Sunday, November 20, 2016

Story: Annabelle's New Role. Part 15.

by Violet Carson
My first morning at Imperial Foods had arrived. I had driven past the large old factory a number of times as AJ, but never for one moment had expected to be walking through the gates and going to reception as an employee.
At the main gate a rather smartly dressed security guard stopped me and asked who I was.
I gave him my name and was asked to sign his Visitors Book and he directed me to a side entrance where the cleaning and shop floor staff entered the building, not via the smarter main reception area that was used by management and visiting sales representatives. This was another successful downgrade I thought to myself. Why would a poor cleaner be entering via a main entrance. I was Rose not AJ.
I presented myself to a rather disinterested black girl at the small and battered staff reception desk. There were quite a few rather sad looking individuals sitting around who I soon learnt were people hoping for work on the shop-floor or as cleaners. They all seemed to be foreign immigrants of some description. I sat there hoping that I wouldn’t have any of the “little accidents” that I’d had recently and that my pants were secure or I’d probably lose my new job before it had even started!

After a few minutes Mts. Majumi presented herself to me. She was a large African woman who spoke with a strong accent that I struggled to understand. She outlined my tasks and then told me to sit in a small room with a number of other new recruits to watch a Health & Safety video. I seemed to be the only one paying any attention, as I didn’t want to be found out. After that Mrs. Majumi presented me with my overalls. Which were a white button up nylon coat, hairnet, rubber gloves and white ankle height plastic wellingtons. Apparently one of my jobs would be hosing down the floor if it got especially messy and I obviously also had my cleaning cart and mops. She told me that I was lucky today as that we could go straight to breakfast and I’d start straight afterwards. I removed my gloves and joined the queue in the canteen where everyone including me seemed to eat a full cooked English breakfast. It was something I’d never have eaten as AJ but I loved it and so needed it after my early start. It appeared that I was the only English cleaner and I sat at table with my colleagues and was introduced to about six African girls who all smiled very politely but then proceeded to speak to each other very quickly in their local African dialect mixed with some hard to follow English. I felt totally alienated in my own country. I’m sure they were all very nice but again I couldn’t help but start to have some rather unpleasant racist views.
After washing down my breakfast with the now favourite sweet milky tea, I was taken out to the production line.
I was instantly overawed by the size of the place. There were relatively few workers visible but a constant hum and clanking of conveyors moving around. I was given small silicon ear plugs to wear and told to constantly clean the number of spillages between any conveyors and staying outside the red lines for safety reasons. Any spillages that went inside those areas were cleaned at the end of the shift when the machinery was shut down.
It was completely mind numbingly boring. I was invisible in my white hairnet, coat and wellingtons. The only hint of colour came from my blue rubber gloves. I just walked up and down the line continually mopping up small spillages and bending down to wipe up any more substantial spills. I really began to think in after just an hour or so that this really was a completely mundane existence and unlike probably everyone else working here I had willingly volunteered to turn my back on my life of luxury for this. I quickly stopped my mind from wandering off into those thoughts and continued to tell myself “I am Rose, a poor divorcee desperately in need of some money simply to survive.” I alternated those thoughts with:
“This is what I want, this is who I am. I am Rose Edwards I am no longer Annabelle Parfitt.” I was also very concerned that I wouldn’t need to make an emergency use of the protective pants I was wearing. After the incident at the weekend, it was another thing to add to my ever -increasing list of humiliations and I so desperately hoped it wouldn’t be repeated.
After what seemed like years but was only actually three hours, a loud siren sounded and I followed the line of workers out into the canteen.
I noticed that at lunch we were joined by a number of the company’s managers who were all very professionally dressed and although there was no formal demarcation as to where everyone sat, it was immediately obvious that there was a clear status within the canteen.  All the managers and food scientists sat together nearest the windows. There was then another few tables with shop-floor operatives and last of all were the lowly cleaners at a table next to the door to the toilets. All of my cleaning colleagues were Black Africans and I clearly stood out. However the food was good and the girls made some attempts at small talk with me, but Marj was right, this was hard boring work and I really had reached a new low. What I’d become would have been unthinkable to me a few months ago, but in another week I would have been free from my old pretentious self for four months.
