she belongs.”
”Well, actually me too, it´s curious, but I´m beginning myself to take pleasure in seeing her being humiliated.”
”That´s good.”
”I can´t help it, it´s like like you said, she somehow craves it, Skye.”
”You´re telling me, I´ve known this for years. Yeah, she really is, and you can be sure, she will suffer mercilessly.”
”And do you remember the title of that porn magazine….Bondage something? I couldn´t believe it, she´s so uptight and still… ”
Skye played the game.
”Yeah, I know….did you know that Mrs. Lockwood asked me and Heather to tutor Maddie at the Unit twice a week?”
”What? Seriously? God, that must be so humiliating for her.”
”I´m there after class every Wednesday for her, mostly for practicing service duties. The Unit is incredible Jenny, she sure is having a hard time there, for example, I´ve seen her spanked several times.”
”As a matter of fact, I was once asked to spank her myself, which I did.”
Jenny looked amazed at her friend, her face slowly relaxing into smiles.
”Jenny, this is going to be my best vacation ever, we´ll have the time of our lives enjoying the sight of Maddie busy with her duties and serving us. Being bossed around by everyone, that´s what she needs.”
Maddie spent the next day at school in her old class. Mrs. Lockwood had, in agreement with Sarah, decided that Maddie should keep her Unit-uniform at all times at school.
Maddie of course hated to wear the childish clothes, and having to wear it in her old class was awful. There were others though, who simply loved it. Maddie was uncomfortable and incapable of fully concentrating on the tasks given to her by Mrs. Bronstein. Sarah exploited the situation to humiliate Maddie during class, challenging her with difficult matters. Maddie couldn´t give any correct answer to any of Sarah´s questions and she was almost constantly blushing as Sarah made another student answer.
Skye was sitting right next to Maddie, as usual eager to shine, raising her hand often and searching eye contact with Maddie. At recess Maddie suffered countless injuries by her classmates, comments on her ridiculous uniform and her performance. By the end of the day she remembered very well what she had to do, she hurried toward the Special Unit. She met Aurelia at the entrance, curtsied and continued to her peg in the corridor. Her outfits hung neatly in place. She put on and carefully buttoned her blue raincoat before lifting her pink bib pants.
Maddie sighed as she began struggling to put the half long coat properly in place under the pants and get the bib and the shoulder straps smoothly positioned on her chest, it was always difficult she found, but she paid close attention to the result as she was used to being supervised by the assistants, their control of the dress code was strict and Maddie tried to avoid being scolded by them. She finally stepped into the blue rubber boots. Turning to head for the entrance door she stumbled into Mrs. Lockwood who stood staring at her with a beaming smile.
”Maddie, I thought you had understood that you´re supposed to wear the coat but not your bib pants when you leave?”
”Er…. yes, Mrs. Lockwood…. but….I……”; Maddie stuttered hardly audibly.
”Speak up Maddie,” Catherine barked.
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood, I´m sorry, I…know… but I wanted to put them on…”
”I …. wanted to wear them.”
”Oh, I see. So, you wanted to wear your bib pants. Have you noticed the weather, little one?”
”Well yes, but…..I….….”
”You wanted to wear your full attire despite the sunny weather, did you?”
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”
Aurelia and Sandra were approaching, curious about what was going on.
”But Maddie, tell me, what are the items included in what we call ´full attire´?”
”Raincoat, bib pants, rain boots………….mitts and sou´wester, Mrs. Lockwood.”
Maddie was not sure where this interrogatory was going, but she felt awkward.
”You told me you wanted to wear full attire going home today, but….there are a couple of items missing, aren´t there?”
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.”
”What are they?”
Maddie moaned as she now began to see what Mrs. Lockwood was getting at. 
”Mitts and sou´wester, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”Well, I think it´s very good that you have come to like your bib pants so much that you willingly want to add them to your raincoat going home. Because that´s what you told me, correct?” 
