Friday, February 8, 2019

Story: A Simple Act of Delegation. Chapter 11.

by Jackie J

There was no doctor like there was no Mustapha of course but Sheila trusting of Jenny believed every word she was told. Two weeks, then three weeks went by with regular convincing updates from Jenny. Mustapha had confirmed what he had told Jenny in an email. He was being threatened by just communicating with Jenny and must not be contacted again and reiterated that Mrs. Ross’s family wanted nothing more to do with their cursed relative. 
The fictitious toxicology reports had come back negative and that Mrs. Ross’s condition was a mystery, likewise fabricated psychological tests had also failed to discover what could have resulted in such a drastic change in her personality. She could be sectioned if that what was thought best but of course Jenny had dismissed this out of hand telling Sheila she was not willing to let Winnie be probed and experimented on behind the confidential walls of an asylum.
It was agreed that Jenny should move in at Long Acres, Sheila unaware she already had and to organise some care to help Winnie to rebuild her life.  Sheila was happy in the knowledge that such a caring person like Jenny was going to look after Mrs. Ross. 
It was agreed that the business would carry on as normal, it had run well during Mrs. Ross’s time away in the Yemen so why shouldn’t it. Other directors and staff were advised that on doctor’s recommendations Mrs. Ross would be taking extended leave sparing them the details of her true condition. 

Jenny back at work had informed Sheila that all was going well although progress was slow with Winnie’s rehabilitation. There was no rehabilitation, kept hooded blind deaf and muted her hands and feet hoofed in mittens Winnie Ross spent her long silent days confined in her cage behind the locked door of the scullery. Let out in the evenings on the end of a leash, for the amusement of Jenny and Jane their naked stupefied pet would lay by the fire or paw for comfort at the feet of its keepers.
Debbie Langtry had been sacked from Sapphire and Ross, in truth Jenny had to do something having been made aware Debbie, having sunk so low, was offering oral entertainment to male and female staff alike. Jane was quite happy to see Debbie installed at Long Acre to be the maid Mrs. Ross had always planned for her future. 
Debbie had no complaints of abandoning her skimpy clothes and overalls for the unflattering and somewhat restrictive Edwardian maid’s attire that had been chosen for her by Mrs. Ross. Debbie squirmed in perverse pleasure dressed in her maid’s regalia under the dominant control and strict regime of the Mistress of Long Acre, Miss Phillips. 
With the arrival of maid Debbie at Long Acre the arrangements with the pet had to be changed. In truth keeping it caged was gratuitous and unnecessary all that Mrs. Ross was or ever could be was long gone her insidious conditioning had seen to that. The cage was just a way of keeping it confined whilst Jenny was at work, now there was a maid at Long Acre to see to its needs.
On her arrival at Long Acre Debbie was fed the same line that had hooked Sheila Fergusson, that poor Mrs. Ross had suffered an irreversible mental collapse and been disowned by her family. Debbie aware that whilst it was her secretary Jane Simpson who had been the catalyst it was Mrs. Ross, who had condoned, encouraged and nurtured the fulfillment of her suppressed desires. It was Mrs. Ross who had held open the door and guided her through into her world of willing subjugation a waiting world that had consumed her body and soul. Debbie felt obligated to this gate keeper although now no more than a mumbling halfwit and dutifully looked after her every need. 
With the business of Sapphire and Ross continuing to prosper under the stewardship of its Financial and Human Resources directors, within six months Sheila Fergusson and Jenny Phillips were elected unanimously by the board to the positions of Joint managing directors. 
Shortly after Jenny and Sheila’s promotions an actual examination by doctors certified Mrs. Winnie Ross to be of unsound mind and with knowledge provided by Jenny supported by Sheila that there were no known relative’s power of attorney over the Ross estate was given in perpetuity to the company of Sapphire and Ross.
Sheila was aware that Jenny had found a position of house maid at Long Acre for the once head of compliance who had willingly joined the cleaning staff and had fallen so low she had to be sacked for disgracing herself on company property.  For naive Sheila this only reinforced her thoughts for Jenny of being such a kind and caring individual.
Sheila had made few visits to Long Acre in the recent past but when she did Winnie had always been prepared, wearing a baggy cotton dress an innate smile on her face holding Jenny’s hand like she would never let go. The polite, attentive and neatly attired maid in her uniform that was Deborah Jackson, always on hand to serve when needed.
Sheila was looking forward to her visit this particular evening Jenny had been telling her of the progress she was making with Winnie, not to expect too much and to have an open mind. Jenny had convinced her that this would be a great help in giving some purpose to Winnies life. Sheila knew of the kindness that Jenny had shown Winnie and trusted that whatever Jenny was doing for Winnie would be best for her.
Pre dinner drinks were served by Debbie and Sheila was anxious to see Winnie and did not have to wait long. Debbie returned and holding Debbie’s hand was another maid it was Winnie. Mrs. Ross, dressed in one of the maid’s uniforms she herself had organised for Debbie Langtry, stood meekly by the side of her fellow maid her hair trimmed to a neat bob beneath her lace edged cap.
 Sheila sighed.
“O Jenny she looks so cute in that uniform, she really does.” 
Winnie curtsied with a grin on her face and prompted by Debbie mumbled still struggling with her words.
“Dinner is served ladies follow me.”
Sheila stood and hugged Jenny.
“Jenny I know I have said it before but you truly are an Angel all you have done for that woman.”
Winnie helped Debbie serve dinner and following the meal, sat in the easy chairs by the fire, Sheila agreed that having Winnie train to be a maid along with Debbie at Long Acre made perfect sense and she gave Jenny her blessing to continue with the tuition.
Deborah Jackson had found her destiny at Long Acre in Debbie Langtry a subjugated house maid. Mrs. Ross her mind and memories dismantled of all she ever was oblivious to being anything other than who she was now, a maid, a maid in what was her own home, maid Winnie. 
The double mirror program was never discovered and continued to generate significant incomes for Jenny and Jane all other knowledge of the program being hidden away in the disturbed minds of the two willing maids of Long Acre. Visitors to Long Acre often remarked what perfect maids they were never contemplating that the two attentive maids who served them could ever have been the CEO and compliance director of Sapphire and Ross.


  1. What a devillish and cunning tale Jackie has created.

    The submissive thoughts that Debbie and Winnie dreamed of experiencing in real life, sure are being enabled and facilitated by their 'kind' work colleagues.

    Thank you Jackie for this chapter.

  2. Hi Jackie. Many thanks for this and the others. How about a sequel/a continuation of your promising story "An Invite from a Neighbour"??!

    1. Hi,
      Yes I am working on that. had a few abortive attempts , I will get there. LOL

      Jackie J

  3. Jackie I'm going to be honest with you, I liked how the story started but not how it ended. Hopefully one day (either from you or another author) we can get a proper Exec to sec story, that ends with her still being a secretary and focusing on that role.

    1. Agreed aye....the starting is fabulous but usually the ending always suddenly undergo a massive brute change that ruined the beginning flow, which then slowly turned into a mess.

      Not the first time, but oh well.....thats the style hah~ Still enjoyable but not the **prime** aye

  4. Hi just wondering when the next story is out, it's been more than two weeks. Hope everything is ok?

  5. non va piu avanti un racconto da un mese ke skifo

  6. Further, it would be interesting to see Deborah’s triumphant return, and how she would punish those who had mistreated her.