Monday, February 13, 2017

More Reading Suggestions From My Virtual Shelf

Partially thanks to feedback from subscribers to my newsletter (please sign up here if you haven't already), I've gotten quite a number of reading suggestions from you, dear readers. Therefore, I've decided to share them back with the crowd. I've really expanded my reading list in the past few weeks with new names and new themes in downgrade and social drop fiction. I'd also forgotten to add some good stories in my previous message so will add them here.

There is a treasure's trove of unread material still waiting to be discovered. Here are some that I liked that may interest you as well.

(Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for any purchases you make via Amazon affiliate e-book links. Your purchase will help me support this blog. Or I can just buy myself a cup of coffee if a lot of you buy something).

The Peculiar Passions of Lady Mag: A reader pointed me to this classic tale about three 18th century English ladies-in-waiting sold as slaves to the colonies. "White slavery" in historic settings is one of my favourite topics so if you like such stories as well I can heartily recommend this vintage erotica tale. The first link is to the paperback edition if you want to hold it in your hands, the electronic Kindle version is available as Book 1 and Book 2 (affiliate links).

Voice Adjustment: Monica Graz has recently completed her old multi-part story Adjusting His Voice and published it via Mags Inc. I can't recommend anything done by Monica enough so if you are a fan as well, this is a must read.

The Rape of The Statue: A great Ophelia Press tale of voluntary social degradation. Set in 1950s Paris, this Marjorie Carthwright novel is about a young female student who choses life as a streetwalker. A good girl turned into a hooker is another trope that I enjoy so I couldn't miss this one. There is also something about classic erotica that is often irresistible!  Another reader suggestion.

Lesbian Slave: Lee Garimond's unimaginatively titled camp novel features lady-to-maid role reversal close to the end. Another oldie that I thoroughly enjoyed even as it's quite tame by today's standards.

His Naughty Little Housewife: I was pleasantly surprised by this imaginative tale I came across by chance on Amazon. A modern-day man forces his lazy fiancee to become a stereotypical 1950s housewife - not only dress and look as one (down to her vintage underwear), but also conduct endless house chores with old-fashioned appliances in an environment devoid of anything that did not exist in the fifties. It's an interesting plot that actually inspired me to explore similar "time travel" themes for a lady-to-maid story.

Ponygirl and The Aliens: I generally don't care much for ponygirls and don't like sci-fi transformation, but this story I read many years stayed with me. It's an extremely powerful "stuck" story, which may be classified as body horror by some so be warned. A fetish illustrator gets into a terrible car accident. The aliens responsible for the crash patch the man back up, but, since they have no knowledge of human anatomy, use the man's sketchbooks and photographs as their reference, turning him into a ponygirl.

Jacqui: No idea how I could have forgotten that epic maid transformation story when I was listing my favourite TG stories. Thankfully Monica Graz reminded me of Karen Ann Summerfield's work recently. A man is first manipulated by his scheming wife and then slowly transformed into an Asian maid to serve her.


  1. I only remember "Karen Ann Summerfield" for the woman made to live a la 1888 in 1999,I forget the story title.Not exactly my cup of tea but it was intriguing.

    1. Hmm, that does sound intriguing and vaguely familiar. Even as 1999 now seems almost as far removed from us as 1888 in some aspects!