”Yes Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”You like your bib pants a lot, don´t you?” 
Maddie was trapped, again, she groaned, defeated. 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”But you were forgetful as to what the full attire must be, weren’t you Maddie?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Lockwood, I´m sorry.” 
”So what do you think you will have to do now?” 
”I must put on the mitts and my sou´wester, Mrs. Lockwood.” 
”That´s a correct answer little Maddie, now you go ahead.” 
Maddie reached for the sou´wester and put it on, then the mitts. 
”Aurelia, she still needs help with her mitts.” 
The young smiling girl secured the mitts on Maddie´s arms closing the snap buttons. 
”There you go Maddie. I consent
to this unexpected caprice of yours and you will from now on always leave the Unit dressed as you are now. I hope you are thankful to my compliance?” 
”Yes, thank you Mrs. Lockwood.” 
Maddie curtsied anxious about what would happen to her once she met her bullies. 
”Now off you go.” 
”Goodbye Mrs. Lockwood, Mrs. Aurelia, Mrs. Sandra,” Maddie said curtsying again and toddled toward the door for a new adventure with her waiting bullies. 
Maddie was nervous and thought she could eventually come home without meeting the girls at all by taking a small detour through a coppice behind the Unit. With small but rather fast steps, her rainwear rustling louder than ever she waddled along, reaching the coppice without trouble, nobody seemed to be out. She knew she had to pass by a low decrepit building at the other side of the coppice before she could get to the road leading to her home, passing close to the wall of the building on the short side and looking behind her, she managed without anybody noticing her. 
The ground around the building was a complete mess, yesterday´s rain had formed huge puddles. Maddie was hesitating and finally stopped to see if she could go around the building in the opposite direction. She turned, only to find the same mess all over the place. She eventually decided to try the first way. Half way to the corner she tried to jump over a puddle but slipped on a tree branch and helplessly fell into the mud. Without having the time to get up from the mud, she discovered her tormentors standing in front of her, the leading girl in the middle. Maddie reflexively stayed on her butt, her head downcast. 
”Hi, Maddie, are you out playing again?” the girl cheered. 
”Yes, ma´am,” Maddie politely replied. 
”Stand up.” 
Maddie complied. She was now made to curtsy in front of each of the girls, there were six of them, before she was ordered to sit down in the mud again. 
”Where did you think you were going, Maddie?” 
”I´m sorry ma´am, please…I didn´t mean to……” 
Maddie started crying. 
”I´m sorry, ma´am.” 
”Soil yourself. Now.” 
Maddie obeyed and daubed her legs and chest with the mud. 
”Look at me and do it faster.” 
Maddie complied sobbing. The girl let her keep on for a while until she was given a big yellow plastic bucket and told to fill it with mud using a red children´s spade. Maddie did as told. 
”Stand up.” 
Maddie was told to follow the gang back to the school´s main building. In the basement, some small stairs on one of the short sides,  led down to the lavatories, Maddie was told to enter. 
”Stand straight,” the girl barked. 
”You will call me Mrs. Carol from now on, understood?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Carol.” 
Carol told her to handle her the bucket and the spade and asked two girls to proceed to immobilize Maddie standing on her knees on the grid in front of the urinal. 
Her arms were tied behind her, and her neck secured to a tap on the top of the urinal. Her knees and feet finally soundly fixed together. 
Carol took hold of the mud-filled bucket and put it in front of Maddie on the floor. Carol now took off her pants and underwear and started to pee into the bucket. It was then given to one of the girls who started stirring the mud with the spade. Maddie looked away with big teary eyes. The girl finally approached Maddie and started to smear out the stinking mud over Maddie´s bust. 
”Keep looking at me, Maddie,” Carol calmly ordered.
Maddie obeyed as the girl now caressed her chins with the spade, soon the mud covered her whole blushing face. Carol stared coldly at Maddie as the girl playfully continued with the humiliating ordeal. Maddie was now receiving the mud on her mouth, she grimaced but obediently tried to keep her head still, looking at her tormentor. 
