Monday, September 19, 2016

Maid Fantasy: Vogue Germany 2011

I haven't posted fashion editorials featuring maids for quite a while, so here is a one from July 2011 with model Ginta Lapina.


  1. Great photos, but perhaps not the most practical attire for a cleaner.


    1. Not sure practicality was the intention. Also "real" maids are blurry in the distance.

    2. Yes, my interpretation was that a rich lady with "maid" fantasies was dressing up in ridiculous "maid" outfits while her real staff pre-cleaned a room, perhaps leaving just enough mess for Madame to tidy and feel as though she were doing a real maid's work.
      Naturally, someone (a member of her staff, or one of her wealthy peers) might trap her in a more authentic maid experience than she wanted, and for longer....

  2. From your comment above, Arcadia Berger, we could secretly wish that your envisioned potential outcome for the pictured Madame could be facilitated -- for a more realistic experience as "the maid", and for a suitably longer term (and properly attired, of course). ;)