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Story: Maid Jenny and Her Mistress. Chapter 5.

by Jackie J

Before Lucinda Lancaster sought to transform her into a lady to embarrass Lady Southward, Jenny had only spent time in the library at Long Lawns to clean and dust. Now she was an avid reader, spending much of her time there. She found this window to another world fascinating. Jenny had read extensively on the continent of Africa and the work of missionaries there. Marianne had encouraged her to study this subject and with her acquired depth of knowledge Jenny had become quite an informed expert. Should Jenny ever be questioned concerning her time in Africa, before returning to stay at her cousin’s home at Long Lawns, Marianne was confident that her pupil would be able to wax lyrical on the subject to the point of boredom.
Jenny’s struggle with words saw her flicking the now well-worn pages of the library dictionary to establish their meaning and rejoiced in perfecting the pronunciation of each new addition to her vocabulary. No longer seen walking around Long Lawns or sitting at her studies with books tottering on her head, Jenny sat with her back ramrod straight and strode purposely through the rooms of Long Lawns with her head held confidently high. Even when brought to anger chastising her maid, Jenny’s new found sophisticated accent never broke her calm authoritarian tone of rebuke, amusing Marianne immensely. 

Weeks, then months passed and trips away from Long Lawns by Marianne and Jenny became more frequent. Shopping, visiting tea rooms, parading in the parks, time spent in art galleries and museums... Jenny was enjoying and embracing her new life and time with her new friend Marianne. Jenny was a construct, her own construct, but Marianne was growing quite fond of her new companion. Jenny was a quick learner, surprisingly bright and amusing, it was certainly no burden to spend social time with her on their trips.
Five months, well, twenty-two weeks to be exact, and the change that Marianne had brought about in what was the unsophisticated plain Jane maid of Long Lawns was truly amazing. It was now thought time to put Marianne’s prodigy under the close scrutiny of intimate company! 
Wednesday afternoon and Jenny was fussing in her chambers with her maid in attendance who was helping her dress and prepare for her first social engagement that had been organised at Marianne’s home, Meadow Hall. The duties of assisting her Mistress with bathing and dressing had long been the established and accepted duty for her maid. 
Jenny preened herself turning in front of her mirror then stooped whilst her maid secured the clasp of a fine pearl necklace to adorn her Mistresses beautiful outfit and to match the earrings she wore. 
“Well, Lucy, what do you think? Does your Mistress not look beautiful in this lovely dress?”  
The answer was obvious/ Lucy gazed in admiration at her Mistress, her figure-enhancing dress, her shoes, her hair, now grown to length and styled its true colour and tones displayed, her jewellery understated and expensive, her bright eyes, Miss Osborne’s face looking lustrous with the minimal application of cosmetics.
“You look perfect, Mistress.”
Jenny smirked at her frumpy fawning maid whilst she applied a spray of perfume, a perfume once a favourite possession of Mrs Lucinda Lancaster herself, just like the jewellery that her Mistress Miss Osborn now wore. 
“Yes, I know. I do, girl. Now tidy this room. Look at it! It’s a mess. I expect it to be pristine when I return. And don’t forget my gown, remember to be careful with it.”
Lucy cowered away slightly contemplating the consequences of failing to meet her Mistress's now long-established revised and exacting strict standards and curtsied.
“Yes, Mistress.”
Jenny stepped up into her carriage and headed to Meadow Hall. She was to meet with a group of Marianne’s friends at her home for the first time and the journey was not without a degree of trepidation. She need not have worried. Her acceptance was without question: Marianne’s friends welcomed the sophisticated, elegant and well-spoken young lady into their company. Marianne had briefed Jenny well and when she was asked by the gathered group about their mutual friend Lucinda, she assured them that she was enjoying her time abroad. Listening to Jenny convincingly assure the group that all was well with her cousin. Marianne smirked contemplating the actual fate of their friend. 
