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Story: Maid Jenny and Her Mistress. Chapter 4.

by Jackie J

Lucy sat at the kitchen table for quite some time staring at her mug of cold tea. The only thing disturbing her thoughts was the risk of the potatoes boiling dry.
Her friend Marianne had truly worked wonders with Jenny in the three weeks she had been away and now she was talking of calling the whole thing off? She had written the condition of the maid’s hair in the contract herself and with good reason. Fussy long hair on a maid look untidy and unhygienic. A neat black bob is perfect for a domestic servant after all. 

She couldn’t risk all the efforts to date going to waste. Yes, Jenny was a new mistress and she had taken advantage picking and choosing like she had with the conditions stipulated in the contact. But hacking her lovely hair... Would it really matter? Marianne was right. It was only vanity and it would grow back. Vanity? Here she was dressed in a baggy maid’s uniform, her hair scrapped back into a tight bun anyway. Vanity? Her hands were becoming chafed already and here nails were a joke. Could she really look any less than a lady than she already did? 
Lucy sighed. The punishment thing though… Good grief! She would never invoke that, never. If she did cut her hair Jenny will waiver that surely!  Marianne said she was confident that Jemmy would be able to fool Lady Southward and that is what this is all about. All she needed was to play her part. Jenny needed to know she truly was the mistress at Long Lawns. And Lucy needed to show her she was her obedient maid.

