Saturday, February 25, 2017

Story: Hidden Shame

With author's permission and as part of my ongoing effort to gather all lady-to-maid stories under one roof, I am reposting this one from Tcheser's blog.

By Tcheser

Shannon loved to have her friends over to play cards with her on the weekend. They had so much much fun talking, drinking and laughing together. However when her friends Margo, Mindy, and Taylor came over to play this particular weekend they found that Shannon had a new housekeeper. A mousy little thing in an icky blue polyester uniform, apron and canvas sneakers. Her name was Jenny they learned and though she seemed somewhat familiar, none of them could place her. She kept to herself and stayed in the kitchen waiting to be called.

When Shannon's friends finally left that evening, Jenny the maid emerged from the kitchen and went about cleaning up the ladies' tea cups and plates. She thanked her lucky stars that she had not been recognized. For a little over a year ago she had been a completely different person.

Back then Jenny was known as Genevieve and used to strut around like the Queen of Sheba. Everyone she met thought at first that she had to be some kind of celebrity. She had a great mass of gleaming wavy blond hair, a model perfect face and the sexiest body imaginable with abundant curves in all the right places. Her cleavage was legendary, as was her firm bottom, perfect neck and gorgeous legs. In her heels she towered over everyone and looked down on them like unwashed peasants. She was resplendent, but cold as ice.

Then one day she finally received the comeuppance she so richly deserved for her hubris. She and those she considered her hangers-on, Margo, Mindy, Taylor and Shannon, had just finished a splendid day of shopping at the high end mall in town and were headed out to have drinks at a club Genevieve promised to get them into. She was just going through the automatic door to the outside, bragging about how the bouncers would surely let HER in but they might have to slip him some cash to let THEM in, when it suddenly closed on her, trapping her by the back of her dress and her hair. Her "friends" rushed around through another door and tried to pull her free, but discovered that the door had too strong a grip on her. Furious Genevieve demanded they find someone to get her out of this situation immediately.

Unfortunately for Genevieve, she got her wish. Shannon found a mall maintenance man and he hurried over to help. This wasn't his area of expertise however so he had no idea how to solve this problem with anything resembling gentleness. He just found the emergency release, jammed his pry-bar into it and cranked it with all his might. As a result the automatic doors sprang open, but with such force that they took with them anything that was attached, which in this case was Genevieve's clothes and her hair. What was even worse though was that Genevieve had been concealing a number of important things which came to light when her hair and clothes went one way and she went the other...

The first was that she was wearing a wig. All that beautiful silky blond hair was artificial. Her real hair was short and dull colored under a tight nylon wig cap. The second was that her perfect goddess like body was neither all natural, nor quite what it seemed. With her expensive designer dress torn from her body by the sudden retraction of the door, it was plain for all to see that Genevieve's figure was the product of a heavy duty girdle, reinforced body shaping undergarments and a bra so underwired and padded that it could have probably stopped a bullet.

Overcome with humiliation Genevieve naturally did what any woman would do and tried to cover her shame with her hands. There was so much to cover though, and so little she could really hide with her arms and hands, that such an effort only made her look more ridiculous. Stumbling around trying to cover her awful secrets she looked like a drunken sailor eliciting laughter and catcalls from the crowd of onlookers who had gathered when they thought she had been in danger.

The amused crowd only roared the louder when she stumbled out of one of her sky high heels and in the process of trying to put it back on lost a big rubber falsie which she had been using to boost her bust size to epic proportions. Cursing she gave up her shoes entirely so she could focus on getting out of there and in doing so exposed that in addition to all her fakery, without her super high heels she was shorter than all the other ladies. The final collapse of the facade she had so artfully created came when the stress became to much to bare and she burst into tears turning all her carefully applied makeup into a runny, streaky, mess and revealed a much more average face than anyone had ever suspected.

After that Genevieve had a mental breakdown. She was caught downtown going on a destructive rampage at a beauty shop after they told her she couldn't cut in line for what she called an "emergency makeover". As a result she was arrested and spent first three months in an sanitarium, then when she was feeling better, three more in the county jail.