”Open your mouth pig,” Carol bellowed. 
Maddie obeyed whimpering while the girl almost shoveled the shitty mud into her mouth. 
”Say thank you,” Carol ordered. 
Maddie complied and again opened her mouth. 
Carol now took the bucket and the spade from her friend and continued the smearing herself. She did it vigorously, almost slapping Maddie with the dripping spade. Maddie stood, mouth wide open, on her knees stinking of urine. 
”That´s a good pig, there, open up big, dirty Dumbo.” 
Maddie kept looking in Carol´s eyes. 
”Ok. Fatty, this is the way you´ll be treated next year, understand?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Carol.” 
”Little Maddie will dress in all her fancy rainwear every day for Mrs. Carol and her friends, understood?” 
”Yes, Mrs. Carol.” 
”Little Shit-Maddie will be an obedient stupid pig all the time?” 
”Yes Mrs. Carol.” 
”What are you little piggy?” 
”Maddie is an obedient stupid pig Mrs. Carol.” 
The debasement continued for another five minutes until the bucket was emptied. Carol now invited the six girls to pee on Maddie. She was splashed all over her figure but most of the girls aimed for her face. They finally left leaving Maddie to dwell on her situation, stinking from urine and dirt.
It took half an hour before the janitor found her, painfully standing on her knees. The janitor, a big guy in his fifties, was known for his rude manners and bad temper. Instead of immediately releasing Maddie from her urinal he hastily pulled down his pants and forced her to take his erect cock in her mouth. Maddie sucked and licked for what seemed an eternity until the cold-blooded brute with a roar squirted in her face. Smearing the sperm into her mouth he finally spoke. 
”You swallow it all, pig,” he bellowed. 
Maddie obeyed crying as the man began to release her. 
”Get out of here,” he ordered, pushing her toward the door. 
Maddie stumbled out and up the stairs, her whole body covered in mud and dirt and with her mitts trying to get the mud away from her brown-colored face, stinking from urine and with the strong taste of sperm in her mouth. She managed to get home without being seen, but she was late again. Melanie´s sister Charleena, who was called in to take care of Maddie, Melanie and Max being invited for a visit to a relative upstate, discovered her on the porch. 
”You get in her this minute girl,” she yelled from the window. 
Maddie was met in the hallway by a frantic aunt who, struck by the invasive stench Maddie was spreading, violently dragged her toward the backside of the house where a staircase led down to the laundry. 
”You filthy girl,” she bellowed as she left Maddie standing right next to the floor drain, before getting hold of a hose hanging on the wall. The furious Charleena now jetted her blubbering niece as if she was washing her car, the water spouted in cascades over the screaming girl. Shortly thereafter Maddie found herself in the bathroom ordered to undress in the tub while Charleena lay out clean pajamas for her to put on. Maddie was ordered to wash her rainwear and her uniform herself before hanging them neatly on hangers to dry. Dragged by the ear to the kitchen and put over her aunt´s knees, her generous butt exposed, Maddie was finally ready to receive a spanking. 
”I don´t care if you soiled yourself or if you were helped, I can´t believe my sister´s daughter reads………these….. naughty magazines. It is simply abominable.” 
”Smack, smack, ouch…..” 
”But aunt, I promise…. it wasn´t me , I was…….” 
”You keep your mouth shut, Maddie.” 
The spanking continued until a wailing Maddie said she was guilty. She was sent to bed at six o´clock with a sore bottom, exhausted. 


  1. Ohh poor Melanie. I would like to have been there when Melanie got her new haircut. Probably she didn´t receive it voluntarily and defnded herself heavily. So may be there is more to come on what clothes she has to wear now!?

  2. Yes, Skye´s suspicion is probably right....... Maddie too, could be in the danger zone for a makeover.