During the afternoon shift I reached the decision that I knew had become inevitable. I was going to tell Mark that I no longer wanted to be his cleaner. I had a new home and two jobs. I could survive as an independent woman and I didn’t need the safety net that my old home could possibly offer me. Also, it was going to be quite impractical to squeeze in a couple of hours cleaning his house between my jobs at the food and travel companies.
At the end of my shift, I removed my overalls and touched up my heavy face powder and lipstick in the toilet before leaving. My perm had become a real mess having been squeezed under the hairnet for seven hours. I resolved to wear my curlers to work tomorrow. I would wear a scarf over them on the way in and then just take it off and wear the hairnet at work. I also thought to myself that it would help to further diminish my social status and increase the chance of people looking down on me. I could then either remove my curlers before leaving or take them out at home in the afternoon before my evening shift where I didn’t think curlers would be appropriate. I also decided to get another perm at the weekend as my curls were starting to loosen and I knew that I’d be expected to look my best for Jack, so from now on I wasn’t going to end up with my wonderful perm ruined within a few days at work. Curlers it would be!
I headed off to Mark’s house only to find Lucy’s car sitting on the driveway. I hoped Mark would be at home, but no luck, when I walked in, I found Lucy sitting in the kitchen reading Vogue and drinking a cup of coffee.
“Ms. Wu is Mark at home?” I meekly asked.
“Do you mean Mr. Parfitt Rose?” she replied nonchalantly, not even bothering to look up at me and creating the impression that the fashion shoot she was looking at in her magazine was far more interesting than me.
“I’m sorry, yes I meant Mr. Parfitt” I replied.
“I do need to speak to him”
“Well he’s very busy at work Rose. I don’t believe he’ll be back before you have left for your evening work. He’s been particularly busy lately, as I’ve managed to introduce him to some potential Chinese investors who are very interested in some new property developments. But I don’t want to bore you with that Rose. I don’t suppose there’s much you would be able to contribute to a conversation on the world of international finance is there and anyway I’m sure you have work to do,” she said in the most condescending tone imaginable.
“Well actually it is rather important.” I said trying to sound more forceful, but I had become so worn down by being continually treated as a dumb cleaner I instantly realized that I sounded stupid and pathetic.
“Rose if it’s that important then tell me, there’s nothing you can’t say to me that you would say to Mr. Parfitt,” she snapped.
“Well I intend resigning” I sighed.
“Resigning, from what? I thought you resigned from being a woman and took up being some withered old bag sometime ago Rose, or have you not looked in the mirror lately?”
How could she manage to destroy me every time we spoke and so easily, I thought! A few months ago she’d have never spoken to me like this. She has nothing but disdain for me, standing in my kitchen as if she owned it. I tried to get my thoughts together and compose a meaningful reply. I also realized that without thinking I had used the word “resigning” as opposed to “leave” as if subconsciously I now thought of myself purely as Mark’s cleaner and not his wife. I have changed so much I thought to myself.
“Ms. Wu what I mean is that I don’t want to work for Mr. Parfitt any longer. I have other jobs and I can’t do this as well. Also by not seeing the two of you together it will make it easier for me to come to terms with my new position in life and move on.”
“So Rose you’re finally admitting defeat are you. You can’t keep Mark happy the way I can. The two of you used to play your silly S&M games to try and fool yourselves that you were somehow in love, but now he’s found a real woman who knows how to satisfy him he doesn’t need that crap anymore. He to has moved on as you say! I’ll tell him you won’t be back and then when the six months are up we will see whom he chooses. A woman who he knows can satisfy him and someone he’d be happy to treat as his equal or some pathetic shriveled old crazy woman. Tell me Rose who do you think he’ll choose?”
“You” I cried, “He’ll choose you” as I burst into tears in front of her and grabbed my coat to leave, when with the worst possible timing I could feel something awful seeping into my pants. I simply didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell Lucy. I shut the door behind me and walked as carefully as I could feeling the intense discomfort of my pants filled with excrement being squeezed between my legs and into my long bushy pubic hair.
“Why is this happening?” I despaired, making my way slowly to the bus stop, hoping the smell was not too noticeable and wondering how I was going to sit with this coating my backside. I also now knew that from now on a spare pair of pants in my bag was going to be an essential emergency item.
“How had I sunk so low?”