When she was finally released she came back to town as quietly as possible. Having lost her job, her apartment and all her belongings in the interim she stayed on the couch of a distant cousin. After her humiliation she had no desire to ever see any of her old friends or anyone who knew about her shameful fakery, so she rarely went out of the house. Shannon however ran into her one day at an out of the way supermarket she rarely frequented.

"Is that you, Genevieve?" Shannon asked though she knew perfectly well who it was. She just couldn't help but rub in how far Genevieve had fallen. Where a few months ago when they had been shopping at the mall together, Genevieve had been a ravishing beauty with a voluptuous body, gorgeous face and perfect blond hair. Now she was hardly a shadow of that person.

She now wore what were clearly discount or perhaps charity store clothes, a baggy sweatshirt and mismatched pants and sneakers, which only made her naturally flat-chested yet pear shaped body look even worse. Her hair was blond again, but this time it wasn't a wig, this time it was peroxide blond and it looked even more hideous than her natural hair did. She had grown it out a bit making it somewhat shaggy and the color was totally unnatural. She had slightly more success with her face, having laid on the foundation and the makeup, but it was evidently inferior quality stuff or she had lost her touch as it made her look less like a starlet and more like some desperate woman trying to overcompensate for the flaws in her figure. Her once beautiful nails were merely unpolished nubs which looked like she had been nervously chewing on. Finally without the platform heels and lifts she had apparently always wore in the past, she was quite diminutive, a full head shorter than Shannon in her modest heels.

"Yes, It's me," Genevieve eventually admitted while pretending to look at the contents of her shopping basket.

"How have you been? Where are you living now? Are you working?" Shannon asked.

"I'm okay, I guess," Genevieve told her though it was clear she felt anything but. "I'm staying with a relative, in exchange for a some light cleaning he says I can stay as long as I need."

Curious to find out what had happened to the stuck up woman since they had last met, Shannon invited her to lunch. At a cafe/bistro not far away Genevieve opened up to Shannon and told her the whole unvarnished tale of what had happened to her since that fateful day at the mall. As it turned out, living with her cousin was a nightmare. He was a huge, overweight, smelly perv who worked at the dump. In return for allowing Genevieve to sleep on his lumpy old couch, he made her clean the entire house, do all the yardwork and cook for him. He hadn't touched her yet, but it was clear that he wanted to and she suspected he watched her undress through a hole in the bathroom wall. As no money was exchanged, Genevieve was completely broke. She had no closer family she could go to for help and she was too embarrassed to go to any of her former friends.

Feeling more sympathy for the former beauty's plight than she had imagined she would, Shannon decided to offer her a way out of the situation even if it did seem like poetic justice. Recently the housekeeper her husband Eric had employed for the last ten years had taken ill and they had been talking about hiring someone new. Shannon suggested Genevieve take the position. She would still have to cook and clean, but she would get a room of her own and some spending money. Genevieve still had her pride, but she would do just about anything to get away from her pervert of a cousin and eagerly accepted the position right then and there.

Though she hated it, she was glad Shannon, or rather Miss Stevens to her, insisted that she be called Jenny, wear a proper maids uniform and suitable undergarments, keep her hair its natural mousy brown color and not wear makeup. Sure she missed the feel of the expensive designer clothes she once wore, the sexy body her padded bra and shaping garments had given her, having long wavy golden hair and the the flattering looks men used to give her, but it was all okay. Because of this she looked nothing like she once had. Now she looked like what she was, a simple housekeeper, and none of Shannon's friends had ever suspected for a moment that she had once been the glamorous though stuck up bitch they had once known as Genevieve.


  1. Juvenile and misogynist.

    1. I dunno, I've seen worse on both counts.

    2. True. I've seen lots worse. But I don't like admitting that I read it. There's John Norman, and he got published by a major publisher. But I don't know if it makes sense to count him. John Norman is so bad that he's in a category all to himself. It takes some kind of reverse or perverse literary genius to write prose as bad as Norman's.

  2. Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed!

  3. It wasn't all bad. Prefer that there be no fakery though when it comes to the original beauty of the one sliding into a lower social tier.

  4. I find the comments more interesting than the story itself. It looks like readers generally agree on setting the bar pretty low.