Hearing the hiss from the potato pan, Lucy stood quickly and removed the pan from the heat averting a disaster with her cooking. She reconciled that she would cut her hair and work even harder at being the maid that the Mistress of Long Lawns deserved. That should satisfy the Lady of the house and convince her tutor, Mrs Sunderland, to continue her work with her.
Whilst the roast was resting and the vegetables on simmer, Lucy stole herself to her quarters with the shears and comb in hand. Having rinsed and wiped away the stains from the kitchen sink Lucy returned the bottle of black dye, the same bottle she herself had provided for her maid, to sit next to the block of carbolic soap in a small cupboard above the basin in her quarters then stared at her image in the mirror. What had she done? The cut was rough but effective. No less so the dye. With her hair drying, Lucy snipped and trimmed before towel drying then combing out. If it meant the continuation of the training of Jenny then it would be worth it, wouldn’t it?
Her cap pinned back in place, now much more loose and floppy, Lucy finished the preparation of dinner and was ready to serve when the service bell rang from the dining room on the stroke of seven.
Lucy served dinner to her Mistress and Mrs Sunderland without a word being said about her hair. Having removed the plates, cleared the table and replenished the wine, Lucy curtsied.
“Will there be anything else, Mistress?”
Jenny’s eyes tightened and gave Lucy that weakening look that made her wilt.
“Yes there is and you know what it is, don’t you girl?”
“I see you have eventually obeyed me and cut that ridiculous fussy long hair. No doubt you feel your Mistress should be grateful. Well, she isn’t. You disobeyed me for three days.”
Marianne had told her to do this, to stamp her authority on her maid. It is what Mrs Lancaster herself had written in the contract. It would be expected, any pity shown would be an act of weakness in front of her maid.
“So, girl... What is the punishment for wilfully disobeying your Mistress not once but for three whole days?”
Lucy glanced at her friend Marianne then at her Mistress. Surely she wasn’t going to do this? She couldn’t. She wouldn’t, would she?
“Well, girl, speak up!”
Lucy’s lip quivered. She was feeling that weakening numbness again that she seemed to feel whenever she was being chastised, her voice barely a stuttering whisper.
“To be... be sp... spanked, Mistress.”
Jenny could hardly believe the pathetic mumblings and humble demeanour of the woman who used to strut around Long Lawns in her finery giving out her orders. Marianne was right. It would be a sign of weakness not to spank that floppy ass of someone who, until recently, was her mistress. An opportunity that was too tempting to refuse.
Jenny turned to Mrs Sunderland.
“You will witness this, Mrs Sunderland.”
Standing from the table Jenny pointed to the easy chair by the fireplace.
“Over that chair girl and lift your skirts.”
Lucy was quivering. Her already teary eyes pleaded with her friend Marianne to stop her humiliation but Marianne just shook her head and looked over to the chair.
Jenny was quite excited by the prospect of spanking her maid but even more bemused  by the girl's apparent willingness to submit to such degradation.
“Quickly, girl. Let’s get this over with.”
Marianne was so impressed with Jenny. Not only with her assertiveness but with her diction and calm tone. It was perfect, most ladylike.
Lucy stood by the chair and whimpered one last plea.
“Please, mistress. I won’t disobey you again. I promise.”
Jenny’s eyes tightened and lip curled.
“I know you won’t, girl. Now bend over that chair and lift your skirts”.
Lucinda had never been spanked, not even when she was a little girl. She lifted her skirts and gasped in horror as she felt her baggy knickers being ripped down to her knees.
“Please no you can... ARGHH”
The first slap of Jenny’s palm stung and burned and the several that followed in quick aggressive succession left Lucy draped over the chair whimpering, tears streaming down her face, her buttocks ablaze. She was a grown woman, a woman of substance , yet here she was shamed and spanked and she felt, was made to feel, like a naughty child.
Lucy’s emotions and mind were in turmoil whe she stood up, pulled back her knickers over her throbbing spanked red backside and straightened her skirts. Jenny had held nothing back; both the Mistress and the maid had crossed the Rubicon and Marianne smirked watching them stand on the opposite bank of that pivotal crossing. Would either scurry back to assume their true roles? It was a defining moment and Marianne found herself slightly excited watching and waiting as maid and Mistress stood staring at each other. Marianne could not have been more delighted with the outcome: Jenny held her nerve and Lucy lowered her head and whimpered in pathetic submission.
“Sorry, Mistress. I am sorry.”    
Jenny, strangely emboldened by the moment, smirked shaking the soreness from her hand.
“Let that be a lesson, girl. I will not tolerate insubordination in my home. Now off to your rooms. We will talk no more of this.”
Lucy curtsied.
“Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”
With Lucy back to her rooms, Jenny took a large gulp of wine and sat with her head in her hands panting. Marianne took a seat next to her.
“Jenny, Jenny look at me! What’s wrong?”
Jenny raised her head, looking concerned.
“Marianne, what have I done? That was awful, it truly was, but what is much worse than what I did... I enjoyed it!”
Marianne chuckled.
“Jenny, you are the Mistress and your maid disobeyed you and, as the Mistress of Long Lawns, your punished her. You have nothing to reproach yourself for. Your maid knew she had done wrong and accepted her punishment.”
Jenny looked at Marianne and took another sip of wine.
“But that was Mrs Lancaster! I spanked my Mistress! And her hair. She looks so different.”
Marianne spoke in a more stern tone.
“Jenny, what have I told you over and over again? Mrs Lancaster is overseas travelling and the reason your maid looks different is because she is different, the bottom you spanked was the bottom of your maid Lucy. You must never consider your maid to be any other than who she is - Lucy. Lucy your housemaid. Understand?”
Jenny drained her glass.
“Yes. Sorry, Marianne. I am just a little shocked I guess. You are right, of course. Having done what I did should help me with that. It’s just the way she... No you are right, why shouldn’t she look so meek and pathetic? Why wouldn’t she accept her spanking without complaint? She is just a maid and nothing more. A disobedient maid who needed to be punished. Thank you, Marianne. I feel better now.”
Marianne smiled and ran her fingers through Jenny’s hair.
“Good, a maid must be kept in her place. Now this is looking much better, growing out nicely. That black dye was masking some lovely tones. It is much more lady like, we will soon have some length to it and into a style befitting the Mistress of Long Lawns.”