  1. Thank you Violet for another excellent chapter, the part with Lucy wasn't unexpected she's clearly been planning this although I'm hoping that it will backfire on her. I particularly like that Rose is going to need to carry a spare pair pants in her bag, a new low for her.

    1. i for one won't be reading anymore if it's about her 'spare' pants. the farting was enough. now it's diapers and accidents. this is becoming less of a maid story and more of a diaper/scat fetish story.

    2. It's a long descent for her. We'll see with Lucy, I have no idea myself what Violet has in mind for her.

  2. Another crappy story! Maybe we should have expected it by now in this series. Still, a warning advisory would have been nice. The story had six labels attached. It shouldn't have been tough to add one more. "Poop"

    1. It's hard to tell various Anonymouses apart, but one of you was already saying as much in the comments section to the previous chapter. I am sorry you don't like it, but there are ways to express your displeasure in a less patronizing way.

      On a side note, I find it nearly impossible to believe why people would find something like this extremely objectionable, but would have absolutely no problems with themes of sexual domination, humiliation and degradation that a lot of other stories in this blog have (at least I don't recall anyone complaining about that thankfully). The very fact that it's unapealling is why it's in this story - to underline Rose's descent and humiliation.

      I personally find this story really enjoyable and one of the strongest (and unusual) in the genre. There are not that many realistic self-inflicted age progression stories out there (not to mention with a lady-to-maid angle) and this one hits so many right buttons for me as a reader - loss of status, loss of beauty, cultural change, game gone wrong. I do hope that a lot of the readers of this blog feel the same way or they wouldn't be reading it.

    2. I one of the main problems, if it can be seen as a problem is that we only a chapter at a time rather than being presented with the completed story so the scat part appears more prominent than if we read it in its entirety. Personally I don't mine the scat because it is in keeping with Rose's degradation and humiliation. I didn't like the smoking part or the Mark and Lucy dynamic but it hasn't detracted from the whole, so keep it up Violet.

    3. The smoking bothered me more too. At least, crapping your pants isn't going to kill you. But I think I understand why it's the crap that's freaking people out. For most people, some things are just too gross, at a very basic level. Crap is one of them. Incest, pedophilia, and bestiality are others. Maybe it's inconsistent for people to enjoy reading about humiliation and still be freaked out by somebody pooping her drawers. But I don't think it is really a surprise to anybody.

    4. C'mon, smoking is far less divisive than crapping in your pants. Diapers/scat are well known very specific fetishes that most people find to be a turn off. Smoking on the other hand (which I don't do) is done by 20% of the world's population.

      And there are a million other degrading things that could happen to her to emphasize how far she has fallen without involving scat.

  3. i love it all... EXCEPT FOR THE SCAT. that totally ruins it with the diapers.

    please warn people you're going to write about that crap.

    1. I think it's a minor part of the plot and I don't see it taking central stage going forward. Again, i am sorry it ruins the story for some people, but I am not sure how exactly you expect me or the author to warn you. Previous chapters had this theme as well - is that not enough of a warning that it may re-appear?

    2. Somebody already suggested a simple way to warn readers. Stories here are tagged with descriptive labels. This story was tagged "age progression, downgrade, maid, mistress, story, violet carson" (Good thing that Ms Carson is dead. I suspect she wouldn't be very happy about someone using her name in this setting.)Just add another tag, "scat", and use it as needed. (Which hopefully for me anyway won't be often) Then people who like that stuff can find it, and people who don't can avoid it.
      Maybe the author didn't intend that theme to take center stage, but I think it's a little naive to expect that people aren't going to react strongly. There are some things that are just going to take center stage automatically. If it's a minor part of the story, why is the author enlarging on it, even after so many readers have responded negatively?

  4. It would seem that some people are not familiar with Chekhov's Rule For Adult Diapers. If an adult diaper is going to be worn in earlier chapters of a fetish story, it is going to be used. Other wise, what is the point of saying that she was wearing one. At this point, complaining that you were not warned is just a little disingenuous.

