Monday, November 14, 2016

Another Library Page Update

Thanks to a number of blog readers that suggested stories I should add to my library after my previous update post a month ago, I now have quite a few new items I am happy to link. They are of varying size and quality, but all deal with the subject of social drop and degradation and feature maids.

One recent lady-to-maid story that I really liked was published by Tcheser in his blog. It's called Hidden Shame an deals with themes of "makeunder" and role reversal as the protagonist goes from an arrogant beauty to a plain housekeeper to her former friend.

A reader pointed me to Akiko's Bodyswap Captions blog. One of the recurrent themes there is transformation into a maid. While anime is typically not my cup of tea, some of the content is pretty interesting for a lady-to-maid afficionado. Here is a recent example of the type of captions found there - Was I tricked?

Another reader reminded me of a lesbian domination video made a while back about a maid trading places with her mistress. Looks interesting. You can find it here.
T.H.Enerdly has kindly suggested another classic BDSM novel that may be of interest to readers of lady-to-maid fiction. It's called Modern Slaves: A Profound Study of the Forces of Destiny and was published in 1931. I wasn't able to find a free copy online, but you can buy an electronic version from Amazon for peanuts. The book is by one Claire Willows and comes with 10 illustrations (one of them I used to illustrate this post). It's a story of mistaken identity and servitude set in the all-female house of correction that deals heavily with the subject of spanking. The heroine is ruthlessly trained to become a submissive maid to a rich lady.

Patti Gurreri mentioned Alison Gurie's 1984 novel of British academic life called Foreign Affairs as having a lady-to-maid  subplot. Without giving away the details, let me say one of the heroines, a society beauty, very convincingly impersonated her own charlady.

Mana Ray over at Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive has a few stories that fit the topic of this blog perfectly. They deal with themes of demotion, social drop (and having to serve former equals) and humiliation. A Permanent Position in particular is pretty good, but check the other ones at the link above.

From Society Girl to Slave posted at BDSM Library is a fine read. A young, wealthy society girl who finds herself in the care of a harsh, cruel uncle after her parents die. She is transformed from a confident young woamn, into a mere servant/slave by a strong female dominant the uncle hires in order to swindle the young girl out of her inheritance.

Learning to Serve by ScioNesco tells the story of a middle-class girl who becomes a servant to her wealthy friend.

As always, I am looking for more stories in the genre that I can link so do not hesisate to share please.


  1. For anyone who cares about this sort of history, From Society Girl to Slave is actually Mabel's Torments, by Erle Dexter. It was originally published in Paris in 1958 by Oceanic Press, a short-lived rival to Olympia Press. It's been reprinted often. See MABEL'S TORMENTS

    1. Thank you very much, good to know. I knew it was older than it seemed!

  2. Those who enjoy Mabel's Torments would probably also like Sadopaidea. That novel was published in Paris in 1907, and it's often been reprinted. It's essentially classic Edwardian-era male-dominant sm erotica, but on occasion the maid does reverse roles with her sadistic mistress, who in turn has become submissive to a male lover. I thought that the discipline scenes were quite realistic physically and psychologically. The text can be found here (That site also makes available a number of similar works, so it's worth taking a look at even if Sadopaidea doesn't sound like just your cup of tea.)

    1. Interesting stuff, I would definetely read it in full. Where would we all be without Internet?

    2. Truly interesting! I had no idea there was such a vast history of erotic literature in this vein. I had also suspected that "From Society Girl to Slave" was older than present-day, or otherwise written by a phenomenally talented author who could take on an Edwardian voice.

      I wonder if, several years from now, people will be analyzing our present stories to see how they contributed to the genre!