After that watershed evening of maid Lucy’s spanking by her Mistress and the revelation that the combination of her chastisement, physical abuse and humiliation had left her aroused, Marianne and her Mistress ensured those feelings were not left to fade. Indeed, they were insidiously nurtured. Up to that point Jenny had been less than fastidious with regards to her maid’s efforts concerning her duties, in fact being rather relaxed concentrating on her own development rather than her maid's, but at the insistence of her mentor this had changed significantly. 
All the maid’s work was now thoroughly inspected and scrutinized. Constantly berated and often spanked for her perceived and often contrived indiscretions or misdemeanours, Lucy wallowed in her awakened perverse masochistic pleasures of her self-imposed deprecation and degradation to a point approaching desire. The Long Lawns maid was also discouraged from masturbating, following significant chastisements and resulting spankings. Lucinda Lancaster’s, the true Mistress of Long Lawns, subjugation was well advanced and proceeding at no less a pace than that of Miss Osborne’s preparation to be accepted into the higher echelons of polite society.     
Having bid her last guest farewell, Marianne returned to the parlour and smiled at Jenny sat comfortably by the fire. 
“I must say Miss Osborne. I believe that went exceedingly well, don’t you?”
Jenny turned and smiled.
“All thanks to you Marianne! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. Your friends were so nice. The tall lady, Mrs. Wilberforce, Catherine, she was intrigued about Africa and invited me to stay over at her manor house next month for the flower festival she holds each year. I said I would let her know.”
Marianne chuckled before joining Jenny by the fire.
“Indeed. And would you like to go, Jenny?”
Jenny leaned forward and smiled.
“Could I? Would you not mind? I would be on my own. Would I be alright do you think?”
Marianne sat back in her chair looking at Jenny. None of her friends had suspected Jenny to be anyone other than Lucinda Lancaster’s cousin and certainly not just a common maid. She had spoken authoritatively about Africa and her work there enthralling her less well-travelled friends. Marianne had every confidence in Miss Jenny Osborne for her to mix freely in the company of, until recently, her betters.
“I think it is an excellent idea. We will write to Catherine accepting her invitation. Now you should be getting back to Long Lawns and I will see you in the morning and we can discuss this further.” 
One of Marianne’s maids helped Jenny into her cloak and her carriage was soon rattling its way back to Long Lawns. All her hard work, the elocution, deportment, poise and grace and manners, the hours, days, weeks and months of reading, writing, reciting. Her tears of frustration all rewarded and allowing her to sit and converse as an equal amongst Marianne’s friends. Jenny giggled to herself, now she had been invited to be a guest at the prestigious garden festival held at the Manor House of Mrs Wilberforce, a lady she had met at Marianne’s social gathering. How could she possibly go back to being a mere maid after all this? How could she? A more sombre mood overtook Jenny during the last two miles back to Long Lawns. She couldn’t go back, she wouldn’t go back, and she would do anything to maintain her new-found status. 
Jenny laughed out loud at her next thoughts reflecting on her treatment of maid Lucy and what had become of Lucinda Lancaster, her mistress, since she was forced to cut and dye her hair and that first spanking. Marianne had said harsh and harsh it had been since that day. The once elegant and confident Mistress of Long Lawns looked anything but a lady or a mistress. She was nervous, unsure, podgy, plain, meek and servile. Whilst Jenny herself had and continued to develop into a sophisticated lady, Lucy was being coerced, cajoled and subjugated into a world of mundane servility and service. Marianne had insisted that the work of her maid be meticulously scrutinised and all exposed failings punished. 
The effect of this revised regime on her maid had been stark. Jenny giggled remembering the first time she caught her maid at herself in her quarters. After her maid had received a tirade of abuse followed by a sound spanking for her poor sewing skills. 
Up to that point, Jenny had found what Marianne had told her hard to believe, but, having actually witnessed her ex-Mistress debase herself in such a wanton way, it had led to many amusing conversations between Marianne and Jenny of how to torment and frustrate these revealed dark emotions of their maid to consolidate her subjugation. Whilst discounted Jenny’s thoughts on her journey back from Meadow Hall to Long Lawns returned to this considered proposal and would raise it again with Marianne in the morning. If Jenny was to retain her acquired status of Mistress of Long Lawns then her maid would be required to retain hers and such an insidious denial of her depravity could be just the thing to help ensure that her current status becomes permanent and that Mrs Lucinda Lancaster never returns from her overseas travels.