    I will say that Rose's (I will assume) temporary lose of control of her bowel movement is no where near one of my fetishes. But within the context of the story of woman seeking social humiliations, it fits within the context. And because Marj is responsible for this, it shows that she is trying to add to Rose's reduced status while in the guise of being a friend and protector of Rose. Have to wait for future chapters to see how this works out.

    I have to agree with the owner of this blog and wonder why some people have a problem with a character shitting in her diaper when there are much more serious themes within some of the stories here? Camille calls it sexual domination. But in some of the some stories, the sexual domination is unwanted. And there is a word for that.

    Because I have story fetishes that, if it happened in real life, I would condemn as being unethical; I will not condemn these types of stories and usually stop reading them. But these are fantasies that will go unacted on, so I leave it alone. We all should realize that people have different kinks and not bother those who have kinks that you do not share.

    So far, Violet Carson has written a story that I have enjoyed. I like that Rose is taken with the idea of appearing to a lower class woman decades older then her real age that goes beyond the social humiliation that drove her in this direction in the first place. And while I have no use for the smoke nor the diapers, I understand the role it plays in her change of status. This story touches on enough of my kinks and is well written enough, I am happy to follow along and look forward to each new chapter.

    I am looking forward to seeing how the inevitable divorce will be handled and what, if anything, Rose will get out of the settlement. And how Rose will continue getting and holding jobs and having an apartment without Mark pulling strings. Perhaps she will have to seek help from her old friend, Jenny. Or even be the live in maid for Marj.

    Guess I better adopt a moniker so I am Just Someone.

    1. Chekov's Rule? I've never heard of that, so why should we all expect to apply that rule when reading a story? And not think something that hasn't gotten poor feedback earlier would be taken out?

      You must really be out of touch with most other people who came here for a maid fetish and not a very specific scat fetish. This story could emphasize her status drop in many ways without touching on scat, and if that's the way the author intends to do it, a full warning is in order.

      If another chapter is posted, there should definitely be a warning. I'd be tempted to check the new story out to see if the author read the feedback and took out the scat, but I would much rather be warned so I could avoid it all together if it is not taken out.

    2. You may know it as Chekhov's gun, where things that are mentioned in earlier chapters will probably be used in later chapters.

      As for feedback, the author isn't going to please anyone if they try to cater to both sides of the diaper debate in the same story. I suppose it is helpful information for the next story, but that ship has sailed for this one.

    3. No. I don't know Chekov's gun or diaper or anything. Whatever it is, it's not a rule. I've read thousands of stories and every writer lays their story out differently. This isn't the pros and you can't expect every reader to be familiar with your literature study approach.

      You're right, they won't please everyone, but they will please far more people to not include any more of it.

    4. Chekhov's gun is a dramatic principle that every memorable element in a fictional story must be necessary and irreplaceable, and any that are not should be removed.
      Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it's not going to be fired, it shouldn't be hanging there.
      From this it would be difficult for Rose to suddenly decide that she doesn’t want to wear the adult nappies when she clearly enjoyed the initial sensation. As for her incontinence, true it isn’t common but many people do experience this, mostly urinary rather than faecal and as long as it remains only a small part of the story arc then it does have a place.

      One important face that some people seem to forget when they “pass judgement” is that these stories are free, the authors spend their free time writing for a non subscribing public and if the subject matter isn’t to an individual’s liking or takes a direction that is unpalatable the options are simple, stop reading or trust in the judgement of the author.

    5. Whether a story is free is besides the point. When a writer puts a story out to the public, readers are going to respond. Simply publishing a story, here or in print, is an invitation for readers to
      "pass judgment" on it, and readers will do so, in one form or another. Writers expect to take the bitter with the sweet when it comes to response. Nobody's saying lock up "Violet Carson", or whoever she/he really is. They are just saying, "This isn't what we care to read. Try something else, or count me out as a reader."

    6. I like stories of women's downward mobility.
      I like stories of women learning to need diapers.
      I'm glad this offers both.
      I do think there should be more focus on bladder than bowels as this side plot progresses.

  5. The story had a promising start, but it turned into a dog's breakfast pretty quickly. The author seems determined to keep throwing in more and more fetish themes. Everything but the kitchen sink already, as the saying goes. And I'm sort of expecting to see the kitchen sink thrown in next. The only reason I'm still reading this mess is that I'm curious to see how many more things can get tossed in. I enjoy reading about humiliation. A good writer knows the difference between describing it and rubbing readers' noses in it. "Violet Carson" doesn't.