“Before I leave you this evening, I will go down and see Lucy, she will no doubt be distressed but it would be wrong for you to discuss her punishment. She must know that any further indiscretions will be dealt with in a similar manner, without compassion or care. Finish your wine, then continue with those handwriting exercises I gave you.”
Marianne could hear soft sobbing coming from the maid’s quarters when she walked through the kitchens. Whilst her task was of course the tutoring of Jenny to become an acceptable lady, having had such little difficulty in convincing Lucinda to hack off her beautiful hair and dye it, then watching her friend’s capitulation to her former maid to receive a humiliating spanking, Marianne was intrigued: if a maid can be tutored to become a lady, then why not a lady to become a maid? 
Marianne stood in the doorway of the maid’s quarters looking down on her friend Lucinda, who laid face down on her bunk in her shapeless maid’s uniform, the broad bow of her apron in the small of her back, thick hosiery, heavy bootlike shoes on her feet, softly sobbing. Her short black hair in the style of service was hidden under her crumpled maid's cap, Marianne smirked and chuckled to herself.  Yes of course a lady can become a maid! 
Marianne entered the room and sat on the bunk by her sniffling friend and held her arm. It was important now to reinforce and encourage the divergence of her friend Lucinda, the mistress of Long Lawns, into her new persona, that of Long Lawns maid. There would be no more reference to who Lucinda had been. Only what she will become. 
“Lucy, Lucy, I am so proud of you, I really am, with what you have done. Everything is back on track. Miss Osborne could never have truly accepted that she was the Mistress without you conforming fully to and accepting without question the conditions for a Long Lawns maid. They, after, all are the conditions stipulated by her cousin Mrs Lancaster.” 
“Lucy, look at me and stop that crying!”
Lucy turned on her side, her eyes red from tears.
“I am so ashamed! I really am, you don’t even realise.”
Marianne offered a weak smile. 
"Ashamed? Why? Will you be ashamed when Miss Osborne struts about Lady Southward’s garden party like the lady she will become? No, because of your part in her transformation. You will be proud, vindicated! For a mistress to control her maid and treat her with the disdain her class deserves is fundamental. Lucy is a good maid. Remember it is Lucy that has trimmed and dyed her hair for her Mistress. It is Lucy that accepted her punishment for disobeying her Mistress. So why is Lucy crying now?”
Lucy sniffled and pawed to hold Marianne’s hand.
“No. you don’t understand.It hurt, it really hurt. And pulling my knickers down, it was so humiliating, but, but oh no, no, it is worse! I am so ashamed.”
Marianne cupped Lucy’s hand, 
“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?”
“When I was made to bend over the chair, when my knickers were ripped down and my bare buttocks spanked, I... I became aroused. I don’t know what came over me. I was wet, soaking.”
Marianne was lost for words and stifled her amusement. Her friend's spanking by her maid had aroused her. What a wonderful and welcome tool to assist in the subjugation of the Mistress of Long Lawns. 
“Forget that nonsense. Lucy. Many common maids feel such emotions. It is quite natural. Look, be a good maid for your Mistress. Lucy will be fine at Long Lawns. Lucy isn’t going to disobey her Mistress again, is she?”
Lucy sniffled and shook her head.
“No, she won’t, Marianne. She won’t”
Marianne offered a soft smile.
“Now now naughty girl, Mrs Sunderland. Always Mrs Sunderland, remember that.”
A faint smile came over Lucy’s face.
“Sorry, yes of course, Mrs. Sunderland.”
Marianne helped Lucy to sit with her on the edge of the bunk and straightened her crumpled cap.
“There, that’s better now. I know you have some pots to wash. Go finish those and then get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, a new start. Alright?”
Lucy raised her apron to her face and wiped away her tears.
“Yes, thank you Mari... Sorry, Mrs Sunderland. Lucy will be a good maid.”
Marianne stood from the bed and turned at the door before leaving.
“Lucy is a good maid. Make your Mistress proud.”
Lucy watched her friend leave. She walked to the wash basin to freshen her face, reflecting on what Mrs Sunderland had said.
She was right. It was Maid Lucy who had cut and dyed her hair, she had to, and she should have done it earlier. It was Lucy who had her bare bottom spanked by her Mistress. It was Lucy who had disobeyed her Mistress and deserved to be punished. She applied a rough towel to dry her face and smoothed down her apron. Lucy was a good maid. Mrs Sunderland had told her she was. Miss Osborne was becoming a good Mistress, she was becoming a tur lady to embarrass Lady Southward. Lucy would be a good maid for her Mistress. Lucy whisked through the washing up and with the kitchen tidy she returned to her quarters, removed her uniform, slipped into her plain cotton nightdress and was soon asleep. Tomorrow was another day.
Having left her new pupil, having assured her all would be fine given she continued in he servile role to her Mistress, Marianne chuckled thinking of her friend’s revelation that her spanking had awakened some sexual masochistic traits. Marianne returned to the upper house to find Jenny working on her handwriting.
Picking up the pages already completed, Marianne smiled. Perfect copperplate, equally spaced bordering on perfection. No maid could write like this, only a lady.
“Very good Jenny, very good indeed. Put your pen away now. I need to discuss something with you.”
 Sat together by the dying embers of the fire, Marianne looked thoughtfully at Jenny.
“Your maid Lucy, she herself is in no doubt now who is the Mistress here at Long Lawns. I would hope that you, having spanked the bare backside of your maid, also know who the Mistress of Long Lawns is. Lucy obviously comes from a somewhat privileged background and it is most important that you, the Mistress of Long Lawns, treat your maid harshly. Not cruelly but harshly. You will find with a maid such as Lucy that being strict will bring out the best in her. It is also important for your own development that you can treat your maid with total disdain. She is not of your class and she is no more than your skivvy at your beck and call. I spoke with Lucy regarding her physical punishment and she understands its need. What is the saying? Spare the rod and ruin the child? Lucy is a new maid at Long Lawns and perhaps you should be mindful of that saying.”
Jenny looked at Marianne questioningly.
“Yes, yes I understand, I thought about what you said before regarding Lucy, I am comfortable with that but are you saying I should spank her again?”
Marianne smiled.
“You said you enjoyed it before. She is your maid you and you can do what you want with her.”
Jenny chuckled.
“Marianne. you wicked thing! Alright, I think I know what you are implying.”
Marianne prepared to leave for the evening having complimented Jenny on her improving vocabulary, a result of the reading she was forcing on her.
“Good evening, Miss Osborne I will see you in the morning.”


