Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Story: Klavdia Kuznetsova. Chapter 2.

by Violet Carson
Chapter 2
Two weeks had passed since the official sale of Andrews Facilities Management and Klava as she was forcing herself to believe she was again lay awake as the morning sun streamed through the curtains of her large bedroom. She had agreed to go into the office most days for the next two weeks to assist in the handover to the new owners and after that as far as they and her former employees were concerned she was returning to Russia for a few months to catch up with long lost family members. This would create enough of a cover for her to re-emerge as Klava the humble East European cleaner.
She looked around her room at the half packed boxes stacked ready for storage and the first items of her new down-market wardrobe.
At the weekend she had gone out wearing her oldest jeans, a cheap T-shirt and an old pair of trainers that she hadn’t worn in an age and visited one of London’s street markets that as Claudia she would never have even considered as a shopping destination.

She came away with the cheapest looking fake leather Bomber jacket and a couple of mini-skirts, one in lycra and the other in faded denim as well as some cheap vests and a leopard print T-shirt. They were all ghastly, but exactly what she wanted. She also visited a chemist to stock up on some of the bargain make-up on sale and some ultra blonde permanent hair dye.  The dye was about three shades paler than her current colour and she hoped that very soon her darker roots would start to show creating the exact image she was after.
She realised that she’d also need cheap Polyester underwear as all of hers was far too expensive looking for an East European cleaner. Today she decided not to visit the office but to again make another visit to the market and a few other high street stores as well as some online purchases to get exactly what she was after.
She felt brave and with only two weeks of this life to go she was becoming far less concerned by what any of the few neighbours that she ever spoke to would think if they saw her looking slightly less well dressed the she normally would. It was a warm day so she decided to wear the new denim mini skirt, lycra vest and the new bomber jacket. She tried on almost all her remaining unpacked shoes on and none were right, they were either far too classy for her new image or were summer sandals and it wasn’t quite that warm so she wore the trainers again which with the mini skirt actually made her look far younger than her 36 years. She made a mental note to herself that today she needed to find a discount shoe shop and buy some very high heels and a pair of cheap flats. She tied her hair back in a tight ponytail and with some slightly brighter eye shadow than she would usually wear looked at herself in the mirror and repeated to herself “Hi I’m Klava, pleeezed to meet yzou” emphasizing her accent as much as possible. She drank a quick coffee and headed off to the underground to get to the market. After just a few such trips she was again getting used to public transport as she used to use it as a student.
She toured a number of shops and purchased a pair of ultra tight jeans another vest and two pairs of shoes: silver coloured ballet pumps and a pair of 4” black patent stiletto heels. Trying them on in the shop she couldn't believe how uncomfortable they felt when compared to her designer heels, but knew she had no choice of she was to be convincing in her new persona. She also purchased some very cheap multi-packs of thongs.
On her way back she also picked up one of the free Russian newspapers from outside one of the tube stations as she wanted to get into the mindset of her new creation as soon as possible.  Reading it on the way back home on the tube dressed as she was, she began to feel very different and far more self conscious than she normally would out in public. She couldn't quite understand why she felt so compelled to recreate this new life for herself but the sense of danger was making her feel moist and she could feel herself blushing slightly. This was only accentuated when she looked up and saw the middle-aged man sitting opposite had been staring at her crotch and she briefly caught his eye as he turned away. She didn’t know quite what came over her but she snapped at him:
“Take a goood loook did zyou?” trying to exaggerate her accent as much as she felt she could get away with.
He looked mortified and went even redder than she was and she was torn between apologising to the terrified man and getting an amazing thrill at having the nerve to suddenly display an element of the course uneducated East European cleaner that she was desperate to become.
She quickly returned to reading her paper hoping he wouldn’t cause a scene and she began looking for names of as many shops as she could that sold East European food in London as she knew that she had to totally immerse herself as the new Klava.
Emerging from the underground she had an idea and stopped at the small newsagent that she had only ever been into once or twice previously and bought a packet of plain white postcards. It had just occurred to her to advertise her cleaning services on these cards and that she’d get a new Pay As You Go mobile number and ask some shops near her new East London home to take them. This would create an air of surprise, not knowing who might call and what environment she might find herself in. She didn't know why, but this sense of potential vulnerability seemed strangely thrilling.
She finally got home, opened the door of her large fridge and poured herself a glass of chilled wine and then raced upstairs with her plastic bags of new clothing.
She took her jacket and t-shirt off and then her skirt and trainers and stood admiring herself in her full length wardrobe mirror. She had to admit that she still had a very firm toned figure and could easily pass for under thirty. She undid her silk bra and beautifully lace trimmed panties and reached for her vibrator, she rarely used it, as she normally had enough young lovers to satisfy her but the events of the day had made her feel very turned on. She lay on her bed and started to feel its gentle buzzing as she moved it along her clitoris and labia, but then she stopped and turned it off. She went to her shopping and pulled on one of the cheap pink nylon thongs she had bought, along with the denim mini skirt and looked again in the mirror.
She again lay back on the bed and turned the vibrator back on and forced it into her wet pussy, passed the side of her tight thong and quickly reached the most amazing climax she’d experienced for some time. She then showered and decided to shave off all of her remaining finely shaped pubic hair. She wanted to look cheap and tacky and decided that the next day she would visit a piercing studio and get her clitoris pierced. She wanted to feel cheap tacky and filthy and to become someone else as soon as possible.
Emerging from the shower, she finished her wine, made herself a quick snack and retired to bed again with her vibrator for company and drifted off to sleep thinking “Only two weeks to go!”


