Sunday, October 27, 2013

Caption: Harassing the Maid

After 25 years as a footman at Hollingbrokes Estates Jack has established himself
as quite a lady's man. No chambermaid or a laundry girl was safe from his relentless advances. When the young heiress, Lady Amelia Wellesley, and her maid Mary arrived at the castle he made it his mission to make the lovely servantgirl his. Yet, despite his best efforts, the stupid wench was acting all uppity, speaking to him in an irritating  upper-class accent as if she was his better! Even her mistress, Lady Amelia, seemed more down-to-earth than this blushing flower. All the other maids he laid his eyes upon surrendered sooner or later and - Jack was certain - so will Mary.
It's only been a week since she switched places with her maid Mary and Amelia already hated  every minute of it. Wearing a maid's uniform, complete with a stupid cap and a snow-white apron, was bad enough. Dressing her former maid each day in the most luxurious gowns  was something she could almost tolerate - after all, it was her idea to  switch and Mary just played along, it wasn't her fault that they were now stuck as one another. But the constant advances of this liveried servant... She tried to complain to Mar.. Miss Wellesley, but somehow she found the whole situation amusing! Perhaps,  she can give in just a little? Going to a village dance with him can't possibly be that bad, can it?

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