Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caption: Her Society Standing

Margaret looked at her former mistress standing before her in a formal maid's uniform,complete with a cap and an apron. Ever since they swapped places during a European trip six month ago Margaret - Lady Margaret - was assuming a more and more dominant role, befitting her new station in life. And Elizabeth - it just didn't feel right to refer to her as a 'lady' now - was sinking deeper and deeper into her new subservient persona.
-- What is it, Lizzie?
-- Miss, it is about...
-- Lizzie, dear, if it is about, how to put it, our respective roles in society, this is neither the time nor the place to talk about them. My court presentation is not until next week and then we've are off to Italy for two months, remember? How do you suggest we go about it at this moment?
-- Is there no way for us to go back to being ourselves, miss?
-- What nonsense, girl. We are ourselves. How do you suggest I reveal my real identity to my new acquaintances that all see me as a noble lady?
-- But, but...
-- This will be all, Lizzie.

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