Monday, November 4, 2013

Caption: At Her Beck and Call

-- Your heels, miss.

When New York heiress Alice Vanderveer suggested to switch places with her maid Emma Smith on board a transatlantic cruise liner neither of them realized how far this charade would take them. Since they arrived in London, instead of switching back, the new Alice has taken to the lifestyle of a rich and pampered heiress like a fish to water: her new blond hairdo made her look like a Hollywood princess and she reveled in the attention that she was getting from the men around her. And letters from her prospective suitors just kept on coming each day even as the American heiress's engagement to the young Lord Willougby was the most talked-about - and scandalous - event of the season!

Meanwhile the real Alice's maid uniform made her all but invisible to her mistress's aristocratic friends, even though she was like a magnet to her social equals - bell-boys, waiters, or shop assistants, not to mention male servants - who never hesitated to make a wolf whistle as she was passing by or even give her a slap on the behind. She hated those advances as much as she hated serving her mistress, who seemed more and more established in her new persona as a high society lady as time went by. And now when her former maid was about to join the ranks of the English aristocracy Alice's chances of ever reclaiming her old life seemed slim. Still, she couldn't find the courage to confront her and their charade just dragged on...

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