  6. I had stopped following this story, but when I saw that this episode had so many comments, I became curious. A quick scan confirmed that my choice had been sound. I'll let it go at that, as far as the story is concerned. Some of the comments gave me a lot to think about. Where's the borderline between "transgressive" and "icky"? I love William Burroughs, Kathy Acker, Clive Barker, and Catherine Robbe-Grillet. But I think it takes a special kind of aesthetic sensibility, a special ability to merge lyricism and depravity, to make their kind of writing work. It's always going to be a high-risk literary strategy. Also, I think it's partly a matter of the perceived reward for me, as reader. If I'm reading a story that seems to offer a darkly compelling vision, I'll wade through a lot to get to it. If I'm reading something to get myself pleasantly hot and bothered, I don't want unnecessary distractions.

    On a different note, it's not exactly "lady to maid", but perhaps others here might enjoy this short film, On My Knees It's based on the diaries of that remarkable Victorian maid-of-all-work, Hannah Cullwick.

  7. Just a word Violet.,
    Keep up the good work, I don`t give a shit what the others say.
    ( I must add I`m not into "scat", but I don`t think it distracts too much from the story).Do your own thing honey, let them take it or leave it. Sorry, that`s more than just a word isn`t it?
    ( "anonymous" really isn`t enough !).

  8. Great story and well written. Please don't let some of the comments get you down. It all works perfectly with the change of status. Yes we all know that smoking is bad for you. This is fiction not real life, but part of the charm with change is being forced to do or accept things you would normally never do. The diapers and accidents are just a normal function of old age. Not my thing but it doesn't detract from your story. Perhaps Rose has dentures in her future. Maybe from an accident, or Marj pushing Rose to the limit.

    1. On the contrary, the comments are not meant to get her down as much as they are meant to 1) get her to stop writing about scat and 2) put a warning if there is such a controversial theme.

      Moreover, they're not a normal function of old age. Not everyone who is older has 'accidents', and the way the story is told, it's fetishizing it as part of her descent. Not only is it not necessary, it's a huge turn off to many people who come here because of other far more important aspects of lady2maid stories.

      Now, you're being a cheerleader for scat just as much as other people are campaigning against it, so I can only expect that it's a fetish of yours. Fair enough, but respect the fact that majority of other people aren't into it.

    2. "Moreover, they're not a normal function of old age." I was curious, so I took a look at the NHS web site. It says "It's thought one in 10 people will be affected by it at some point in their life. It can affect people of any age, although it's more common in elderly people." One in ten at some point in life would translate to a pretty small percentage of individuals at any given point in life. It's a condition that happens for specific reasons, and one that is highly treatable.

    3. As long as people post comments complaining about the diapers I'll post comments encouraging them.Skim over the mentions if they don't enhance the story for you...they do for me.

  9. What a lovely debate. Thank God the next long story I will start publishing tomorrow is set in Victorian times, the period, when, as we all known, stiff upper lipped ladies and gentlemen were so preoccupied with good manners even a thought of going to the toilet was beneath them!

  10. For anyone who hates smoking in real life as much as I do, try reading this article about a 46 year old non-smoker who takes up smoking for a month so he can write about his experience in Esquire magazine. It's very provocative.

  11. Always a new wrinkle in Rose's age progression (I love the perms, hair thining, support stockings and girdle etc). I would keep the minor stress incontinence but not the scat--but it is not my story to tell. Will Rose's date with Jack involve some vintage exotic lingerie--the sort pinup girls dressed in when Jack was a young man? I hope the series continues

  12. I am enjoying the story. I am absolutely delighted by an age progression and status loss story which is truly believable. Even Rose's sense that she is happier as Rose than as AJ is easy to believe.
    Guess what I find least appealing and interesting? Yeah, me, too. I don't find it "disgusting", I just don't find it the least bit arousing. It's as though Rose were to interrupt the action every ten or twelve paragraphs for a rundown of the bus schedule. Sorry, but that's my reaction.