  1. Reading about all the stuff Claudia is buying for her new life reminded me of an old line from Dolly Parton. "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap."

  2. Nice set up. In addition to the clit piercing I would suggest multiple ear piercings. Maybe a tattoo on the ankle.
    Also she might want to get some tacky jewelry. Gotta flash some bling.

  3. Replies
    1. Ugh, please, not smoking.
      Why not something clean and wholesome, like unprotected anonymous anal?

  4. I love your setup to this story and hopes that Claudia continues on her journey. The suggestions by other commenters about her wear lots of cheap jewelry and begin smoking good habits to further her downgrade.

  5. An Appreciative ReaderMarch 1, 2017 at 11:18 PM

    Yeah I enjoyed this too, slow build up, nice to see the change in clothing, looking forward to the next stage of her descent...

  6. Coming along very well- eagerly awaiting future chapters.

  7. I have to dissent on the piercings/tattoos...they scream "scuzzy",not "poor",and she's aiming for the latter.I agree with her developing a smoking habit (cheap Eastern European cigarettes if possible).

    1. Have you looked at cigarette prices in England recently? It's typically at least £8 a pack. So a pack a day would set someone back around £50 a week. Smoking is a good way of screaming "not poor".

    2. Here are some stats for smokers (in the US). They are generally poor and lacking in higher levels of education.

      "Current cigarette smoking was higher among persons living below the poverty level than those living at or above this level."

      Why the wealthy stopped smoking, but the poor didn’t

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  9. I agree that poor people can't afford to smoke, but a habit like that would take care of one indicator of her former status. Her teeth, which are sure to be staright and white and a sign of visiting a dentist regularly.

    1. An Appreciative ReaderMarch 3, 2017 at 9:44 AM

      She's not poor yet, so she can afford to start now, consider it part of the image, if you like. Later this might come back to bite her, if (surely when!) she truly is short of funds and has to make difficult choices (what to go without or cut back on, such as food or clothes, or how to make more money from the low paying options available to her).

      I know smoking can divide readers of this blog but I find it an effective plot device, teeth staining being one part of this. The contrast between a "Hollywood" smoker and a character from one of our stories is stark.

  10. I think the problem with smoking in this context is that it's making a very different kind of statement about a character to have her take up smoking deliberately and consciously to further a particular image, compared to someone who started smoking for the ordinary reasons. Very few persons begin to smoke as adults. Tobacco smoke is very unpleasant to most non-smokers. Having someone suddenly start smoking just to create a desired look puts a pretty big strain on readers' suspension of disbelief. It depicts the character as being obsessed to the degree that she is willing to endanger her health, which makes it a lot harder for readers to believe in the character, or to identify with her.

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  12. Hi

    Thank you for all your comments and I'm delighted that another of my stories has prompted a debate about smoking. I think it's important to remember that this is a work of fiction and whilst I try to give my stories some basis in reality to a certain degree one has to suspend one's belief. In saying that, I don't at this stage see Klava developing a smoking habit but who knows where her descent may take her!

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people, clearly on relatively low incomes still manage to find the means to fund a fairly heavy smoking habit. The same is true of expensive body art, so anything is possible.

    I do hope you will enjoy the forthcoming chapters and please do submit any interesting ideas for Klava as they are always willingly received even if they cannot all be worked into the plot line.

    Violet xx

  13. Any chance of age progression in this or upcoming other stories? I love your treatment of "voluntary aging".

    1. I also enjoy women acquiring diaper dependence and would like to see it approached on a more gradual and deliberate basis than the abortive path used in Annabelle's story.

    2. Personally, I rather like stories in which the characters sip Earl Grey tea while munching on pears and Stilton cheese and listening to Bartok sonatas. I don't find a lot of such stories, and I don't really expect to. But if Violet Carson is taking suggestions, I might as well mention that one.