  1. Another wonderful chapter Jackie. I love Marianne's subtle encouragement of Lucy speaking of herself in the third person - creating more and more psychological distance between Lucy the Maid and Mrs. Lancaster the Mistress. And having the character Marianne there to manipulate both women to push each other deeper and deeper into their new roles is perfect! I love your use of dialogue - it makes all of your stories special.

    1. Yes, I fully agree. Her stories are wonderful. Although the genre is the same in all of them, each of her stories has an unique plot. She develops her characters with careful attention to detail with crafty dialogues and situations. Not an easy thing to do, I should like to think. Also she is almost single-handedly keeping this blog alive, with other illustrious writers of the past seemingly having retired.

  2. "She is not of your class and she is no more than your skivvy at your beck and call."
    Hard life for poor Lucy!

  3. If this site is going to be "All Jackie J, all the time", could you make it at least short Jackie J and spare us the interminable serials? Oh, please, oh gentle, wise, benevolent Editor; mercy on your tender readers.

    1. I'm waiting with bated breath for your contribution 'A. Reader'. That would be the ideal way to make this site not 'all Jackie J', don't you think?
      I'll bet it's going to be fantastic as well! Could you please give us some indication as to its release date?

    2. Thanks to Jackie we can read well written stories waiting for others to publish (start or continue).....

    3. RE Anonymous: I realize our esteemed Editor cannot control the flow of material submitted, and editorial decisions are solely at her discretion. I would point out though, the blog has never been wholly fiction. In the past, it has published a fair amount of historical material, critical essays, pieces about relevant current events, and so on. If there is a current dearth of stories submitted, perhaps that means it's time for a bit more non-fictional material for a while.

    4. How interesting that Mr "Charles Ryder" should be Jackie J's most ardent defender. That's very fitting. However, not all of us wish to keep revisiting Brideshead over and over. It was a nice place to visit literarily, but I don't want to live there.

    5. Here's an idea for you
      Write something or fuck off. In fact don't bother writibg anything, just fuck off.

    6. I quote Charles's last post

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  10. I'm surprised that anybody would describe this story as "Brideshead Revisited" since it's perfectly obvious to me that it's an L2M-oriented adaptation of the musical "My Fair Lady," (MFL) which is in turn an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's play "Pygmalion." Jenny is clearly the Eliza Doolittle character; Marianne, the Professor Higgins character; Lucinda, the Colonel Pickering character; and, finally, Lady Southwards, the Zoltan Karpathy character... BTW, I'm treating Lucy as a character distinct from Lucinda. I'm refraining from providing a detailed rationalization for my choices in the interest of brevity.

    To pursue the similarities with a Jackie J's story further, in the movie, one of the big scenes is the embassy ball scene, during which Zoltan Karpathy declares that Eliza is actually a Hungarian princess. In Jackie J's story, the embassy ball scene will presumably be represented by Lady Southwards's annual lawn party. Clearly, in a year's time, Lucinda expects Lady Southwards to declare Jenny to be a well-bred member of the landed gentry or perhaps the British aristocracy. To learn what Lady Southwards thinks about Lucy, we will have to wait and see what Jackie J cooks up.

