Saturday, November 2, 2013

Maid For Diamonds: Vogue Japan 2012

Given that country's fascination with maids it is hardly surprising this was published in Vogue Japan. Clearly the mistress in the next to last photo was not amused!


  1. While Mistress was out, she indulged herself in handling the diamonds which had once been hers.
    If only she had not had this overpowering need to be submissive . . . .

    1. Yes, that's the scenario I keep imagining when I see this photoshoot...

    2. What is done is done. She will be the maid for the rest of her submissive live.
      Former the mistress herself she now is painful getting aware how arrogant, imperiously and selfish a noble lady can be.
      She will never understand that her former maid this plain and inconspicuous mouse is growing up to such a arrogant fashion plate who doesn't even dress or bathe herself.