A bump in the track shook the carriage and with it Jenny’s train of thought. The rut in the roadway was just outside the gates of Long Lawns and the carriage swept up the driveway before the horses were pulled to a halt at the main door.
Lucy had been waiting by the door for some time for her Mistress's return. Had Miss Osborne convinced Mrs Sunderland’s friends she was Mrs Lancaster’s cousin having returned from Africa? Strange that her mind should think in this way but it did. Her once maid Jenny was of course Miss Osborne, her Mistress, her long-term friend Marianne could not be thought of or referred to other than Mrs Sunderland and strangest of all Lucy’s corrupted mind was now thinking of Mrs Lucinda Lancaster in the third person! 
More than her Mistresses acceptance at Mrs Sunderland’s social gathering, however, since late afternoon Lucy had been in panic, filled with apprehension. How could she explain, what would her Mistress say? How could she have been so clumsy, so reckless, so stupid?
It was a sheepish maid that opened the door to greet her Mistress, the acrid odour of burnt fibres lingering in the hallway and beyond.
Jenny’s nostrils flared at the invasion of her senses by the unmistakable pungent smell and the glare she gave her maid would have stripped paint and had Lucy melting into a quivering curtsy.
“An accident, Mistress! An accident.”   
Jenny feared the worst and she was not to be disappointed.  Having grabbed Lucy by her ear dragged her along the hallway following the strength of the smell of scorched fabric, down the stone steps into the scullery. Apart from the acrid fumes the only remaining evidence of what had transpired being a chard still smouldering piece of wood from the clothes maiden by the fire and four blemished silver buttons.
On her painful journey from the doorway to the kitchens Lucy had squealed her excuses to her Mistress.
“It was raining, I was drying inside, I was cleaning upstairs then, then I am sorry... It’s your ball gown for the concert on Saturday, I am sorry.”  
Jenny was inconsolable and her rage grew staring at the embers. Her ball gown... Two weeks of fittings, she had chosen the fabric herself; it was a surprise to impress Marianne all gone up in smoke. 
Jenny turned to her quaking maid, her face red with rage, and screamed at Lucy forgetting all her enforced breeding reverting to type.
“Sorry? You stupid incompetent fool!”
Lucy was frightened, scared even. She had never seen her Mistress so wild and cowered backwards towards the wall knowing what was to follow.
If Jenny was angry - and she truly was - then Lucy was aroused in equal measure and squirmed filled with the weakening wanton numbness that on so many occasions had the gusset of her knickers wet and sticky in anticipation. Jenny did not disappoint, thrusting her maid down over the kitchen table and spanking her bare ass crimson.
Both Mistress and maid panting, Jenny glared down at her maid, who slithered sniffling down onto the stone flags of the kitchen floor.
Jenny screamed, still filled with rage 
“Go on you filthy disgusting bitch! You know you want to, I can see it in your eyes. Do it here on the floor.” 
Lucy was too far gone, she was soaking, needy, her mind ravished by masochistic perverse thoughts. With her skirts crumpled above her waist her knickers still below her knees she had no conscience no control, no shame. With her legs spread her fingers feverishly hammered at herself until her eyes rolled and she gasped out her release.
Jenny sneered down at the spectacle with a look of contempt and a degree of satisfaction. How could this chubby grovelling maid openly seeking sexual self-gratification down on the kitchen floor ever retain her dignity and return to being the Mistress of Long Lawns?
Having seen enough, Jenny turned on her heels and headed up to her chambers, leaving Lucy in the afterglow of her exertions, still fuming at what her maid had done to her ball gown. She was now more determined than ever to raise the subject of controlling her maid’s perverse passion with Marianne. 


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