    However, it is interesting to speculate on what MFL predicts will happen in the remainder of Jackie J's story. One of the themes running through MFL concerns who Eliza will end up marrying: Professor Higgins or Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Shaw's preference was that Eliza marry Freddy. Everyone else preferred that Eliza marry Professor Higgins, much to Shaw's chagrin. The movie selected the Professor Higgins/Eliza pairing. Now a problem immediately arises. An L2M story is not about love and marriage. So, in an L2M story, some other relationship has to stand in for marriage. The obvious choice is the relationship between a mistress and a maid.

    (To be continued...)

    1. (...continued)

      We now need to decide which character from MFL it is that Lucy represents. The only character we've talked about that has not been allocated so far is Freddy. So I'm going to allocate Freddy to Lucy (Remember that I am treating Lucy as distinct from Lucinda.) Thus, the possible marriage pairings in MFL correspond to the following the mistress/maid relationships: Marianne/Jenny and Jenny/Lucy.

      The Marianne/Jenny relationship doesn't make a lot of sense because Jenny has switched from being a maid to being a mistress. The Jenny/Lucy relationship is the one that most readers of this blog would expect, even though it corresponds to an Eliza/Freddy marriage, which is not what happens in MFL, but it does correspond to Shaw's preferred pairing.

      But how exactly does the Jenny/Lucy pairing become permanent? Why is it that Lucy cannot return to being Lucinda after the annual lawn party at Lady Southwards's? MFL to the rescue again. One of the characters in MFL is Eliza's father, who, during the course of the movie, receives an unexpected financial windfall that propels him into the middle class. Thus, in Jackie J's story, we could plausibly expect Jenny's father to share his good fortune with his daughter. Perhaps this would even give her the means to buy Long Lawns.

      But what about Lucy? Why would she sell Long Lawns? Perhaps history could explain it. The setting of MFL is the early 20th century. At this particular time, the landed gentry were beginning to experience great financial stress. So, it's not implausible to suppose that Lucinda had accumulated numerous debts that could only be discharged by selling Long Lawns, to Jenny in particular. This presumably would have left Lucinda destitute. But since Marianne and Jenny had trained Lucy as a humble, obedient, and hard working maid, Jenny could graciously take pity on Lucy and generously agree to accept her in service at Long Lawns as a scullery maid.

      In summary, I would never has guessed that MFL would make a good model for an L2M story, but having gone through above exercise, MFL now strikes me as a brilliant choice as a model for an L2M story. I wish I had thought of it.

    2. Charles Ryder is the protagonist of Brideshead Revisited. The name Ryder isn't such a common one, so when I saw "Charles Ryder" here, I assumed that was no coincidence. "Brideshead" also seemed an apt metonym for the stereotypical English country house and for the literary sensibility I was lampooning, a sentimentalized, heavily stereotyped, nostalgic Anglophilia, often associated with the fans of TV productions such as Brideshead Revisited and Downton Abbey. Someone recently described Jackie J's style as "kinky Downton Abbey fanfic", which struck me as very descriptive.
      Your comparison to My Fair Lady is a very interesting reading, which strikes me as highly plausible. I wasn't moved to bring out my exegetical arsenal when reading this story, so I shan't comment in more detail. As an old friend of mine liked to say, way back when we were grad students in literature, "Deconstructing a text can be fun, even when reading it wasn't."

  11. L2M is free, access is free. Many people love to read stories that are published on L2M. Those who have critical issues to report have the opportunity to make some choices: contribute with their own works, report something interesting (for them and for others) or interrupt their visits. It's called freedom. Sorry. English is not my first language

  12. Well, as often happens here, this has been an enjoyable graduate school education in literature. Returning to the story, however, may I suggest that Marianne, and Lucy's new mistress, in an attempt to further prevent the new maid from being exposed, further change her appearance and demeanor? They could see that she packs on some pounds, perhaps pay some attention to her dental hygiene, and generally make her even more downtrodden. My own marital preference would be that she be married off to a member of the staff, garageman for example. Whatever happens, this is another great piece of work by the inestimable and prolific Jackie. Thank you.

  13. Again, a great chapter, thanks!
    I like Mariannes scheming, the last part was cruel, "she is your maid and you can do what you want with her".
    My guess: she's training Lucy to be HER maid in the end.
    I would have liked to wait for all the whole story to be online and then start to read, but hey, I'm just too impatient.
    And a quick aside to the discussion above: it's impossible to like every story and author. If you don't like it, then just skip it.
    This blog is certainly no cut-throat competition. When one story is published that does not mean that others were held back because of that.