  13. Please, please go on with that Story. Is one of the best i ever read.

    1. Please, don't! Have pity on us readers. Have pity on the English language. Have pity on basic decency. No more of this story!---Anonymous(4)

    2. Nobody is forcing you to read it Anonymous(4)Ha!
      Please keep your inane comments to yourself and let the people who do enjoy this wonderful tale the freedom to do so.
      Please carry on Violet you have many admirers.

    3. I will second this. I cannot wait for a new chapter. And if Anonymous(4) is not happy, that person does not have to read the story. Or read the blog. No one is making you read the story.

      And I will repeat my earlier complaint. In many fetish stories, there is coerced sex. And as far as I am concerned, that is rape. I am not making the case that these stories are advocating for that, most of us realize that our fantasies and our realities are two different thing. Yet I do not see many people condemning stories with coerced sex. Yet some people here are howling about scat. (which remains a minor part of the over all story)

      Sorry for standing a soap box. Violet, please continue the story. I really do want to see what type of person Rose ends up being.

      Just Someone

    4. I fully agree with BillA and JustSomeone and a further comment, when will we see more of Rose, I'm suffering from withdrawal.

    5. Reading something like this is like watching a train wreck. You know it will be bad. You want to look away, but you just can't stop yourself from wanting to see just how bad it will turn out.---Anonymous(4)

  14. I have enjoyed this story thoroughly and feel it ended about two months short. Lucy wants to make sure Mark is thoroughly repulsed with Rose Edwards appearance and her depths of self respect she has accepted. Then there would be no question Lucy would be the new Mrs. Parfitt.

    Lucy and Zoe show up at Rose's apartment telling her they have some ideas to alter her appearance further. Rose is told it would be nothing permanent but would make her more convincing. Like a moth to the flame she agrees.

    The use a depilatory cream in her hair not to make her bald but long enough to remove half her hair and look like an old lady with alopecia. They wax off her eyebrows saying old ladies lose them and have to pencil them on. Then they tell her to clench her facial mussels and fill in the wrinkles with super glue so they remain. The palest foundation is applied, pink cheeks, light pink lipstick sloppily applied outside the natural lip line and brown thick unnatural eyebrows penciled on. Before the put her glasses on the they attach a long eyeglass chain. She is horrified when she looks in the mirror but they are not done yet. Foam earplugs covered in superglue are forced in her ears. She is told women her age often suffer hearing loss. The old hearing aids Rose had found were fitted with new batteries and placed in and around her ears. Now making them necessary to hear. Lucy tells Rose woman your age unable to run making them vulnerable in society. They don't display proper posture and are hunched over. She places thigh cuffs above her knees attached together by a 2 inch chain. A collar is placed around her neck with two chains hanging down, one in front and one in back. They are attached to the thigh collar chain between her legs. Rose is forced to stay hunched over but unable to bend over to pick up anything on the floor. She is dressed in a hideous dress from the previous tenant. She is instructed to walk, now hunched over and only able to take short shuffling steps. Lucy makes Rose drink a cup of tea knowing full well it's a dieters tea.

    Zoe leaves and Lucy takes Rose for a walk in the park. Knowing it would only be a matter of time before the laxative took hold. Unable to stop it Rose reliefs her self in her diaper on a park bench.

    Returning to Lucy's Porch Rose is driven to Marks office. Lucy has a wheel chair waiting for Rose, telling her she walks to slow. She is wheeled into Marks office. Upon seeing Rose (A.J.)he is thoroughly disgusted with her smell and appearance. If this is what you really want I have some papers for Rose to sign. The first is a divorce document with her half of the estate going into an annuity paid out monthly at her current salary for life. The second is a document that would legally change her name to Rose Edwards. Mark has a Judge present to over see the proceedings making this all legal. With Lucy grinning Rose signs the documents, half excited but scared that this was as real as it gets. She is given buss fair back to her apartment where she struggles with the stairs. Looking in the mirror she said "good night Rose Edwards," then crashes into her bed not even caring about how she smelled.

  15. Dear Anonymous

    Thank you for taking so much time on this and giving it so much thought, it really is appreciated. I adore your ideas for Rose but I don't think I can include them all.

    You would make a great author in this genre and hope you will write something here soon.


    Vi x